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THE REAL BARBIE AND KEN; Astonishing story of a couple who have spent more than pounds 100,000 to look like plastic dolls: 'Surgery has changed us into attractive designer people, not a pair of freaks'.


MEET the real-life Barbie and Ken. They've got perfectly puffed-up smiles, wrinkle-free brows and finely-chiselled cheekbones.

Their immaculately-formed noses, lips and jawlines look as if they have come straight off the toy assembly line.

But unlike the dolls that are likely to rival Harry Potter in the Christmas sales, this Barbie and Ken are LIVING DOLLS.

Cindy Jackson and Miles Kendall have spent more than pounds 100,000 on cosmetic surgery to transform themselves into weird human versions of every little girl's favourite toys.

Between them they have had almost FIFTY operations to turn themselves from ordinary people into plastic !Posing in Barbie and Ken's latest outfits as the Nutcracker Prince and Princess, their resemblance to the plastic toys is uncanny.

JUST LIKE Barbie and Ken, their bleached and reshaped white teeth beam out from behind plumped-up lips.

JUST LIKE Barbie and Ken, there is not a wrinkle in sight on their eternally-young faces.

JUST LIKE Barbie and Ken, their flawlessly scul-pted features look as if they have come straight out of a box.

But Cindy, 46, and Miles, 33, have paid out a total of pounds 105,000 to look like this - and they see nothing odd about it.

Cindy said: "People might think we are strange but Miles and I have used surgery to change our looks, transform our whole lives and have fun.

"We are designer people, not freaks. By copying Barbie I have made myself a whole new person and Miles has done the same."

Miles said: "Cindy was my role model for years. Now she's made me her Ken, life is fantastic. I'm living proof that people treat you differently because of the way you look."

Cindy was already known as the Queen of Cosmetic Surgery after 42 ops in 13 years.She spent more than pounds 70,000 nipping and tucking herself into a carbon copy of her favourite childhood figure Barbie and won a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's most surgically-enhanced woman.

But she was always missing one vital accessory - Barbie's boyfriend Ken.

In January, Cindy got an e-mail from web site designer Miles.

The divorced dad of one had been a fan for six years since watching her on TV and wanted to change his looks too.

So Cindy, who heads her own Cosmetic Surgery Network advising would-be patients, jumped at the chance of turning him into her TOY-boy.

The pair insist they are just good friends, not lovers. But Tim gave Cindy an opportunity many women would kill for - to create her perfect partner.

Following Cindy's blueprint, he put himself under the surgeon's knife and spent pounds 35,000 becoming Ken. Since March he has had a nose job, eyebrow lift and cheek


1988: Eyelid surgery, lip collagen injections, liposuction on knees. pounds 7,000

1989-1990: Nose job, liposuction on tummy, thighs and jaw, acid face peel, lower face peel and boob job.

pounds 14,000

1991-1992: Upper face-lift, lower eyelids redone, second nose job, face peel, upper lip lifted.

pounds 13,000

1993-1994: Breast implants removed, fat injected into face wrinkles, lipo on thighs and hips, mole removed.

pounds 7,000

1995: Chin bone reduced, cheek implants, laser resurfacing on forehead, hair transplant, dental work.

pounds 14,000

1996-1997: Face peel, mask facelift, dermabrasion on forehead, anti-wrinkle treatment, permanent eye and lip liner.

pounds 7,000

1998-1999: Three types of implants and chemical injections in lower lip.

pounds 4,000

2000-2001: Chemical injections in lower lip, facial veins removed, laser teeth whitening.

pounds 4,000


Cindy before; PLASTIC PAIR: Cindy and Miles are delighted they look like the famous toy Barbie and her Ken; Picture: Karl Grant/Now/IPC Syndication
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:The People (London, England)
Date:Dec 2, 2001
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