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 WASHINGTON, Nov. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- The International Brotherhood of Teamsters issued the following:
 A strike by Teamster drivers who haul cars from GM's Saturn plant in Spring Hill, Tenn., to dealers across the country has already cut deliveries to dealers substantially, GM has acknowledged. The strike was called last Saturday by the drivers, who are members of Teamsters Local Union 327 in Nashville, to pressure the company to begin to negotiate a fair contract.
 "GM is marketing Saturns as a new deal for consumers, but it's the same old deal for the workers who deliver them," said Teamster President Ron Carey. "Saturns are not going to be shipped out of Spring Hill until the treatment of the workers matches the image on TV."
 The company has acknowledged that the strike has cut deliveries in half. Organizers for the union say that during the past two days, only 5-6 trucks have emerged from the plant, which normally produces 60 to 80 truckloads of cars per day.
 The 82 carhaul drivers voted in September to join the Teamsters Union. Before that time, they had been represented by an independent "union" which had signed a sweetheart contract with the carhaul company, Transportation Unlimited, in 1990. Under that substandard agreement, the drivers' wages were substantially lower than the wages under the Teamsters master carhaul agreement. In addition, their contract provided inferior insurance benefits, no pension plan, and no hearing process to resolve grievances fairly.
 "The drivers who deliver Saturns want an agreement that will give them decent wages and a decent future in exchange for their hard work," said Carey. "It's time for the company to quit stalling and start negotiating."
 Despite the company's threats that they would lose their jobs if they voted to become Teamsters, the drivers chose Teamster representation by more than 3 to 1. Since that vote, the company has refused to enter into negotiations. Tired of the company's stalling tactics, the drivers went out on strike on Oct. 30 as a first step toward bringing the company to the negotiating table.
 "The 1.4 million Teamsters are behind these members and their families 100 percent," said Carey. "We will go the extra mile to get them a fair deal."
 -0- 11/3/93
 /CONTACT: Nancy Stella or Matt Witt of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, 202-624-6911/

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Date:Nov 3, 1993

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