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THE CLYDACH KILLINGS TRIAL: NOT SIMPLY A MURDER .. IT WAS A MASSACRE; Four slain after mum refused sex, jury hears.


LOVING mum Mandy Power and her family were massacred in their home because she refused to have sex with her best friend's partner, a court heard yesterday.

Builder and scrap metal dealer David Morris fantasised about sleeping with the 34-year-old mum-of-two and called at her home to proposition her.

But lesbian Mandy was having a "settled and loving relationship" with married ex-policewoman Alison Lewis and was not interested in men.

When the part-time carer turned down 39-year-old Morris he "exploded into a violent rage".

He first battered her to death with a 4ft iron bar before turning on her bedridden mum, Doris Dawson, and daughters Katie, 10, and Emily, eight.

Prosecutor Patrick Harrington QC said: "The family were slaughtered in their home.

"All four were victims of the most grotesque violence - the injuries were simply awful.

"This was no murder, this was a massacre."

The family were beaten so hard at their home in Clydach, near Swansea, south Wales, their heads were caved in.

Schoolgirl Katie was hit with such force her brain was exposed. Younger sister Emily was killed hiding in her bedroom. Mandy was sexually assaulted with a vibrator after she died.

The jury heard how Morris, of Craigcefnparc, Swansea, then casually showered after the June 1999 killings before starting five fires in the house in a bid to cover his tracks.

Disabled Doris, 80, had been wrapped in paper and set alight.

Mr Harrington told Swansea Crown Court Morris was caught after police found a gold chain he lost at the murder scene.

He said Morris, who denies four charges of murder, asked a pal to buy him a replica but later admitted the one in Mandy's house was his.

Mr Harrington said Morris became infatuated with Mandy Power, who was a friend of his partner Mandy Jewell.

At the time of the attacks Mandy was said to be "happier than she had ever been" with married policewoman Alison, 34.

The court heard Morris alleged blackbelt karate champ Alison, a Welsh woman's rugby international, had killed Mandy.

Mr Harrington argued, however, Alison could never have killed the woman she loved.

But he said: "There had been difficulties between the two in the six months before the murders and suspicion escalated to the point in July 2000 when Alison, her police sergeant husband Stephen and his police inspector twin brother Stuart were arrested in connection with the murders.

"The three police officers were subjected to intense scrutiny which involved lengthy questioning and searches of their homes, cars and clothes.

"Their alibis were checked. It became clear that during the time of the killings, Alison and her husband were at their home together. The suspicions were unfounded. It is always a matter of profound regret when the finger of suspicion is pointed at somebody wrongly."

The court heard Alison Lewis, and Stephen and Stuart Lewis, both 38, were later released without charge.

Mr Harrington told the court that after splitting from husband Mike, Mandy had become "sexually adventurous".

She had relationships with a local taxi driver, Richard Franks, a neighbour, Robert Wachowski, and also a brief fling with a younger man, Martin Monkford.

But in 1998 she became interested in women's rugby. She was a keen spectator at games and embarked on the lesbian affair with Alison Lewis, a player at Ystradgynlais rugby club. Mr Harrington added: "While Mandy was happy and open about the relationship, Alison was reserved because her husband Steven was totally unaware of the affair.

"Within six weeks of them meeting, Mandy and Alison were head over heels with each other."

Apart from a brief split, the affair was intense. Mr Harrington said Alison Lewis told police they would have sex "nine times out ten" when they met.

They used the vibrator on each other although Alison found it painful. Mandy later bought a "strap-on dildo" to use in their lovemaking.

Just a day before the murders Mandy Power was on top of the world, Mr Harrington added. "She was positively exuding happiness".

He said the day before the murders Mandy Power had shown a friend an eternity ring - a present from Alison Lewis - which she wore on her left hand. She also had a watch, another gift, on her right wrist.

The women were preparing to live with each other and Alison Lewis had consulted a solicitor about leaving her husband and getting custody of their twin six-month daughters Catherine and Rhiannon.

"It soon became apparent this had the makings of a deep and meaningful relationship.

"Alison says they had a bond. Both were contemplating a relationship together to the exclusion of all others," added Mr Harrington.

