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Syndicated Mortgage Investment Company Offers Brokers and Investors Secure Investments with High Rates of Return and Attractive Growth Potential.

TORONTO Toronto (tərŏn`tō), city (1998 est pop. 2,400,000), provincial capital, S Ont., Canada, on Lake Ontario. Toronto is the largest city in Canada and since the 1970s has been one of the fastest-changing cities in North America, experiencing , May 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

Titan Equity Group (a division of Executive Leasing Capital Corporation) is Canada's newest entry to the SMI (1) (Storage Management Initiative) The initiative developed by the SNIA in 2003 to create a single standard interface for storage management technologies used by multiple vendors and networking communities.  market.

Specializing in SMIs and REITs, Titan Equity Group Ltd has become the country's go-to source for Syndicated Mortgage Investments (SMI). The company provides sound investment solutions for their diverse client base in Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. Today, Titan Equity Group provides even more value to their clients by offering a Syndicated Mortgage Investment product to their portfolio, which will benefit both investors and brokers.

Brokers have been facing the challenge of having to diversify diversify

To acquire a variety of assets that do not tend to change in value at the same time. To diversify a securities portfolio is to purchase different types of securities in different companies in unrelated industries.
 in order to try to retain or grow market share in a shrinking market. With Titan Equity's Syndicated Mortgage Investments, brokers can capitalize on Cap´i`tal`ize on`   

v. t. 1. To turn (an opportunity) to one's advantage; to take advantage of (a situation); to profit from; as, to capitalize on an opponent's mistakes s>.
 their most valuable tool, their database. In order to stay competitive and guarantee success, brokers can now turn to a SMI to generate additional revenue streams. Offering their clients more options for investing helps keep them from taking the rest of their business to the bank.

For investors, the SMI represents a unique and targeted product that addresses the three things that matter most: wealth preservation, wealth growth and income generation. "It is with much awaited a·wait  
v. a·wait·ed, a·wait·ing, a·waits
a. To wait for. See Synonyms at expect.

 excitement and anticipation that we launch the Titan group of real estate investment products," says Lance Kotton, President and Founder of Titan Equity Group. "With our extensive background knowledge and track record in real estate investments, we provide investors with solid alternatives to their financial portfolios offering high yields with real estate security. Our products provide stable and generous returns and we want all our investors to be able to succeed in the real estate market seamlessly and securely with tenacity. With the Titan asset backed products they will be able to do that most effectively."

The SMI is a secured investment giving clients an attractive return over a 3-year term, plus profit participation at the end of the project. They have direct, registered ownership in the mortgage that's registered against real security.

The launch of Titan Equity Group means exciting opportunities for both broker and investors. "I am extremely excited with the launch of Titan Equity Group and soon to be Titan Equity Group U.K. and the release of the Titan real estate investment products," says John Fenton John Fenton (born December, 1954 in Midleton, County Cork) is a retired Irish sportsman. He played hurling with his local club Midleton and with the Cork senior inter-county team from 1975 until 1987. Fenton is regarded as one of Cork's greatest-ever players. , Titan U.K. "Market timing is perfect based on where the stock markets and other investment product offerings are falling short, there is already a massive demand and need for the Titan products here in England and we look forward to providing the Titan products to our local marketplace." With the SMI, Titan continues to offer their clients an opportunity to grow and thrive in an accelerating real estate environment. Using Titan based products instead of debt-base products ensures that clients will see strong and consistent returns on their investment.

ABOUT TITAN EQUITY GROUP LTD. Based in Ontario, Titan Equity Group is a real estate development and investment company that provides sound investment solutions for a diverse client base. We have a complete line up of stable and rewarding products to serve and provide generous returns on investments.- Investors with Titan products are assured that their capital, which is asset-backed, is optimally employed to assure efficiency and effectiveness.- What Titan brings to the table is trust, transparency (1) The quality of being able to see through a material. The terms transparency and translucency are often used synonymously; however, transparent would technically mean "seeing through clear glass," while translucent would mean "seeing through frosted glass." See alpha blending.  and tenacity.

For further information:

Visit- or call to speak to one of our representatives. +1-905-760-2277, ext. 203
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