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THE EX-BOYFRIEND: Scissors hatred of avenger.


TWISTED Jane Andrews could change from demure de·mure  
adj. de·mur·er, de·mur·est
1. Modest and reserved in manner or behavior.

2. Affectedly shy, modest, or reserved. See Synonyms at shy1.
 charmer to hate-filled vixen vixen

female fox.
 in a single moment, friends said last night.

She attacked former lover Dimitri Horne with a pair of scissors scissors

Cutting instrument or tool consisting of a pair of opposed metal blades that meet and cut when the handles at their ends are brought together. Modern scissors are of two types: the more usual pivoted blades have a rivet or screw connection between the cutting ends
, trashed trashed  
adj. Slang
Drunk or intoxicated.

Our Living Language Expressions for intoxication are among those that best showcase the creativity of slang.
 his flat and stole his possessions.

She stalked another ex-boyfriend, and lied about being pregnant to a third to blackmail him into staying with her.

A friend of Dimitri's told The Mirror: "From being very prim and and proper she could turn into a monster.

"Her behaviour was out of a Hollywood horror movie. It was a nightmare."

Another friend added: "Everything was a drama. She could be delightful, but she had a mad side and could fly off the handle at the slightest thing."

Andrews met Horne, the stepson of millionaire Greek shipping magnate Panagiotis Lemos, in May 1995, at a function in aid of the Duchess of York's Children in Crisis charity.

For an eager social climber like Andrews, he was the perfect catch.

Six months after meeting, she moved into his plush flat near London's Hyde Park. But, after a year, the rot set in.

In 1996 Dimitri, who is in his 30s, decided to dump Andrews. He told her he was going out and wanted her out of his apartment when he got back.

When he returned, he found the place wrecked and a treasured oil painting and a pounds 2,000 Bulgari watch gone.

But that was not the end.

Andrews visited the flat at all hours, screaming at Dimitri to have her back.

Finally, she managed to confront him.

The friend said: "She was in floods of tears. Suddenly, she flipped. She grabbed a pair of scissors and hurled them at him. Then she started raining blows on him, like a woman possessed."

Soon after this, Dimitri's Jaguar XJ6 was severely scratched, causing hundreds of pounds worth of damage.

About a year later, Andrews started dating insurance broker Mike Siviter, but he swiftly became disenchanted dis·en·chant  
tr.v. dis·en·chant·ed, dis·en·chant·ing, dis·en·chants
To free from illusion or false belief; undeceive.

[Obsolete French desenchanter, from Old French,

As she felt herself being distanced, Andrews began stalking him in her car.

A friend said: "Janie was devastated dev·as·tate  
tr.v. dev·as·tat·ed, dev·as·tat·ing, dev·as·tates
1. To lay waste; destroy.

2. To overwhelm; confound; stun: was devastated by the rude remark.
. We had to keep on telling her she shouldn't become so obsessed ob·sess  
v. ob·sessed, ob·sess·ing, ob·sess·es
To preoccupy the mind of excessively.


Another boyfriend was driven to despair by her bizarre behaviour.

Andrews dressed up in a basque and suspenders for nights of kinky sex, but when he ended the affair, she physically attacked him and wrecked his flat.

Finally, she rang him from a hospital, falsely claiming she was miscarrying their baby.

An insight to Andrews' temper came in a foul-mouthed answerphone answerphone answer n (esp Brit) → répondeur m (téléphonique)  message, which ran: "It's 1am and you're not f****** in. You don't give a f****** toss whether I'm walking the streets."


TURBULENT SPLIT: Jane and Dimitri
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:May 17, 2001
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