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Polyacrylamide Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecast to 2019. Industry overview Apr 11, 2014 724
United States : Air Products Launches New Superwetting Surfactants at ACS 2014. Apr 10, 2014 338
Wilmar Agrees to Purchase European Commodity Surfactants Business of Huntsman. Apr 10, 2014 945
Delivery of contrast agents referred to in 3 packages. Apr 10, 2014 286
Air Products Launches New Superwetting Surfactants at ACS 2014. Apr 8, 2014 704
Analysis of Organic and Natural Ingredients Market in Western Europe for Home and Personal Care. Apr 1, 2014 1243
Stepan Launches STEPOSOL MET-10U, a Powerful, Sustainable Surfactant Designed to Replace Solvents. Mar 24, 2014 808
Purchase of following Surfactant for 4900 MT DDT WDP Formulation,. Mar 14, 2014 140
United States : Ashland Inc. announces price increase for Surfadone LP-100 wetting agent, also known as N-octyl pyrrolidone (NOP). Mar 8, 2014 214
Production of Aluminum-Ceria Nanocatalyst through Micro-Emulsion Method. Mar 4, 2014 272
Effects of dietary supplementation of Barodon, an anionic alkali mineral complex, on growth performance, feed utilization, innate immunity, goblet cell and digestibility in olive flounder (paralichthys olivaceus). Shin, Chang-Hoon; Cha, Ji-Hoon; Rahimnejad, Samad; Jeong, Joon-Bum; Yoo, Byung-Woo; Lee, Bo-Kyeun; A Report Mar 1, 2014 5554
Concise Analysis of the International Surfactants Market. Feb 28, 2014 572
Concise Analysis of the International Surfactants Market. Feb 28, 2014 546
Analysis of the Brazilian and Argentinian Surfactants Market. Feb 26, 2014 1708
Concise Analysis of the Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Market - Forecast to 2018. Industry overview Feb 24, 2014 476
Concise Analysis of the Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Market - Forecast to 2018. Industry overview Feb 24, 2014 498
Polyacrylamide Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecast 2013 - 2019. Industry overview Feb 10, 2014 705
Polyacrylamide Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends & Forecast 2013 - 2019. Industry overview Feb 10, 2014 711
V08a non-ionic x-ray contrast agents and contrast agents. Feb 5, 2014 109
DSM enters into agreement with SyntheZyme LLC for Production of Surfactants. Feb 4, 2014 609
Polyfluoroalkyl chemicals and menopause among women 20-65 years of age (NHANES). Taylor, Kyla W.; Hoffman, Kate; Thayer, Kristina A.; Daniels, Julie L. Report Feb 1, 2014 5887
Breastfeeding: a potential excretion route for mothers and implications for infant exposure to perfluoroalkyl acids. Mondal, Debapriya; Weldon, Rosana Hernandez; Armstrong, Ben G.; Gibson, Lorna J.; Lopez-Espinosa, Ma Report Feb 1, 2014 6326
US Patent No. 8,623,804 B2. Feb 1, 2014 135
Structured depilatory compositions. Feb 1, 2014 115
Innospec performance chemicals. Feb 1, 2014 468
Solvay. Company overview Feb 1, 2014 624
Stepan: innovative chemical solutions for a cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient world. Company overview Feb 1, 2014 646
BASF Patents Aqueous Dispersions of Water-Soluble Anionic Polymers. Jan 1, 2014 862
Global Polyacrylamide Market is Expected to Reach USD 6.91 Billion by 2019: Transparency Market Research. Industry overview Dec 23, 2013 1035
Global Polyacrylamide Market is Expected to Reach USD 6.91 Billion by 2019: Transparency Market Research. Industry overview Dec 23, 2013 1015
Laundry stain cleaning strip is patented by clorox. Dec 1, 2013 187
