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TV LAND: Rivals is rocked.

Byline: nicola methven

CHAOS on the set of Simon Cowell's ITV (1) See interactive TV.

(2) (iTV) The code name for Apple's video media hub (see Apple TV).
 drama Rock Rivals, where filming was thrown into disarray dis·ar·ray  
1. A state of disorder; confusion.

2. Disorderly dress.

tr.v. dis·ar·rayed, dis·ar·ray·ing, dis·ar·rays
1. To throw into confusion; upset.

2. To undress.
 after producers belatedly be·lat·ed  
Having been delayed; done or sent too late: a belated birthday card.

[be- + lated.
 decided to switch one of the main actors.

The drama, which attempts to recreate the excitement of The X Factor, had been filming in Dublin for more than a month when disaster struck.

It seems producers went off "contestant" Luke - who, unfortunately, was supposed to go all the way to the final.

So the young actor was out on his ear and lots of scenes now need to be refilmed with replacement Sol Heras.

An ITV spokeswoman tells me: "Following the viewing of early footage, ITV and the production team made a creative decision with regard to the part of Luke. We decided it was necessary to recast re·cast  
tr.v. re·cast, re·cast·ing, re·casts
1. To mold again: recast a bell.

 the role."

Luckily the show, which stars Michelle Collins Michelle A. Collins (born May 28 1963 in Hackney, East London) is a British actress best known for her roles on television in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, as Cindy Beale, and BBC dramas Sunburn and Two Thousand Acres of Sky.  and Sean Gallagher as warring married judges, is still on course to hit the screen early next year.
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Sep 19, 2007
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