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Taliban leader's death a sign of success in Pakistan: US

President Barack Obama's national security advisor A National Security Advisor serves as the chief advisor to a national government on matters of security. He or she is not usually a member of the cabinet but is usually a member of various military or security councils.  on Sunday hailed the reported killing of the Pakistani Taliban's leader as "a big deal" that has already has stirred dissension in the insurgent INSURGENT. One who is concerned in an insurrection. He differs from a rebel in this, that rebel is always understood in a bad sense, or one who unjustly opposes the constituted authorities; insurgent may be one who justly opposes the tyranny of constituted authorities.  ranks.

US national security adviser Jim Jones For other persons named Jim Jones, see Jim Jones (disambiguation).

James Warren "Jim" Jones (May 13, 1931 – November 18, 1978) was the American founder of the Peoples Temple, which became synonymous with group suicide after the November 18, 1978 mass murder-suicide by
 put the level of US certainty that Baitullah Mehsud Baitullah Mehsud is a leading Taliban commander in Waziristan.[1][2] The Waziris are a tribe whose home spans the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. The Mahsud are one of the four sub-tribes of the Waziri.  died Wednesday in a US missile strike "in the 90 percent category."

"Pakistan has confirmed it. We know that there reports from the Mehsud tribe that he wasn't. But the evidence is pretty conclusive," Jones said in an interview with NBC News NBC News (along with NBC News + HD) is the news division of American television network NBC, a part of NBC Universal, which is majority-owned by General Electric. Its current president is Steve Capus. It is the top-rated broadcast news division and has been for a decade. .

"This is a big deal," Jones said.

He said it meant that a US efforts to forge closer security ties with the Pakistani military was "moving in the right direction," and that the Pakistanis were "doing quite well in terms of their fight against extremism."

"Baitullah was the public enemy number one in Pakistan, so its their biggest target," he said.

Jones said he could not confirm reports that another top Pakistani Taliban commander was killed in a shootout Shootout

Venture capital jargon. Refers to two or more venture capital firms fighting for the startup.
 with a rival.

But he told Fox television, "It certainly appears there is dissension in the ranks. That's not a bad thing for us."

"I won't say it's a tipping point, but it certainly shows that we're having some success," he said.

Jones said US and Pakistani intelligence sharing has grown and that the US and Pakistani military are working more closely together on Afghanistan as well.

In the TV interviews, Jones also said the United States has not ruled out sending more troops to Afghanistan but should first see what effect its new strategy is having.

He confirmed an account in the Washington Post that he told military commanders during a visit to Afghanistan in late June that if they asked for more troops now, "the president would quite likely have a Whiskey Tango Foxtrot foxtrot

one of the two artificial gaits of the five-gaited horse. A four-beat gait midway in speed between a walk and a trot. There is a great deal of similarity with several other gaits such as amble, fadge, slow pace, stepping pace, running walk, jog, hound jog.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot was widely understood to stand for "What the (expletive)."

But Jones said what he meant was that "we have yet to be able to measure the implementation of the new strategy, so if you have recommendations, make it in the context of the new strategy."

"We have learned one thing in six years," he told CBS (Cell Broadcast Service) See cell broadcast.  television. "This is not just about troop strength."

General Stanley McChrystal, the US commander in Afghanistan, has been making an assessment of the situation and was thought to be preparing the ground for a request for more troops.

But at an unannounced meeting in Belgium last weekend, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates gave him until the end of September to complete his assessment, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

Obama has already ordered an additional 21,000 troops to Afghanistan since taking office, with the US force soon to reach 68,000.
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Date:Aug 9, 2009
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