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Robert H.Burke, MD,FACS Director of the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery Announces the Introduction of the Astanza Laser Tattoo Removal System. May 27, 2015 383
Chris spends PS60k on plastic surgery after 'Mr Potato Head' taunts; Singer's hair fell out with stress of cruel comments. May 25, 2015 534
Woman's clinic at home for cosmetic surgery is 'risky'. May 25, 2015 382
Unlicensed duo perform plastic surgery on woman. May 24, 2015 243
X Factor Chris: My PS60k nip and tuck; STAR'S OPS AFTER BREAKDOWN. May 24, 2015 535
Top Plastic Surgeon Opens Private Practice in Lincoln Park. May 19, 2015 630
Nip and tuck all night but Storm are ousted; Coventry Storm??????????????45 Kent Kings??????????????????????45 (Aggregate 83-97). May 18, 2015 502
As Fat Grafting Evolves, Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Discover That Less Can Be More, It's Not Just For The Breasts And Buttocks, And Fat Doesn't Always Act Like Fat. May 17, 2015 1145
The Aesthetic Surgery Education And Research Foundation Elects Neal R. Reisman, MD, JD As New President. May 17, 2015 770
Board-certified Plastic Surgeons Discuss Best Practices For Facial Rejuvenation At The Aesthetic Meeting Of The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. May 16, 2015 1093
HAVE YOU BEEN A VICTIM OF FAILED COSMETIC SURGERY? Advertising Feature. May 14, 2015 347
New Research Shows the Positive Social Impact of Plastic Surgery, notes Beverly Hills Physicians. May 13, 2015 580
Canyou tell who's aged 78? May 10, 2015 1019
Well-Known Central Florida Practice Welcomes New PA-C. May 10, 2015 345
Can you tell who's aged 78? May 10, 2015 1019
Nip and tuck get 21st century makeover. May 9, 2015 923
Remove Excess Skin After Weight Loss Advises Eternity. May 7, 2015 598
San Diego Liposuction Center Achieves Accreditation. May 6, 2015 505
YOLO Medical Inc. receives FDA clearance for body contouring laser. May 4, 2015 672
Choosing a Surgeon Correctly is the Key to Making Sure Your Plastic Surgery Goes Well. Apr 30, 2015 664
Berks Plastic Surgery Offers Venus Legacy(TM) to Reduce Cellulite and Improve Visible Signs of Aging. Apr 29, 2015 596
Denver's Dr. Gregory A. Buford Tailors Breast Augmentation for Female Bodybuilders. Apr 28, 2015 560
Vanity often drives aesthetic procedures. Apr 27, 2015 728
Quick tuck is not the answer, say doctors. Apr 26, 2015 532
Washington, DC's Center for Plastic Surgery Advises Growing Group of Male Plastic Surgery Patients to Seek Experienced Doctors. Apr 23, 2015 730
Cynosure Announces Late-Breaking Abstracts on New Non-Invasive Fat Reduction Technology at ASLMS Annual Conference. Conference news Apr 22, 2015 1960
Las Vegas Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Samir Pancholi Reveals Details About Scarless Breast Augmentation. Apr 22, 2015 514
NuBody Concepts Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Joseph Greco III, Announces Tips For Finding The Best Tummy Tuck Doctor. Apr 17, 2015 722
Cosmetic Surgery with an Emphasis on Enhancement Over Radical Alteration. Apr 17, 2015 635
Rise in Male Plastic Surgery Driven Largely by Increase in Facelifts. Apr 14, 2015 585
Do you wish you could have a fresh new face? Once the preserve of the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery is now easily available to everyone. But is it the answer for YOU? Apr 12, 2015 1207
Do you wish you could have a fresh new face; Once the preserve of the rich and famous, cosmetic surgery is now easily available to everyone. But is it the answer for YOU? Apr 12, 2015 1207
Framework Agreement for the Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Service of Medical Equipment During the Warranty Period for the Department of Plastic Surgery and Reconstructive Microsurgery Clinic. Apr 10, 2015 505
