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home & away FANCY having a suave man called Prince Vittorio at your beck and call. That''s the situation Bianca is in, and can''t resist seeing her apologetic ex-fianc when he comes to town. But she lies to Liam, cancelling a date with him by pretending to be ill. When Liam sees them kissing, he is heartbroken and threatens to leave the Bay.

No sooner has Mitzy told Marilyn that she has inoperable inoperable /in·op·er·a·ble/ (in-op´er-ah-b'l) not susceptible to treatment by surgery.

Unsuitable for a surgical procedure.
 lung cancer lung cancer, cancer that originates in the tissues of the lungs. Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in the United States in both men and women. Like other cancers, lung cancer occurs after repeated insults to the genetic material of the cell. , than she collapses in Dex's arms. Could her clairvoyant friend be right? hollyoaks THERESA has given birth to Calvin''s baby girl, called Angel. His widow Carmel threatens to go ahead with her promise to shop Theresa for his murder, until the McQueens gang up on her. But then she issues an ultimatum ultimatum (ŭl'tĭmā`təm), in international law, final, definitive terms submitted by one disputant nation to the other for immediate acceptance or rejection.  - she''ll keep quiet as long as Theresa gives her Angel to bring up, which she does.

Plus, Fern blackmails Jasmine and Anita tries to save her skin, while Brendan threatens Amy to keep her quiet.

neighbours GIVING babies away seems to be a soap theme this week, as Toadie races to the country to stop Steph handing over baby Adam to his dad, Dan. He is devastated when he fails, though. She''s upset too and breaks down on Lucas.

Meanwhile, Paul wakes up from his coma and eventually utters three words - 'falling, arguing, pushed'. Well, that's a lot of help, isn't it? Declan and Kate struggle to work things out.

doctors JOSIE Lawrence Josie Lawrence (born Wendy Lawrence, 6 June 1959) is a British comedienne and actress.

Lawrence has been a member of the Comedy Store Players improvisational troupe since 1987 and came to public attention as a regular guest on the Channel 4 improvisational comedy series
 plays Ruth's former music teacher who's now auditioning for Andrew Lloyd Webber's latest TV talent show and wants mood stabilisers. It turns out, rather amusingly, she can't sing. Look out for Heston impersonating the great Lord.

Zara struggles with being dumped and hits the bottle, while Karen worries about Jack's mental state.
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Date:Oct 31, 2010
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