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Synopsys debuts DSP development kit for new generation of ICs for wireless applications; Synopsys' product designed to improve productivity for designers of DSP-based systems & ASICs.

SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 16, 1995--Synopsys, Inc. (NASDAQ:SNPS) today announced immediate availability of a development kit designed specifically for Texas Instruments' new TMS320C54x-generation of DSPs. Using the development kit, designers can easily incorporate TI's new TMS320C541 and TMS320C542 DSPs and cores into electronic systems and ASICs for wireless communications applications.

The COSSAP TMS320C54x DSP Development Kit improves designer productivity and time-to-market. The Synopsys COSSAP DSP design environment uses a stream-driven approach that accelerates system-level design by providing a single environment for hardware-software co-design, co-simulation and system-level verification.

"TI's powerful DSPs and DSP cores are driving signal processing into mainstream applications," said John Cooper, DSP marketing director at Synopsys. "In wireless communications, for instance, leading cellular and PCS manufacturers are using advanced DSP techniques to meet stringent performance, cost, and power consumption targets.

"To quickly get these systems to market, designers must have a comprehensive development environment for algorithm design, architectural exploration, hardware and software implementation, co-simulation, and co-verification."

The TMS320C54x fixed-point digital signal processors offer low power consumption, reduced chip count, and system cost savings for wireless communications applications. The new devices combine high-performance, hard-wired functionality with a powerful instruction set to effectively implement worldwide digital cellular standards, including the Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), IS-54B, IS-136, Personal Digital Cellular (PDC), and IS-95. The product family offers 50-MIPS performance at 2.7V and 5V, flexible power-down modes, a wide variety of integrated RAM and ROM combinations. The 'C541 is available today from TI at a 250,000-piece price of $23 each. The 'C542 is now sampling and is scheduled to be available in production quantities during the fourth quarter of 1995 at a 250,000-piece price of $26 each.

Synopsys' COSSAP DSP development environment offers designers a fast implementation path for turning their DSP concepts into systems. The Synopsys modeling environment takes full advantage of the data flow nature of signal processing systems to provide easy algorithm specification, fast simulation, tight links to Synopsys' industry-proven logic and behavioral synthesis tools, and co-simulation for verification.

COSSAP provides optimal hardware and software DSP and HDL code generation through integration with Synopsys' leading synthesis technology. In addition to the simulator and development kit for TI's 'C54x DSPs, the Synopsys DSP solution features: a block editor with extensive signal processing libraries, including full standard-compliant GSM models for algorithm and architecture development; an HDL code generator for behavioral and RTL design; a powerful DSP code generator for optimal C generation; and an interface to Synopsys' VSS VHDL simulator for co-simulation.

Pricing and Availability

The COSSAP TMS320C54x DSP Development Kit includes a full instruction-level simulator with interactive debugging capabilities, tightly integrated into the COSSAP design environment. Software development tools from TI for the company's DSPs and cores are also included in the kit. The kit is available from Synopsys immediately for $7,500 U.S. list. Synopsys' COSSAP DSP design automation environment starts at $30,000 U.S. list.

About the Company

Synopsys, Inc. develops, markets and supports high-level design automation models and software for designers of integrated circuits (ICs) and electronic systems. The company pioneered the commercial development of synthesis technology, which serves as the foundation of the company's high-level design methodology. Synopsys offers a comprehensive set of synthesis, simulation, test and design reuse solutions, which support both Verilog(R) HDL and VHDL. -0-

NOTE TO EDITORS: Synopsys is a registered trademark of Synopsys, Inc. COSSAP, Stream Driven Simulator and VSS are trademarks of Synopsys.

CONTACT: Synopsys, Inc., San Jose

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Date:May 16, 1995
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