Seeing is Believing for Boston Plastic Surgery Dermapen Patient. Apr 9, 2015 476
The Simon Cowell Effect: More Men Choosing Facial Cosmetic Surgery. Apr 9, 2015 520
Easy, breezy, beautiful! Did Ahmed Ezz really get this cosmetic procedure done? Apr 7, 2015 153
Ritacca Cosmetic Surgery & Medspa Announces Hair Restoration Division. Apr 4, 2015 477
Supply implants plastic surgery for health area cEiceres. Apr 4, 2015 125
Use of the chorda tympani nerve in reconstruction of the ossicular chain. Qiao, Yi; Chen, Wen-Wen; Deng, Ya-Xin; Tong, Jun Brief article Apr 1, 2015 270
Book about a tummy tuck. Mar 28, 2015 604
Nip and tuck for the Kia Sportage. Mar 27, 2015 509
Nip and tuck; In just a few years, Kia's Sportage has gone from inconspicuous to indispensable. ANDY ENRIGHT takes a look at the latest car. Mar 27, 2015 608
Your Surgeon Will Skype You Now: The Latest Buzz in Cosmetic Surgery. Mar 27, 2015 541
Cosmetic Surgery: A Phenomenon of Empowerment Not Insecurity. Mar 27, 2015 672
Your Surgeon Will Skype You Now: The Latest Buzz in Cosmetic Surgery. Mar 27, 2015 545
Meet 100 Top Influencers in Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine. Mar 25, 2015 439
Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report 2015-2019. Mar 25, 2015 434
Cosmetic procedures: How do you know you're in safe hands? TOP TIPS. Mar 24, 2015 120
Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report 2015-2019 - Analysis of the $27 Billion Industry. Mar 20, 2015 835
Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report 2015-2019 - Analysis of the $27 Billion Industry. Mar 20, 2015 862
3 Things You May Not Know about Tummy Tucks. Mar 20, 2015 644
Body Contouring Center in Memphis and Brentwood, TN Launch Online Guide Comparing Hair Restoration Procedures. Mar 19, 2015 798
Atlantic Plastic Surgery Center Welcomes New Surgeon. Mar 18, 2015 547
Doctors report increase in men seeking surgery; More men than ever before are opting to go under the knife to improve their looks. Here, Nuffield Health explains why the negative stigma around such operations is slowly fading. Mar 18, 2015 682
With $500,000 Gift To Saint Louis University, Pandrangi Family Aims To Improve The Human Condition. Mar 18, 2015 964
Doctors report increase in men seeking surgery; More men than ever before are opting to go under the knife to improve their looks. Here, Nuffield Health explains why the negative stigma around such operations is slowly fading. Mar 16, 2015 895 Debuts to Showcase Age-Defying, Confidence-Boosting Cosmetic Procedures in Charlotte, NC. Mar 15, 2015 387
Appeal for clarity over female genital cosmetic surgery ops. Mar 14, 2015 170
Supply Of Major Ot(Plastic Surgery & Ortho) For Trauma Care Centre. Mar 14, 2015 113
Beggar needed money to remarry, another wanted to pay for wife's plastic surgery. Mar 14, 2015 764
Aesthetic Surgery Growing In Popularity, But Not For The Reasons Many People Think. Mar 13, 2015 960
Instagram Filters May Be the Latest Trend Driving Plastic Surgery. Mar 11, 2015 613
New Jersey's Parker Center for Plastic Surgery Introduces Breakthrough Non-Surgical Combination Treatment. Mar 11, 2015 801
Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report 2015-2019. Mar 11, 2015 2230
Global Cosmetic Surgery and Service Market Report 2015-2019. Mar 11, 2015 2236
The American Society For Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Reports Americans Spent More Than $12 Billion In 2014; Procedures For Men Up 43% Over Five Year Period. Mar 11, 2015 1004
Spa experts wary of cosmetic procedures. Mar 10, 2015 371
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group Featured on Bravo's "Vanderpump Rules". Mar 9, 2015 753
United States : Conservative Treatment Normalizes Head Shape in Most Infants with Skull Flattening, Reports Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Mar 3, 2015 438