Tough polyamide 6/core-shell blends prepared via in situ anionic polymerization of [epsilon]-caprolactam by reactive extrusion. Yan, Dongguang; Li, Guang; Huang, Mingyue; Wang, Chao Dec 1, 2013 3379
Bioo Scientific Launches First ELISA to Screen Shrimp for Benzalkonium Chloride Contamination. Nov 20, 2013 335
Delivery of surfactant remediation of voc-groundwater contamination. Nov 14, 2013 115
Discovery Labs Receives FDA Clearance of IND to Initiate AEROSURF Phase 2 Clinical Program. Nov 12, 2013 1414
Discovery Labs Announces U.S. Commercial Launch of SURFAXIN (lucinactant). Nov 8, 2013 770
Synthesis and cyclopolymerization of diallylammoniomethanesulfonate. Ali, Shaikh A.; Al-Hamouz, Othman Charles S.O. Report Nov 1, 2013 7209
Preparation and characterization of PPy doped with different anionic surfactants. Li, Mei; Li, Wenguang; Liu, Jun; Yao, Jinshui Report Nov 1, 2013 2864
Huntsman relocates its surfactants business in Europe. Nov 1, 2013 206
Polysorbate products. Nov 1, 2013 239
Global Surfactants Market Report with Forecast to 2016. Industry overview Oct 31, 2013 604
Global Surfactants Market Report with Forecast to 2016. Industry overview Oct 31, 2013 610
Supply of cationic polyelectrolyte anionic polyelectrolyte. Oct 24, 2013 105
Discovery Labs Announces Notice of Allowance for a U.S. Patent Supporting the AEROSURF Development Program. Oct 8, 2013 642
Huntsman Repositions its Surfactants Business in Europe. Oct 1, 2013 591
Glycolic acid shampoo. Oct 1, 2013 226
Serum perfluorooctanoic acid and perfluorooctane sulfonate concentrations in relation to birth outcomes in the Mid-Ohio Valley, 2005-2010. Darrow, Lyndsey A.; Stein, Cheryl R.; Steenland, Kyle Report Oct 1, 2013 8921
Adjuvants Market worth $2,963.2 Million by 2018. Sep 10, 2013 745
Adjuvants Market worth $2,963.2 Million by 2018. Sep 10, 2013 741
Frost & Sullivan: Demand from Rapidly Growing Personal Care and Household Sectors Sustains Surfactants Market in Brazil and Argentina. Sep 10, 2013 989
Frost & Sullivan: Demand from Rapidly Growing Personal Care and Household Sectors Sustains Surfactants Market in Brazil and Argentina. Sep 10, 2013 995
Organomodification of montmorillonite and its effects on the properties of poly(butylene succinate) nanocomposites. Phua, Y.J.; Chow. W.S.; Ishak, Z.A. Mohd Report Sep 1, 2013 6015
High polymer/surfactant ratio in the seeded semicontinuous heterogeneous polymerization of vinyl acetate. Martinez-Gutierrez, Hugo; Ovando-Medina, Victor M.; Peralta, Rene D.; Mendizabal, Eduardo; Puig, Jor Report Sep 1, 2013 4322
Mineral cleansing shampoo. Sep 1, 2013 361
Volumizing shampoo, dentifrice patented by Kao. Sep 1, 2013 160
As the world turns ... surfactant suppliers mus1e agiler to be meet the needs of the their customers whenever and wherever consumer demand takes them. Brann, Tom Sep 1, 2013 3191
New surfactants. Sep 1, 2013 1214
Happi's Anti-Aging Conference set for Oct. 29-30. Calendar Sep 1, 2013 649
Determining critical cleaning process parameters for QFNS, part 2: a two-phase study to assess how to completely clean underneath leadless devices following soldering with Pb-free water soluble and Pb-free no-clean pastes. Tosun, Umut; Ravindran, Naveen; McCutchen, Michael Sep 1, 2013 1860
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine, Sr. Interview Sep 1, 2013 192
The effects of color concentrates on the rheology of tint bases. Herrick, Douglas J.; Boke, Jason W.; Htet, Maung Y.; Fernando, Raymond H. Sep 1, 2013 3219
