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 MicroProse Establishes Long-Term Branding Strategy
 With its `Master of' Series

CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- MicroProse Software, a subsidiary of Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. (Nasdaq: SBYT), announces that its recent software releases, "Master of Magic" and "Master of Orion," have inspired the company to develop a "Master of" Series.

"After the tremendous success and popularity of `Master of Orion,' we wanted to give our customers another strategy game with the same foundation but different content so we offered them `Master of Magic,'" said Deborah Whaler, vice president of marketing. "By creating a `Master of' Series, we are able to provide people with similar games they like and are familiar with playing. People recognize a brand and feel that if they enjoy one product from the series then they will enjoy other software within the same brand."

"Master of Orion"

The first in the series, "Master of Orion" received critical acclaim when it was named 1993 Strategy Game of the Year by Strategy Plus and Game Bytes and received the 1994 Premier Award from Computer Gaming World. In addition, the game ranked in top-ten charts on various on-line bulletin board services including the Internet.

Exploration, combat and strategy are intertwined in this in-depth game where players have complete control over all economic, social, political, technological and military decisions. In charge of an alien race and the quest to dominate the galaxy, players make critical decisions to ensure the survival of their race over rival races. The game includes 10 alien races -- each with distinct strengths, weakness and personalities.

"Master of Magic"

A top-selling product since its release in September 1994, "Master of Magic" has the same flavor as "Master of Orion."

"`Master of the Magic' is the first game to combine two popular game genres -- adventure and strategy -- into an ever-changing fantasy realm. The player must consider resources, magic energy and other wizards in an endeavor to conquer the world," said Marcia Foster, product manager.

Future "Master of" Products

"A strong demand exists for these products and that is why we are developing additional products for this Series including `Master of Orion Multiplayer,'" said Whaler. "The multiplayer feature is the most requested add-on feature for many of our products, and `Master of Orion's' format will work well with several players."

"Master of Orion"
 Format: MS-DOS 3.3 or higher; disk and CD-ROM

Minimum Requirements:
 IBM PC 386 and most compatibles, 33MHz, 2MB RAM,
 12MB hard disk, VGA graphics, mouse and keyboard
 Supports: Sound Blaster(R), Pro Audio Spectrum(TM), Roland(R),
 Ad Lib(R) sound systems

"Master of Magic"
 Format: MS-DOS 5.0 or higher; disk and CD-ROM

Minimum Requirements:
 IBM PC 386, 486 and most compatibles, 33MHz, 4MB RAM
 12MB hard disk, VGA graphics, mouse and keyboard
 Supports: Sound Blaster(R), Sound Blaster Pro(R), Pro Audio
 Spectrum(TM), Ad Lib(R), Roland MT 32/CM-32L, General
 MIDI, Sound Master II(TM) sound systems

Review copies and screen shots in the form of electronic images or slides are available from Paul De Moudt, MicroProse Public Relations at 410-771-6707. Customers may purchase directly from MicroProse by calling l-800-879-PLAY. For technical assistance, customers may call 410-771-1151.

Spectrum HoloByte, Inc. is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software for use on CD-ROM and floppy-based personal computers. The company also develops software for cartridge-based video game machines manufactured by Nintendo(R) and Sega(TM). The products are available nationally and internationally through major distributors, retailers and mass merchants.
 -0- 1/6/95

/CONTACT: Paula Rebich, Public Relations Manager, 410-771-6411, or fax, 410-771-1174, or Paul De Moudt, Public Relations Assistant, 410-771-6707, or fax, 410-771-1174, both of MicroProse Software/


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