Thug jailed for attack on partner. Mar 2, 2015 249
Fear and Money Worries Should Not be a Barrier to Plastic Surgery, notes leading surgeon Dr. Payam Jarrah-Nejad. Feb 25, 2015 728
Cosmetic Surgery up more than 200%, Study Reports. Feb 25, 2015 646
Providing weld mesh to corridor, steps & ramp area of plastic surgery and oncology dept. Feb 24, 2015 143
Supply And Installation Of Operating Microscope To Dept. Of Plastic Surgery. Feb 23, 2015 138
Tip and tuck; Expert advice on what to do before you go under the knife. Feb 23, 2015 816
Men and Women Turning to Post Bariatric Body Contouring after Weight Loss. Feb 20, 2015 628
Cost of a good midlife crisis: $240,000. Reprint Feb 20, 2015 1278
Expanding Interest in Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation Creates a Unique Opportunity for Patients to Save Thousands on Natural Appearing Breasts. Feb 19, 2015 528
World Class Cosmetic Surgery Lives in Your Own Back Yard. Feb 18, 2015 602
Senior Citizens Get More Plastic Surgery Procedures, Particularly Tummy Tucks, Given Improving Economy. Feb 17, 2015 265
REVEALED: We look at the region's top 5 plastic surgery procedures; Liverpool's Catharine Medical Centre tells Joshua Taylor the city's most sought-after cosmetic operations. Feb 15, 2015 425
3 Plastic Surgery Trends for 2015. Feb 13, 2015 599
New Study Reveals One in Five Women Plan to Pursue Cosmetic Surgery. Feb 11, 2015 1500
The American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Takes On NewBeauty Magazine. Feb 10, 2015 710
'I'm so excited for my PS50k surgery' UNDER / /THE KNIFE: Tina Malone is looking forward to her cosmetic surgery. Feb 8, 2015 354
Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery Announces the Introduction of Microneedling with Platelet Rich Plasma. Feb 6, 2015 393
New FDA Approved Filler Restylane Silk Available at Dr. Anne White's Cosmetic Surgery practice Carolina Laser and Cosmetic Center in Winston Salem. Feb 5, 2015 568
Nose chance of me having cosmetic surgery for beauty pageant bosses... Model Roz resisted nip/tuck pressures for Miss Universe. Feb 4, 2015 384
Renowned Shreveport Plastic Surgery Practice Moves to New Address. Feb 4, 2015 382
Dermatology Devices Market by Diagnostic Devices (Dermatoscope, Microscope, Imaging Techniques), Treatment Devices (Liposuction, Microdermabrasion, Lasers) & by Application (Cancer Diagnosis, Acne, Psoriasis, Hair Removal) - Global Forecast to 2019. Feb 2, 2015 635
Westside Breast Center Now Open. Jan 30, 2015 786
Star's plastic surgery disaster tests Brazil. Licon, Adriana Gomez Jan 29, 2015 649
Beyond the Obvious with the Best in Plastic Surgery. Jan 29, 2015 715
Male Plastic Surgery is on the Rise. Jan 28, 2015 623
Gord calls for plastic surgery; HIGHLAND. Jan 26, 2015 261
Dr. Harrell and the Fountain of Youth Institute give women a new choice in Breast Augmentation called Top Shelf Breast Enhancement. Jan 26, 2015 398
Annual AAFPRS Survey Reveals Celebrity Look-Alike Surgery On The Rise. Jan 22, 2015 1203
Most Patients Enjoy a Boost in Happiness and Self Esteem After Plastic Surgery, Study Concludes. Jan 22, 2015 624
Doctors' Choice Awards Announces the Winners of the Doctors' Choice Awards in Plastic Surgery for 2014. Awards list Jan 21, 2015 351
Dr. Robert Burke Elected Treasurer of the Executive Board of Directors of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Jan 21, 2015 260
CoolSculpting is an Ideal Body Contouring Treatment for Athletes in Eugene, Oregon, According to Dr. Kiya Movassaghi. Jan 15, 2015 660
American Society of Plastic Surgery's Public Safety Campaign is On Target, notes Dr. J. Jan 13, 2015 708
Kylie Jenner Gushes About Khloe Kardashian Amid Plastic Surgery Rumours. Jan 11, 2015 363
New York Plastic Surgeon is Redefining Breast Augmentation with Fat Transfer Techniques. Jan 8, 2015 482