BASF unveils Hydropalat WE 3111, a non-APEO pigment wetting agent for coatings. Sep 1, 2013 146
Occupational allergic contact dermatitis due to cocamidopropyl betaine and coconut diethanolamide/Kokamidopropil betain ve kokonat dietanolamide bagli mesleksel alerjik kontakt dermatit. Dogru, Mahmut; Duman, Handan; Ginis, Tayfur; Ozmen, Serap; Bostanci, Ilknur Report Sep 1, 2013 1495
Analysis of the Brazilian and Argentinian Surfactants Market. Aug 20, 2013 1709
Linear Alkyl Benzene (LAB) Market For Heavy-Duty Laundry Liquids, Laundry Powders, Light-Duty Dish Washing Liquids, Industrial Cleaners And Household Cleaners - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends And Forecast, 2012 - 2018. Industry overview Aug 14, 2013 2058
Surfactants provide solutions: the global surfactant industry meets in Barcelona as the World Surfactant Congress attracts more than 1000 attendees from around the world. The next Congress is set for June 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. Branna, Tom Industry overview Aug 1, 2013 2295
Gestational exposure of mice to secondhand cigarette smoke causes bronchopulmonary dysplasia blocked by the nicotinic receptor antagonist mecamylamine. Singh, Shashi P.; Gundavarapu, Sravanthi; Smith, Kevin R.; Chand, Hitendra S.; Saeed, Ali Imran; Mis Report Aug 1, 2013 6692
Rubber containing hydrophilic sorbitan monostearate and tackifying resin and tire with sidewall thereof. Aug 1, 2013 128
New nanotech could help create light laptops, slim TVs. Jul 28, 2013 369
Global Surfactants Market 2012-2016. Industry overview Jul 24, 2013 783
Reagents and contrast media. Jul 6, 2013 221
Double-hydrophobic siloxane diblock copolymers: synthesis, micellization behavior, and application as a stabilizer for silver nanoparticles. Zhou, Hong-Ming; Cheng, Hua; Luo, Zheng-Hong Report Jul 1, 2013 6533
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine, Sr. Interview Jul 1, 2013 192
Germany,Spain : BASF at CESIO 2013: Enabling choices for the surfactant market. Jun 4, 2013 383
Solvay to build a specialty surfactant plant in Germany. Jun 1, 2013 143
Solvay plans new facilities in Singapore and Germany. Jun 1, 2013 380
Contact lens materials. McDonnell, Claire May 31, 2013 2357
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview May 1, 2013 180
All under one roof: Spectrum Chemicals offers 37,000 chemicals, such as surfactants, emollients and preservatives, for many industries, including personal care. Branna, Tom May 1, 2013 463
ICIS World Surfactants Conference is May 16-17. Conference news May 1, 2013 210
Surfactants Market by Product Types, Substrates, Geography & Applications - Global Industry Trends and Forecasts to 2017. Industry overview Apr 26, 2013 648
Surfactants Market by Product Types, Substrates, Geography & Applications - Global Industry Trends and Forecasts to 2017. Industry overview Apr 26, 2013 654
Sasol Olefins & Surfactants Sells its Sasol Gulf Assets to Anichem. Apr 3, 2013 359
Sasol Olefins & Surfactants Sells its Sasol Gulf Assets to Anichem. Apr 3, 2013 363
Reducing silicone surfactant emissions in automotive flexible molded foam. Thurau, Courtney T.; Arnold, Allen R.; Panitzsch, Torsten Apr 1, 2013 5345
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview Apr 1, 2013 199
Association of osteoarthritis with perfluorooctanoate and perfluorooctane sulfonate in NHANES 2003-2008. Uhl, Sarah A.; James-Todd, Tamarra; Bell, Michelle L. Report Apr 1, 2013 7907
P&G patents wet wipes. Apr 1, 2013 189
