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Symrise Inc. (Cosmetics Division).


10 Gordon Drive Totowa NJ 07512

Tel: 973-2563850

Fax: 973-2566420


FOUNDED: 2003 through the merger of Haarmann & Reimer (H&R) and Dragoco.


Dr. Klaus Stanzl, President Cosmetics Division

Dr. William Johncock, Vice President Cosmetics, BU UV Protection & Functionals

Dr. Joachim Roding, Vice President Cosmetics, BU Actives & Botanicals


Symrise is offering cosmetic ingredients, flavors, fragrances and aroma chemicals.

Symrise is a global leader in the market of specialty cosmetics ingredients, focusing on high-value sunscreens, active ingredients and plant extracts.

Inspired by nature and optimized by cutting-edge technology, Symrise's products represent an harmonious symbiosis between nature and science.

Symrise focuses on the research of products of the next generation. A market-oriented development of innovative solutions is our basis for a proactive and customer-oriented sales approach and service.

Our strength in different areas of activity are reflected by our Business Units Actives, UV-Protection, Botanicals and Functionals.

Symrise's activities in the development of new products are supported by a Scientific Advisory Board, consisting of leading international dermatologists and scientists.


* Symdiol[TM] 68 (patent pending)

* Drago-Calm[TM]

* TCM (1) (Trellis-Coded Modulation/Viterbi Decoding) A technique that adds forward error correction to a modulation scheme by adding an additional bit to each baud. TCM is used with QAM modulation, for example.  Extrapone[R] range (selection of popular plant extracts traditionally used in Chinese medicine, providing multiple benefits for cosmetic formulations)

* Cremogen[TM] AlphaPulp (new hair care complex improving suppleness and smoothness of hair and returns hair to its natural health, leaving it radiant and shiny)

* Dracorin[TM] GOC GOC Government Of Canada
GOC General Optical Council (United Kingdom)
GOC General Officer Commanding
GOC Greek Orthodox Church
GOC Gay Outdoor Club (Scotland)
GOC Government of Colombia
 (PEG-free emulsifier emulsifier /emul·si·fi·er/ (e-mul´si-fi?er) an agent used to produce an emulsion.

An agent used to make an emulsion of a fixed oil.
 for O/W O/W Otherwise
O/W Of Which
O/W One Way
O/W Order Wire
 emulsions, based on vegetable raw materials, allows cold/cold, hot/cold and hot/hot emulsification) INCI INCI, See International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients.
: Glyceryl glyceryl /glyc·er·yl/ (-il) the mono-, di-, or trivalent radical formed by the removal of hydrogen from one, two, or three of the hydroxy groups of glycerol.  Oleate oleate /ole·ate/ (o´le-at)
1. a salt, ester, or anion of oleic acid.

2. a solution of a substance in oleic acid; used as an ointment.

 Citrate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride

* Emulsiphos[TM] (Non-ethoxylated phosphate emulsifier for modern, light O/W skin and sun care emulsions, based on vegetable raw materials). INCI: Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Hydrogenated Palm Glycerides.


Cosmetics & Toiletries, especially sun, skin and hair care


* Neo Heliopan[R] UV-Filters

* Active Ingredients:

Anti-Microbial: Farnesol

Anti-Aging: Drago-Beta-Glucan[TM], Hydrolite-5[TM], Symdiol[TM] 68,

Bisabolol, Dragosantol[TM]

Hair Care: Dragoderm[TM], Crinipan[TM] AD

Cooling Products: Frescolat[R]

* Emollients Emollients
Petroleum or lanolin-based skin lubricants.

Mentioned in: Ichthyosis
 and Emulsifiers (Functional Products)

* Plant extracts

* Colors


Innovative R&D

Marketing and Technical Product Expertise

Customer Oriented R&D Support

Application Laboratories

Global Marketing


Symrise GmbH & Co. KG

Bleichenbrucke 10 20354 Hamburg

Tel. +49-40-35570

Symrise Pte. Ltd.

No. 190 Pandan Pandan can refer to:
  • Pandanus amaryllifolius, a plant which yields the pandan leaf used widely in Southeast Asian cuisine
  • Pandan cake, a green dessert made with pandan
  • Pandan, Antique, a municipality in the Philippines
 Loop Singapore 128379

Tel. +65-6-7745880

Symrise Aromas e Fragrancias Ltd.

Rua Alexandre de Gusmao 568 Socorro

CEP CEP congenital erythropoietic porphyria.

congenital erythropoietic porphyria
 04760-020 Sao Paulo, SP

Tel. +55-11-56946000

NEW FOR 2005:

New Anti-Aging Ingredients

New Cooling Ingredient

New Hair Care Ingredient
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