Kylie Jenner Says She'd Never Say No To Plastic Surgeries. Jan 7, 2015 427
MAGNIFICENT 7; Sunnyside win thriller in a nip and tuck clash. Jan 6, 2015 155
I haven't had Botox or anything else. I would be scared I'd like it and then what do you do next? When do you stop? I'll stick with good underwear and a good haircut - Carol Smillie; TV HOST REVEALS WHY SHE WON'T BE GETTING A LITTLE NIP AND TUCK. Jan 4, 2015 979
Use of an ultrasonic bone curette (Sonopet) in orbital and oculoplastic surgery. Vrcek, Ivan; Starks, Victoria; Mancini, Ronald; Gilliland, Grant Report Jan 1, 2015 1516
From Ancient India to Beverly Hills, the Effort to Perfect Plastic Surgery Continues. Dec 31, 2014 710
Pet Pit Bull Dog Attacks 3-Week-Old In Canada, Injured Face May Require Cosmetic Surgery. Dec 30, 2014 383
Plastic surgery of Peshawar tragedy survivals sought. Dec 24, 2014 262
The Top Two Reasons to Get a Tummy Tuck. Dec 22, 2014 663
Naomi Watts Defends Renee Zellweger's New Look, Hints She Is Pro Plastic Surgery. Dec 22, 2014 398
Three Reasons Plastic Surgery Can Help You Put on Your Best Face (and Body) Forward in 2015. Dec 22, 2014 769
La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre Welcomes New Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Dec 19, 2014 498
ProfNet Experts Available on 'The Interview,' Plastic Surgery, Video Games, More. Dec 19, 2014 2506
Tower Dental Group in Boca Raton, Florida Provides Patients with Expert Treatment and Cosmetic Procedures. Dec 18, 2014 473
Dr. Rod Rohrich Amongst Castle Connolly's America's Top Doctors. Dec 15, 2014 656
Dr. Rod J. Rohrich Presents Lecture on How we Age at ASPS Annual Assembly. Dec 15, 2014 591
Brum UK 'capital' for people going under the knife. Dec 9, 2014 422
Dr. Verne Weisberg Has Been Keeping Portland, Maine Beautiful Inside And Out For Over 25 Years. Dec 8, 2014 878
4 terror suspects undergo plastic surgery. Dec 8, 2014 177
Plastic Surgery: Dubai has eyes on the booming Asian eyelid cosmetic market. Dec 7, 2014 559
UAE's Anti-Ageing Medicine Elite to Meet at ICAAM Middle East This Weekend. Dec 6, 2014 411
Las Vegas Surgeon Dr. Samir Pancholi Calls for Medical Tourism Education After Cosmetic Surgery Patient Dies in Thailand. Dec 5, 2014 576
Cosmetic surgery at Burn Centre within next six months. Dec 5, 2014 186
Dr. J on the Humanitarian Side of Plastic Surgery. Dec 3, 2014 747
A noma case study. Clynes, Sue Clinical report Dec 1, 2014 493
Concierge Medspa Offers American Laser Skincare Clients Discounts on Laser, Injectable & Body Contouring Treatments. Nov 26, 2014 305
3 Things Every Plastic Surgery Patient Should Know. Nov 25, 2014 699
Center for Plastic Surgery to Offer New Skin Tightening Treatment for Patients. Nov 24, 2014 547
Dr. Emily Kirby Says Timing Is Everything for Children Who Need Plastic Surgery. Nov 24, 2014 587
I felt my head getting bigger and bigger. I could hardly see. I feared it was going to EXPLODE... KELLIE MALONEY: HOW I NEARLY DIED IN COSMETIC SURGERY HORROR.. Nov 23, 2014 1273
Face op surgery almost killed me; KELLIE MALONEY IN HOSPITAL HORROR Doctors battle for 10 hours to save transsexual boxing promoter's life. Nov 23, 2014 631
I looked at my swollen and bruised head in the mirror and cried... I had become a monster; KELLIE MALONEY EXCLUSIVE: FACE OP NEARLY KILLED ME. Nov 23, 2014 1541
Bums are the next big thing; Butts, brows and blood therapy - experts let us in on the cosmetic surgery trends that are set to be popular with Scots next year. Nov 21, 2014 636
Is the Classic Tummy Tuck Outdated? UAE Experts Advise Safer Lipoabdominoplasty as an Alternative.. Nov 21, 2014 445
Dr. Jason Emer Speaks at Upcoming Cosmetic Bootcamp Conferences. Conference news Nov 21, 2014 483
Rebounding Consumer Confidence and Increase in Qualified Specialists Leads to Rise in Cosmetic Surgery. Nov 20, 2014 617