Acidic hard surface cleaners patented by Reckitt Benckiser. Apr 1, 2013 174
Croda home care launches high-performance surfactant. Apr 1, 2013 140
Oxiteno begins specialty surfactants production. Apr 1, 2013 169
Netherlands - New Anionic Ligands for Base Metal Catalysis. Mar 6, 2013 175
3M patents surfactant-free topical insect repellent. Mar 1, 2013 106
Unit dose liquid treatment patented by Procter & Gamble. Mar 1, 2013 193
Correction & clarification. Correction notice Mar 1, 2013 127
Alchem USP benzethonium chloride production. Mar 1, 2013 132
Potential for upgrading El-Nakheil oil shale by froth flotation. Muhammad, Amr Fatehy; Salmawy, Montaser S. El; Abdelaal, Abdelaziem M. Mar 1, 2013 2686
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview Mar 1, 2013 214
Two-headed 'gemini' surfactants commercialized. Mar 1, 2013 305
Surfactants update: environmentally friendly technologies, meeting customer needs are among the key challenges that surfactants manufacturers are facing. Klebaur, Bridget Mar 1, 2013 2112
Solvay. Company overview Mar 1, 2013 525
Temperature effect on the nanostructure of SDS micelles in water. Hammouda, Boualem Report Mar 1, 2013 5693
Shift toward Environment-friendly Products to Fuel Uptake of Green Surfactants in the Asia-Pacific, Says Frost & Sullivan. Feb 27, 2013 983
Asia-Pacific to become second largest surfactant consumer by 2017. Feb 1, 2013 121
Innospec performance chemicals. Feb 1, 2013 442
Solvay. Company overview Feb 1, 2013 640
Stepan: innovative chemical solutions for a cleaner, healthier, more energy efficient world. Company overview Feb 1, 2013 584
Comparison of flocculated and dispersed single-wall carbon nanotube-based coatings using nonionic surfactants. Prichard, Todd D.; Vogt, Bryan D. Report Jan 1, 2013 5513
Treatment shampoo from unilever. Jan 1, 2013 188
Croda Europe launches new surfactant. Jan 1, 2013 120
New Pharmacoeconomic Analysis Shows Lower Rate of Reintubation Observed With SURFAXIN Treatment May Reduce Hospital Costs Associated with Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia. Dec 4, 2012 1469
Solution behavior of two novel anionic polyacrylamide copolymers hydrophobically modified with N-benzyl-N-octylacrylamide. Kang, Wanli; Wang, Xianzhong; Wu, Xiaoyan; Meng, Lingwei; Liu, Shuren; Xu, Bin; Shanl, Xiuhua Report Dec 1, 2012 4754
In situ encapsulation of hydrogel in ultrafine fibers by suspension electrospinning. Fengxuan Han; Hong Zhang; Jin Zhao; Yunhui Zhao; Xiaoyan Yuan Report Dec 1, 2012 4491
Research and Markets: Astonishing Diversity of Natural Surfactants. Nov 28, 2012 291
Global Surfactant Market Worth $36.5 Billion by 2017. Industry overview Nov 26, 2012 925
Global Surfactant Market Worth $36.5 Billion by 2017. Industry overview Nov 26, 2012 929
Electrodeposited nickel-phosphorous (Ni-P) alloy coating: an in-depth study of its preparation, properties, and structural transitions. PiHai, Anju M.; Rajendra, A.; Sharma, A.K. Nov 1, 2012 6126
Water-activated wipe from S.C. Johnson. Nov 1, 2012 119
An efficient thickener available from Rhodia. Fishman, Harvey M. Nov 1, 2012 573
A review of synthetic latices in surgical gloves. Krutzer, Bert; Ros, Marianne; Smit, Joris; de Jong, Wouter Nov 1, 2012 3568
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview Nov 1, 2012 210
Emerging Middle Class and Increasing Purchasing Power Bolster Surfactants Market in Brazil, Finds Frost & Sullivan. Oct 17, 2012 1028
