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Taliban fleeing under garb of civilian population from operation area: ISPR.

ISLAMABAD, May 15, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- During the last 24 hours Security Forces have achieved success in various areas of Swat Swat (swät), district of the Malakand division, North-West Frontier Province, Pakistan. Saidu Sharif is the capital. The largely inaccessible region is reached by air and through mountain passes from the south and east. , while confirmed reports have revealed that Taliban under the garb of civilian population have been fleeing from the operation area, said an ISPR ISPR Inter-Services Public Relations (Armed Forces of Pakistan)
ISPR International Society for Paranormal Research
ISPR International Standard Payload Rack
ISPR International Society of Photosynthesis Research
 media update issued here Friday. We request the civil population of Swat to come forward and help security forces in identifying the Taliban terrorists. We have confirmed reports that these Taliban terrorists after shaving off their beards and cutting hair are fleeing from the area. We request the people of Swat to identify them by pointing out at a check post where security forces are present. You may dial the cell number 0333-5239938 which we are publicizing pub·li·cize  
tr.v. pub·li·cized, pub·li·ciz·ing, pub·li·ciz·es
To give publicity to.

Noun 1. publicizing - the business of drawing public attention to goods and services
 through media, or send sms which may help the arrest of these Taliban Terrorists, it said. Meanwhile, 55 miscreants have been killed in various areas of Swat during the last 24 hours while three security forces personnel embraced shahadat and 11 others were injured in·jure  
tr.v. in·jured, in·jur·ing, in·jures
1. To cause physical harm to; hurt.

2. To cause damage to; impair.

. An important terrorist commander, Dawa Noor has also been apprehended by security forces. He is known Terrorist Taliban Commander who was also member of TNSM TNSM Taylor Nelson Sofres Metrisis
TNSM Transactions on Network and System Management (IEEE) 
 shoora and was grossly involved in terrorist activities in Sultanwas and Daggar. Before security forces launched operation in Buner, Dawa Noor was instigating civil population of the area against security forces on FM Radio and with the help of a Loud Speaker on a Jeep. He played crucial role in facilitating taking over of Buner by Taliban Terrorists. At Peochar, Taliban miscreants attacked a security forces check post on retaliation RETALIATION. The act by which a nation or individual treats another in the same manner that the latter has treated them. For example, if a nation should lay a very heavy tariff on American goods, the United States would be justified in return in laying heavy duties on the manufactures and  by security forces, 13 miscreants were killed and one of their vehicle was completely destroyed. The security Forces have successfully linked up at Udigram where Police force have joined the Army troops. The policemen who have joined back are around 100 in number. In the effort to re-establish the security system in the area the security forces have established various check posts between Matta and Bar Bamkhe. The security forces after clearing area of Giga and Jura, have now reached northwest of Matta. During advance towards village Adai (south of Ramotai) the security forces destroyed two miscreant mis·cre·ant  
1. An evildoer; a villain.

2. An infidel; a heretic.

[Middle English miscreaunt, heretic, from Old French mescreant, present participle of
 Taliban compounds. The miscreant Taliban fired heavy weapons from Sultanwas on the security forces in result of which one soldier embraced shahadat while three others sustained wounds. At Kalpanai and Sultanwas around 42 miscreant Taliban were killed at the hands of security forces. During the process 15 vehicles were also destroyed.

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Publication:Balochistan Times (Baluchistan Province, Pakistan)
Date:May 15, 2009
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