'Neighbours' Star Melissa Bell Reveals Spending $115K on Plastic Surgeries. Nov 20, 2014 348
eRelevance Accelerates Growth in Dental and Plastic Surgery Practices. Nov 19, 2014 324
Global Cosmetic Implants (Polymers, Metals, Ceramics and Biologicals; Application: Breast, Dental, Facial and Others) Market - Forecast, 2014 - 2020. Nov 18, 2014 815
Global Cosmetic Implants (Polymers, Metals, Ceramics and Biologicals; Application: Breast, Dental, Facial and Others) Market - Forecast, 2014 - 2020. Nov 18, 2014 821
Valeant Pharmaceuticals And IDEAL IMPLANT Announce FDA And Health Canada Approval To Market Ideal Implant For Cosmetic Breast Augmentation. Nov 18, 2014 780
The American Society of Plastic and ITN Productions Launch Reshaping Lives TV. Nov 18, 2014 806
BiopharmX Announces Breast Health Medical Advisory Board. Nov 17, 2014 1402
It's nip and tuck before Bees take control late on. Nov 16, 2014 210
The Maercks Institute Announces International Program Allowing Observation of Unique Cold-Subfascial Breast Augmentation Technique and a Unique Opportunity for Surgeons to Observe and Patients to Save Thousands. Nov 14, 2014 492
Proven Techniques Lead to Increased Patient Confidence; More Breast Augmentation Surgeries. Nov 14, 2014 607
Having a breast reduction op at 20 changed my life for the better; Laura's boobs caused her pain and made her feel self-conscious, so she decided to go under the knife and went from a 32G to a 32DD. Nov 13, 2014 1571
Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Opens New Practice in Cleveland, Ohio. Nov 11, 2014 708
Elsevier Announces the Launch of Open Access Journal: JPRAS Open. Nov 10, 2014 720
Elsevier Announces the Launch of Open Access Journal: JPRAS Open. Nov 10, 2014 724
Bowes Dermatology Announces Addition Of Body Contouring Device Velashape III. Nov 7, 2014 421
Tennessee-Based Cosmetic Surgery Center Announces Their New Mommy Make-Over Travel Package. Nov 6, 2014 737
With Plastic Surgery There is No Substitute for Experience and Expertise. Nov 6, 2014 589
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Issues Warnings to Patients Regarding Unlicensed Practitioners and Medical Tourism. Nov 4, 2014 552
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) Issues Warnings to Patients Regarding Unlicensed Practitioners and Medical Tourism. Nov 4, 2014 558
Fat Graft Your Way to a Better Bootie, Face or Hands. Nov 3, 2014 504
The shinng on fat grafting: want to regain that baby face? fat might be your new best friend. BYRON, SU Nov 1, 2014 1843
Plastic Surgeons Encourage UAE Patients to Adhere to Advice During Breast Augmentations Consultations to Avoid Complications. Oct 31, 2014 421
Selecting a Qualified Plastic Surgeon Can be a Matter of Life and Death. Oct 31, 2014 695
For the Best in Plastic Surgery Trust Results over Rhetoric. Oct 31, 2014 615
Dr. Jason Emer Speaks at California Academy of Cosmetic Surgery's Annual Scientific Meeting. Oct 28, 2014 526
Saudi Arabia : DUBAI eyes cosmetic surgery and IVF treatments. Oct 25, 2014 221
British woman dies in Thai cosmetic operation. Oct 25, 2014 350
Dr. Jason Emer Discusses Celebrity Plastic Surgery Rumors on Scoopla. Oct 24, 2014 561
Medical tourism: For glitz, glamour and now plastic surgery. Oct 23, 2014 793
Renee: It's not plastic surgery, I'm just happy. Oct 23, 2014 156
Plastic Surgery Portal Publishes Article About New Selfie-Worthy Surgery Trend. Oct 22, 2014 322
Baltimore's BELECARA Surgery Center Introduces New 3D Imaging. Oct 22, 2014 502
Renee Zellweger Plastic Surgery Furore: Actress Looks Dramatically Different, Says Discussion About Her Looks Is 'Silly'. Oct 22, 2014 366
Experts Claim Renee Zellweger Had Plastic Surgeries, Fans Mourn Loss Of Bridget Jones' Face. Oct 22, 2014 378
4 Reasons to Embrace Cosmetic Surgery Later in Life. Oct 22, 2014 689