The earlier split happened when it was discovered Mandy had made up a story about having cervical cancer. It was not known why she had done it, said Mr Harrington, unless it was to seek attention.

He added: "Alison was livid she had been misled and Morris was furious his partner Mandy Jewell had also been lied to.

"It might have been what pushed him towards having strong antipathy towards Mandy Power," said Mr Harrington.

"Her life and background were complex although no one doubted she was a loving and caring daughter.

"Her social life was interesting and she had a very wide range of friends," he added.

Mr Harrington told the court DNA found on Mandy Power's thigh could have belonged to Alison Lewis.

He said that in the 24 hours before she died on Saturday, June 26, Mandy had "enjoyed steamy sex sessions" with Alison Lewis.

Mr Harrington added: "They had these steamy sex sessions on the Friday night and Saturday morning before the killings.

"They were in very close contact and it would be quite natural for this sexual material to be on Mandy Power." Mr Harrington said Mandy had been invited to a barbecue at the Lewis's home in Pontardawe, south Wales, on the Friday before she died.

She had taken a holdall with her because she planned to stay the night and inside was a strap-on dildo.

Sgt Stephen Lewis was due to start work at 6am the following morning and was the first to go to bed.

"That left the lovers downstairs alone," said Mr Harrington. "What then happened was a steamy sex session in the living room. They used the dildo each on each other.

"According to Alison this session lasted quite some time. Alison then joined her husband in bed.

"After Stephen Lewis went to work, Mandy Power joined Alison Lewis in bed and they made love again. Mandy Power used the strap-on dildo on Alison," he added.

The following day Alison Lewis went training at Pontardawe Leisure Centre before calling at Mandy's home nearby.

Mr Harrington told the court although Morris did not like Mandy Power, he probably fancied her.

He added: "In fact, he hated her but wanted to have a sexual relationship with her.

"He told friends he did have a sexual relationship with her but they said it was unlikely.

"At least in the mind of David Morris sex, himself and Mandy went together." The court heard Morris had described victim Mandy Power as a "slag, a liar and evil" in a pub just hours before the murders.

Morris, whose girlfriend had fallen out with Mandy Power, spoke out as he drank pints of lager.

Mr Harrington said: "He became increasingly agitated and angry. He was clenching his fists.

"He called her a f***ing slag, f***ing evil and a f***ing liar but without even raising his voice. It was the calm before a terrible storm.

"Morris had drunk about eight pints that day and in the last pub he visited, three eye-witnesses said he was wearing his gold chain outside a T-shirt."

The court heard he left at last orders with a "look of anger on his face and stomped out of the pub".

He allegedly went to Mandy Power's semi-detached house in Kelvin Road, Mr Harrington said.

"Morris left at 11pm and arrived at number nine before Mandy, who had been babysitting with her daughters, did," he added.

"He made his way into the house and when Mandy arrived made a sexual advance which she rejected.

"Then his amorous feelings turned to anger which exploded into a violent rage.

"He attacked Mandy in her bedroom and she ran to her mother's room where she was struck with hard blows to the head.

"Doris Dawson lay helpless but of course she had recognised David Morris, so she had to die too. Katie was attacked on the landing."

"Emily cowered in her bedroom but was unable to escape and was also a victim of the savagery."

Mr Harrington added: "He then went into the bathroom and showered off some of the blood which had splattered on him.

"He avoided fingerprints by using a sock on his right hand and then started five separate fires."

Only days after the murders, the prosecutor said Morris realised he had lost his gold chain at the scene.

He told pal Eric Williams to go and buy him another one.

The chain was soaked in blood and DNA tests could not find a match.

But police did find traces of brick dust and spots of paint on the heavy gold jewellery.

The paint matched that on kitchen cupboards in Morris's home.

Mr Harrington added: "Morris was a person who had an explosive rage and was capable of extreme violence.

"He was prepared to take a risk with his established relationship for short-term sexual gratification."

The trial, expected to last until July, continues.


SAVAGERY: Gran Doris Dawson was beaten to death and set on fire; ACCUSED: Builder David Morris is charged with the four horrific murders; BLUDGEONED TO DEATH: Mum Mandy Power with her two daughters Katie, 10, left, and Emily, eight
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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Apr 23, 2002
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