Emerging Middle Class and Increasing Purchasing Power Bolster Surfactants Market in Brazil, Finds Frost & Sullivan. Oct 17, 2012 1010
Belgium : Solvay and SIBUR form a joint venture to produce surfactants and oilfield process chemicals. Oct 10, 2012 371
Silicones and craters. Schoff, Clifford K. Oct 1, 2012 770
Supercritical [CO.sub.2] as an exfoliating aid for nanocomposite preparation: comparison of different processing methodologies. Thompson, M.R.; Zhuang, Z.; Liu, J.; Rodgers, W.R. Report Oct 1, 2012 8567
Preparation and characterization of modified polysulfone membranes with high hydrophilic property using variation in coagulation bath temperature and addition of surfactant. Mousavi, S.M.; Saljoughi, E.; Ghasemipour, Z.; Hosseini, S.A. Report Oct 1, 2012 4251
Nanoparticles for bone tissue engineering. Prasad, R.G.S.V.; Phani, A.R.; Jacob, Biju; Salins, Paul C. Oct 1, 2012 3189
Maternal concentrations of polyfluoroalkyl compounds during pregnancy and fetal and postnatal growth in British girls. Maisonet, Mildred; Terrell, Metrecia L.; McGeehin, Michael A.; Christensen, Krista Yorita; Holmes, A Report Oct 1, 2012 7762
Discovery Labs Initiates Research Projects with Leading Research Institutions and US Government Agencies to Assess KL(4) Surfactant Utility in Acute Lung Injury. Sep 27, 2012 1067
Kraton Performance Polymers Reveals Medical Stopper Study Results. Sep 24, 2012 930
Research and Markets: Turbulent Drag Reduction by Surfactant Additives. Sep 11, 2012 415
Spanning the globe: most surfactant suppliers will go to the ends of the earth these days in search of growth as gains in developed markets slow. Branna, Tom Company overview Sep 1, 2012 2266
Investigation on particular phase morphology of immiscible polyamide 12 and polystyrene blends prepared via anionic ring-opening polymerization. Wu, Bozhen; Xie, Tingxiu; Yang, Guisheng Report Sep 1, 2012 3664
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview Sep 1, 2012 187
New, Simple Method Introduced to Eliminate Surfactants from Mesoporous Materials. Aug 28, 2012 276
Research and Markets: Analysis of the Brazilian Surfactants Market. Aug 20, 2012 339
Research and Markets: Surface Active Agent Manufacturing Industry in the U.S. and its International Trade [2012 Q3 Edition]: Revenue For the Year 2011 was Reported at $10.2 Billion USD. Aug 3, 2012 329
In situ synthesis, morphology, and thermal properties of polystyrene--MgAl layered double hydroxide nanocomposites. Botan, Rodrigo; Nogueira, Telma Regina; Wypych, Fernando; Lona, Liliane Maria Ferrareso Report Aug 1, 2012 4464
VAE dispersion for bonding applications. Aug 1, 2012 200
Research and Markets: Specialty Surfactants Market - Global Scenario, Raw Material And Consumption Trends, Industry Analysis, Size, Share & Forecast 2011 - 2017. Industry overview Jul 26, 2012 308
New, Simple Method Introduced to Eliminate Surfactants from Mesoporous Materials. Jul 24, 2012 276
Discovery Labs Receives US Patent for Method to Promote Mucus Clearance with Pulmonary Surfactant. Jul 18, 2012 562
Bristol scientists produce world's first magnetic soap. Johnson, Hannah Jul 1, 2012 932
Creamy iridescence sulfate free shampoo. Jul 1, 2012 228
Resins suppliers directory. Directory Jul 1, 2012 1264
Keystone bolsters product portfolio. Jul 1, 2012 146
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview Jul 1, 2012 196
Thyroid function and perfluoroalkyl acids in children living near a chemical plant. Lopez-Espinosa, Maria-Jose; Mondal, Debapriya; Armstrong, Ben; Bloom, Michael S.; Fletcher, Tony Report Jul 1, 2012 8149