Hayes B, Gladstone, MD, Prominent Dermatologic Surgeon Joins California Skin Institute. Oct 20, 2014 381
Human Ken Dangerous Plastic Surgery: Justin Jedlica Wants To Get Rid Of His Forehead Veins. Oct 20, 2014 384
The FACELIFT MURDER; Martin MacNeill convinced his wife to have plastic surgery, so he could kill her... Oct 19, 2014 1016
Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tennessee Launches Online Mommy Make-Over Evaluation. Oct 17, 2014 653
It's Time for Plastic Surgery to Come Out into the Open. Oct 17, 2014 711
Jacksonville Plastic Surgeon Elected to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Oct 16, 2014 562
New Eye Lift Plastic Surgery Technique Presented at National Meeting of Oculoplastic Surgeons. Oct 16, 2014 630
Body Contouring after Weight Loss Surgery Leads to Long-Term Weight Loss Success. Oct 16, 2014 631
Dublin, 8th November 2014: Individual, Free-of-Charge Meetings with the Chief Plastic Surgeon. Oct 13, 2014 258
Dr. James Murphy of Murphy Plastic Helping Guide Patients on Selecting a Reno, Nevada Breast Augmentation Specialist. Oct 11, 2014 374
Murphy Plastic Surgery the First in Reno, Nevada to Offer PicoSure Tattoo Removal. Oct 11, 2014 362
Burn Victim From Australia Undergoes Reconstructive Surgery; Reveals New Face. Oct 8, 2014 380
Updated Clinical Data from Numerous Studies of AirXpanders' AeroForm(TM) Needle-Free, Patient-Controlled Tissue Expansion System to Be Presented at American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) Annual Meeting 2014. Oct 6, 2014 701
Body Lift Surgery After Weight Loss Poses Challenge for UAE's Plastic Surgeons. Oct 2, 2014 455
Dr. James E. Murphy and Murphy Plastic Surgery Takes a Stand Against Breast Cancer with PicoSure[R] by Cynosure. Oct 1, 2014 463
Ablation Technologies Market by Product (Radiofrequency, Ultrasound, Irreversible Electroporation, Cryotherapy, Microwave), Application (General & Cosmetic Surgery, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics) - Global Forecasts to 2019. Oct 1, 2014 934
Kylie Jenner's Pout Stories: Reality Star Has Had Lip Fillers To Compete With Sisters, Confirm Six Top Plastic Surgeons [SEE VIDEO]. Sep 28, 2014 427
Plastic Surgery Portal Publishes Article About Nine Male Celebrities That Admitted to Cosmetic Surgery. Sep 25, 2014 265
Plastic Surgery Improves Quality of Life. Sep 22, 2014 663
Surgical Microscopes Market for U.S. and Europe 2014 Analysis. Sep 18, 2014 1491
Revolutionary Robotic Surgery Transforms Hair Loss. Sep 18, 2014 700
Surgical Microscopes Market for U.S. and Europe 2014 Analysis. Sep 18, 2014 1498
Cosmetic Surgery Center in Memphis and Brentwood, TN Now Offer Revolutionary Breast Augmentation. Sep 15, 2014 723
Tennessee-Based Cosmetic Surgery Center Launches Customized Breast Augmentation Solution. Sep 15, 2014 678
Spain Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market (LAL, RFAL, PAL, HIFU) Outlook to 2020. Sep 15, 2014 1370
Neodyne Biosciences Data Now Published in Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Shows Long-Term Effectiveness of the EMBRACE Device in Reducing Scar Formation. Sep 10, 2014 520
Cosmetic Surgery Shaming Has Got to Stop. Sep 10, 2014 566
Nip and tuck: UAE has highest number of plastic surgeons in the world. Sep 9, 2014 588
Dr. Murphy of Murphy Plastic Surgery Now the Leading Breast Augmentation Surgeon in Reno, Nevada. Sep 5, 2014 357
Discover the Advantages of the Combined Breast Lift with Breast Augmentation Surgery at Murphy Plastic Surgery. Sep 5, 2014 360
Dr. James Murphy Helping Reno, Nevada Clients Understand Their Breast Augmentation Surgery Options. Sep 5, 2014 373
I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die they'll donate me to Tupperware - QUEEN OF MEAN'S JOKE AT HERSELF; JOAN RIVERS: 1933-2014. Sep 5, 2014 671
I've had so much plastic surgery, when I die they'll donate me to Tupperware - Queen of Mean's joke at herself; JOAN RIVERS: 1933-2014. Sep 5, 2014 581
