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 The First PCMCIA Card to Combine High Level Security

and up to 16 Megabytes of Flash Memory at Cost of Encryption-Only

REDWOOD SHORES, Calif., Jan. 9 /PRNewswire/ -- Telequip Corporation today unveiled its Crypta Plus(TM) secure memory card that combines high density flash memory and cryptographic technologies to provide convenient, portable and absolutely secure access to critical data for little more than the cost of an encryption-only card.

"Users carry Crypta Plus cards to run applications, store data, configure systems, sign documents and access network resources. Mobile computer users, such as Lotus Notes(R) users, can conveniently carry, as well as communicate, large amounts of confidential information, without risking a breach of security," said Telequip Corporation President Michael F. Jones.

Michael Jones is addressing the RSA Data Security Conference, which begins today, in Redwood Shores, California, about current industry security capabilities and standards.

Crypta Plus users can conveniently and securely communicate and access confidential data across public computer and data communications networks because the card contains a Cryptographic Support Processor (CSP(TM)). The CSP, an impenetrable secure smart card integrated circuit, works in conjunction with the flash memory to create a secure personal token. Personal tokens allow users to carry custom system information and data and identify themselves to gain access to systems and resources. Applications for secure personal tokens will soon include corporate and customer communications, database access, electronic funds transfer, defense and government programs and other activity involving confidential electronic information transfer.

The Crypta Plus card's security features provide memory access control and support for data security functions such as secure remote logon, public key encryption, and digital signatures. Telequip has licensed RSA Data Security's internationally recognized technology to develop the application interface and encryption algorithms for the card's Cryptographic Support Processor.

"In any truly secure network, people need a secure place to store their encryption keys. Telequip's Crypta Plus card is an inexpensive, easy-to-use and secure `key chain' that can safely store your sensitive RSA Private Keys," said Jim Bidzos, RSA president.

The Crypta Plus card's CSP provides secure computing functions such as random number generation, private key operations and key comparisons, while the private key information never leaves the secure silicon. Multiple passwords can be stored on the Crypta Plus card.

Unlocking the card with a passphrase permits use of the card holder's unique encryption keys. These keys protect data transmission, encrypt sensitive data files on the card or host computer and identify the user to others, using a digital signature. These keys can not be copied, eliminating the vulnerability of encryption keys stored on computer hard drives or floppy disks.

Host resident software available from Telequip supports the RSA PKCS #11 standard, the first open, published standard for use of Public-key cryptography with tokens and smart cards. PKCS, or the Public Key Cryptography Standards, were established in early 1991 by a consortium of RSA Data Security, Inc. and its major licensees.

Crypta Plus Card Standards
 PKCS #11 Public Key Cryptography Standard for Secure
 Tokens and Smart Cards
 PCMCIA Release 2.x Personal Computer Memory Card International
 ISO 7816-3 Electronic Signals & Transmission Protocols
 for Smart Cards

FIPS PUB 140-1 Level 3 Security Requirements for Cryptographic
 FIBS PUB 46-1 Data Encryption Standard

Usage of the Crypta Plus card requires no changes to existing systems or procedures. The card is available in standard memory densities of 0 to 16 megabytes, as well as custom memory densities (i.e., 8 or 12 megabytes) for quantities of 500 or more.

The Crypta Plus Manager(TM), a program for Microsoft Windows(TM), which allows users to perform lock, unlock, encryption and backup functions, and SystemSoft(R)'s PCMCIA Software Suite with Microsoft's Flash File System, are both included in the base card price.

The Crypta Plus card and the Crypta Plus Manager software have been designed to interface seamlessly with Lotus Notes, providing the convenience of portable memory with the security of the embedded CSP. ID files, desktop files and key database files can travel with the Lotus Notes user in one convenient, secure Crypta Plus card.

Crypta Plus Card Features

-- 0-16 Megabytes of Flash Memory

-- Word or Byte Transfer

-- Memory Lock

-- Security Support Functions:
 Secure key & password storage
 Secure Logon
 DES, Triple DES Encryption
 Digital Signature
 RSA Public-Key Encryption
 RSA Symmetric-Key Encryption
 PKCS #11 Standard

-- PCMCIA Release 1.x or 2.x Functional Compatibility

-- Cross Platform Compatibility

Telequip Corporation is a leading provider of secure computing and access control solutions. Founded in 1974, privately held Telequip Corporation is headquartered in Hollis, New Hampshire.


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