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Suspect charged with first-degree murder

Colorado Springs Colorado Springs, city (1990 pop. 281,140), seat of El Paso co., central Colo., on Monument and Fountain creeks, at the foot of Pikes Peak; inc. 1886. It is a year-round resort and a booming military, technological, and commercial city.  police this morning arrested a man on suspicion of stabbing a woman to death in the parking lot of a strip mall strip mall
A shopping complex containing a row of various stores, businesses, and restaurants that usually open onto a common parking lot.

Noun 1.
 on Garden of the Gods Road.

Police said Kesha Tann, 42, of Colorado Springs was found outside her car about 7:30 a.m.
Police arrested Earl Frederick Mayes, 51, of Security/Widefield around 10:30 a.m. about a mile away from the killing scene. He was hiding behind a trash bin in the parking lot of Colorado Technical University Colorado Technical University (CTU) is a system of proprietary for-profit colleges in the United States providing career training, accredited programs, and college degrees in a variety of areas. CTU grants bachelor's, master's and doctoral degrees.  and was making calls on a cell phone, Police Lt. Skip Arms said. A police dog led officers to Mayes.

Police have charged Mayes with first-degree murder, and he will be booked into the El Paso County El Paso County may refer to one of the following counties in the United States:
  • El Paso County, Colorado
  • El Paso County, Texas
 Criminal Justice Center. Police say Tann and Mayes had a previous dating relationship.

About the same time, police locked down the university and summer classes that were in session were canceled. Mayes was identified as a Colorado Technical University student, but a CTU CTU Colorado Technical University
CTU Czech Technical University in Prague
CTU Counter Terrorist Unit
CTU Clinical Trials Unit
CTU Catholic Theological Union
CTU Chicago Teachers Union
CTU Computer Training Unit
CTU Control Unit
 spokesperson declined to give further information about him or the lockdown Lockdown

A specified period when an employee of a public company is barred from selling - and occasionally buying - their company's stock.

These types of equity transaction restrictions can be imposed by securities regulators or underwriting firms if a company has

Tann was found with multiple stab wounds to her face and neck and was declared dead at 7:56 a.m. She was lying in a parking lot next to a Toyota Tercel The Tercel was Toyota's entry-level vehicle in North America during the 1980s and 1990s. The Tercel was slotted between the Corolla and the Starlet, and was meant to offer basic affordable transportation while introducing young buyers to the Toyota brand.  that had rear-end damage, in a scene that brought eastbound traffic to a crawl on Garden of the Gods Road.

Tann got out of her vehicle and was then attacked by the killer. The killer then reportedly fled the scene in a green 1993 Chevrolet Astro van.

Police said Tann worked for a media and health care ministry center. The ministry building is next to the parking lot where the victim was found.

Police were initially called to the parking lot to deal with a fight between a man and a woman that escalated into the stabbing.

Detectives singled out witnesses to interview from a gaggle of onlookers who had watched the fight or had seen its aftermath.

“He was deranged de·range  
tr.v. de·ranged, de·rang·ing, de·rang·es
1. To disturb the order or arrangement of.

2. To upset the normal condition or functioning of.

3. To disturb mentally; make insane.
,” one of the witnesses, who didn’t want to be identified, said as she walked away from the scene.

It took officers less than 30 minutes to peg Mayes as person of interest.

Police said their investigation was spurred by a series of cell phone calls Mayes made to friends. One call led police to believe he was heading back to the crime scene.

Officers were able to use Mayes’ cell phone signals to lead them to the CTU parking lot.

Scores of officers hunting for Mayes flooded the area. A police dog sniffed the ground near the van and started barking dragging his handler a short distance to the Dumpster where Mayes emerged.

Tann’s death marks the city’s 12th homicide in 2007.
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Author:The Gazette, Colorado Springs, Colo.
Publication:Colorado Springs Gazette
Date:Jun 27, 2007
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