Ann Arbor Plastic Surgery Announces Micro-Needling Therapy Availability. Sep 3, 2014 366
United States : LABEL PR wins new brief with TRANSFORM COSMETIC SURGERY. Sep 3, 2014 167
'Britain's vainest man' attacked for looking like reality star Joey Essex; COSMETIC SURGERY FANATIC THREATENED AND PUNCHED IN THE FACE BY THUG. Sep 2, 2014 460
Looking Younger, Step by Step: Boston Plastic Surgery Practice Documents a Patient's "Transformation" Through Series of Videos. Sep 2, 2014 808
American Green Technology Installs HRMS Technology in Plastic Surgery Clinic in Malaysia. Sep 2, 2014 491
Cosmetic surgery: Between medical ethics and 'posthumanism'. Sep 1, 2014 793
United Kingdom Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market Outlook to 2020. Sep 1, 2014 2081
Russia Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market Outlook to 2020. Sep 1, 2014 2085
BRIC Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market Outlook to 2020. Sep 1, 2014 6258
Bowel prep before prolapse surgery offers no benefit. Kilgore, Christine Sep 1, 2014 669
Skin Wellness Center Adds NeoLTS Light Therapy for Younger Looking Skin and Hair. Aug 29, 2014 672
From Selfie to Surgery: Embracing a Positive Perspective on Cosmetic Surgery. Aug 29, 2014 637
Germany Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market Outlook to 2020. Aug 28, 2014 2100
North America Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market Outlook to 2020. Aug 28, 2014 4196
Asia-Pacific Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market Outlook to 2020. Aug 28, 2014 5505
Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery, Robert H. Burke, MD, FACS, Director, Receives 2014 Best of Ann Arbor Award. Aug 27, 2014 379
World's Most Expensive New Book Unveiled at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books A Million. Aug 27, 2014 837
3 Plastic Surgery Myths - Busted! Aug 27, 2014 775
Health and beauty inside and out; ADVERTISEMENT FEATURE. Aug 23, 2014 668
Meet New Human Barbie on the Block: Lolita Richi is Just 16, Claims She Never Had Any Plastic Surgery. Aug 23, 2014 439
Plastic Surgery: More Than Skin Deep, notes Dr. J. Aug 22, 2014 745
Jennifer Aniston Prefers Natural Ageing; Slams Cosmetic Surgery. Aug 22, 2014 348
Plastic Surgery Is Not Off The Table For Sofia Vergara. Aug 22, 2014 371
Supply of medical equipment and implants for plastic surgery and burned agreement. Aug 20, 2014 101
Medical equipment plastic and reconstructive surgery department, resuscitation - intensive care unit. Aug 18, 2014 175
Terror suspect Lewthwaite may have had plastic surgery. Aug 16, 2014 152
I'd do a Cold Feet reunion... but only if they pay for me to have a facelift and tummy tuck! FAY RIPLEY ON LIFE AFTER CLASSIC SERIES; EXCLUSIVE. Aug 15, 2014 1344
I'd be up for Cold Feet reunion... but only if they pay for me to have a facelift and a tummy tuck; RIPLEY ON RUMOURS OF SHOW'S RETURNJUDGMENT FAY JUDGMENT FAY RIPLEY ON RUMOURS OF SHOW'S RETURN. Aug 15, 2014 1267
Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Expert at The Diamond Face Institute is Now Offering Procedures to Rejuvenate the Body. Aug 15, 2014 474
Cosmetic surgeons refer patients to shrinks. Aug 14, 2014 256
Earless Child Gets Ears from Ribs Through Plastic Surgery Procedure. Aug 14, 2014 383
Murphy Plastic Surgery Offering Cynosure RevLite SI Laser Treatment for Effective Tattoo Removal. Aug 8, 2014 369
Murphy Plastic Surgery Helping Patients Save for Their Breast Augmentation Costs with New Layaway Service. Aug 8, 2014 342
Popular Long Island Plastic Surgeon Dr. Stephen Greenberg Welcomes New Associate Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Ari Hoschander to the Breast Augmentation and Liposuction Center. Aug 7, 2014 454
