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 DENVER, Oct. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Titanium Metals Corp. (TIMET) and Sandvik Special Metals Corp., by combining their research, metallurgical and manufacturing talents, have developed a new line of titanium tubing called SeamFree(TM) which displays the consistency and homogeneity of a seamless product at prices 5-20 percent less than conventional seamless tubing. In addition, TIMET's exclusive 40 Year Warranty will cover this product for specific applications.
 The input for SeamFree is tubing made by TIMET's strip rolled and welded process, which is then further cold reduced and thermally treated by Sandvik to create a homogeneous structure with essentially no metallographic evidence of the original weld location. Thus, it not only has the appearance of seamless tubing, but exhibits uniform mechanical and corrosion resistant properties as well.
 SeamFree tubing can be produced with outside diameters from 3/8" through 2 1/2" and wall thickness from .020" through .058". It is available in ASTM/ASME Grades 1, 2, 7, 9, 11, 12, 16, 17 and TIMET's patented alloy TIMETAL(R)21S. TIMETAL(R)15-3 is also available.
 In the weld area, SeamFree tubing has a recrystallized and reoriented equiaxed grain structure as compared to the cast structure found in conventional roll formed and welded tubing. This results in a product having the same mechanical and corrosion resistant properties as seamless tubing, but at a substantially lower price.
 The fusion zone of welded tubing has areas of non-homogeneous microstructure and crystallographic texture which can occasionally lead to corrosion problems in certain specific chemical environments. One such weld related corrosion problem that has been observed in a limited number of welded applications is delayed hydrogen cracking (DHC). At certain temperatures and in specific environments, hydrogen can diffuse into titanium and form brittle hydrides, which, depending on crystallographic orientation, can result in premature tube failure.
 Typically, hydrides tend to form along preferred crystallographic planes, which in the weld zone can be oriented through the wall, the shortest path for crack propagation and ultimate tube failure. In SeamFree tubing, the original weld zone microstructure is carefully refined and reoriented so that, as in seamless tubing, hydrides, if present, will be oriented circumferentially in the weld zone and all other regions of the tube with no easy path through the tube wall. SeamFree tubing thus effectively removes concerns about hydrogen embrittlement in these specific environments.
 SeamFree tubing should be considered for many of the applications which currently use seamless tubing: chemical process environments, water purification, heat exchangers, condensers, refineries and selected consumer products. Applications in aerospace systems are currently under development.
 The lower cost of SeamFree versus seamless tubing makes it the economic alternative in many applications once requiring the more expensive product.
 TIMET, headquartered in Denver, is a world leader in the production and distribution of titanium sponge, ingot, and a broad array of titanium mill products through its manufacturing facilities in Nevada, Ohio and Tennessee, its affiliated companies in Pennsylvania and France, and service centers located in the United States, England, Germany and France. TIMET supplies titanium worldwide to commercial and military airframe and engine manufacturers, power utilities and the chemical, petroleum, automotive, pulp/paper, medical, navy/marine and sports equipment markets.
 Sandvik Special Metals (SSM), headquartered in Kennewick, Wash., is a world leader in the production of seamless and weld reduced titanium alloy tubing and in the development of fabrication techniques which tailor the titanium metallurgy for new applications of this material. SSM which services an international titanium marketplace similar to that of TIMET, is a division of Sandvik AB a multinational metals conglomerate.
 -0- 10/6/93
 /CONTACT: John P. Monahan of TIMET, 303-296-5616; or Dr. Al J. Martenson of Sandvik Special Metals, 509-586-4131/

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Date:Oct 6, 1993

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