Just Who is Going Under the Knife for Plastic Surgery? You Might Be Surprised. Aug 7, 2014 862
Raleigh Med Spa Dermatech MD Announces New Location Open House. Aug 4, 2014 365
Plastic Surgery Korea - Pitangui Medical and Beauty Center. Aug 3, 2014 465
How to Thrive in the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Scene. Jul 31, 2014 814
The NHS pays for cosmetic surgery and gastric bands but it won't save me... there should be no price put on health; CRISIS IN OUR HEALTH SERVICE: 21-YEAR-OLD'S CANCER FIGHT. Jul 29, 2014 908
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Releases Statistics on Cosmetic Procedures Worldwide. Jul 28, 2014 648
Wolters Kluwer Health Announces Seven-Volume "Masters" Reference to Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. Jul 28, 2014 1126
The International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Releases Statistics on Cosmetic Procedures Worldwide. Jul 28, 2014 659
Dr. Ashley Gordon is recognized among Castle Connolly's Top Doctors for Austin, TX region in 2014. Jul 28, 2014 744
Texas Children's Hospital announces new plastic surgeon. Jul 28, 2014 647
'EVEN MY OWN FATHER DIDN'T RECOGNISE ME' The incredible story of the Welsh war hero war hero W who underwent pioneering cosmetic surgery T who underwent pioneering cosmetic surgery. Jul 27, 2014 773
Caught living it up in India: PS134k benefit cheat 'too ill' to Goa out... SWINDLER WHO MILKED THE SYSTEM JAILED; 'Agoraphobic' who was 'scared of unfamiliar places' spent 5 months a year in foreign flat; She had tummy tuck, lipo, teeth whitening & op on bingo wings while in tropical paradise. Jul 26, 2014 958
Cosmetic surgery on your doorstep; GLOW HEALTH. Jul 25, 2014 383
Designer Vagina Surgery is Most Popular Among 18 to 24 Year Old Girls. Jul 25, 2014 468
Abdominal Problems After Breast Reconstruction Solved by Procedure Pioneered at The Institute for Advanced Reconstruction. Jul 24, 2014 606
Mommy Makeovers on the Rise. Jul 24, 2014 693
Dr. David Amron is Among the Elite to Offer UltraShape V3, The Latest Advancement in Body Contouring. Jul 22, 2014 732
United States Aesthetic Lasers and Energy Devices Market Outlook to 2020. Jul 21, 2014 2060
Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Expert at is Offering Procedure to Help Improve Your Appearance This Summer. Jul 18, 2014 516
Fat Transfer to Buttocks Popularity Maintaining Upward Trend. Jul 16, 2014 672
The Tummy Tuck: When Exercise Alone Just Won't Do the Trick. Jul 14, 2014 683
Paediatric burns and plastics surgery service. Jul 10, 2014 195
Boca Raton's Berman Plastic Surgery and Spa Taps The Gab Group as Agency of Record. Jul 9, 2014 520
Jodie Foster's Plastic Surgery: Actress Sparks Cosmetic Surgery Reports As She Hides Her Face While Coming out of Beverly Hills. Jul 7, 2014 362
Lift Your Summer Spirits with the Finest in Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery. Jul 7, 2014 642
I want to look like a plastic rich bitch; FRUMPY AT 50 MOTHER SPENDS PS25K ON SURGERY*; EXCLUSIVE. Jul 6, 2014 1088
Stabbed on hols.. but at least I got free tummy tuck; Sunday Mail June 22, web PENSIONER FIGHT FOR LIFE AFTER VIOLENCE Brave Callum jokes as he recovers in hospital. Jul 5, 2014 541
Why scars are more than just skin deep; The way they look to others is only part of the picture, emotions are often the true measure of scars. Abi Jackson reflects. Jul 3, 2014 2655
Kate Middleton Reports: Pregnant or Plastic Surgery, Duchess Appears Bloated & with Fluppy Eyes in Wimbledon [PHOTOS]. Jul 3, 2014 417
Is Looking Good for Your Wedding a Reason to Have Cosmetic Surgery? Jul 2, 2014 816
Kylie Jenner Allegedly Jealous of Kendall's Modelling Career: Planing to Spend Huge Money on Plastic Surgery on17th Birthday - Reports. Jul 2, 2014 371
Firm working to improve safety in cosmetic surgery. Jul 1, 2014 385
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