Ask the expert. Interview Jul 1, 2012 192
Air Products unveils Dynol surfactants and Zetasperse 3600 dispersing additive. Jun 1, 2012 196
Ask the expert. Interview Jun 1, 2012 198
TOKU-E Announces Safer and Faster Dissolving, Dust-Free Grade Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) for Electrophoresis and Manufacturing Applications. May 29, 2012 599
TOKU-E Announces Safer and Faster Dissolving, Dust-Free Grade Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) for Electrophoresis and Manufacturing Applications. May 29, 2012 604
Global Surfactants Market is Changing. Industry overview May 17, 2012 795
Research and Markets: Turbulent Drag Reduction by Surfactant Additives. May 9, 2012 582
Air Products Introduces New Environmentally Friendly Superwetting Surfactants and Pigment Dispersant for Aqueous Coatings Applications. May 7, 2012 661
TOKU-E Announces Safer and Faster Dissolving, Dust-Free Grade Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS) for Research and Manufacturing Applications. May 7, 2012 520
Surfactant-induced growth of a calcium hydroxide coating at the concrete surface. Gueit, Eleonore; Darque-Ceretti, Evelyne; Tintillier, Patrick; Horgnies, Matthieu May 1, 2012 5565
Serum perfluoroocatanoate(PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) concentrations and livder function biomarkers in a population with elevated PFOA exposure. Gallo, Valentina; Leonardi, Giovanni; Genser, Bernd; Lopez-Espinosa, Maria-Jose; Frisbee, Stephanie Report May 1, 2012 7850
Valspar patents low VOC coatings. May 1, 2012 173
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview May 1, 2012 146
Experimental study on synergistic effect mechanisms of surfactant assisted by low frequency vibration waves. Jing, Liu; Sheng, Pu Chun; Sen, Shang Xiao; Ming, Zheng Li; Wei, Qin Guo May 1, 2012 3040
Ho Tung aims to become world's second-largest detergent material manufacturer in 2013. Chuang, Steve Brief article Apr 23, 2012 301
Research and Markets: Analysis of the Anionic Surfactant Market for Home and Personal Care Products and its Importance to FMCG Manufacturers. Apr 12, 2012 414
Winning consumers Dropps by Dropps: the company that popularized the laundry pack category in the US is back with fabric softeners in convenient, easy-to-handle, single dose forms. Branna, Tom Apr 1, 2012 869
Formulating liquid laundry detergents: whether you're creating a value or premium formula, here are the steps to take to develop an effective detergent at the right price point. Arif, Shoaib Apr 1, 2012 2015
Polyfluoroalkyl compounds in Texas children from birth through 12 years of age. Schecter, Arnold; Malik-Bass, Noor; Calafat, Antonia M.; Kato, Kayoko; Colacino, Justin A.; Gent, Ty Report Apr 1, 2012 6144
2012 American Coatings show exhibitor showcase: the American Coatings show will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana from May 8-10. Here is a preview of what select companies have planned for the three-day event at the Indiana Convention Center. Buyers guide Apr 1, 2012 5811
Analysis of the Anionic Surfactant Market for Home and Personal Care Products and its Importance to FMCG Manufacturers. Mar 29, 2012 455
Growing Kenyan Anionic Surfactant Market Holds Greater Potential than Mature South African Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan. Mar 22, 2012 950
Growing Kenyan Anionic Surfactant Market Holds Greater Potential than Mature South African Market, Finds Frost & Sullivan. Mar 22, 2012 936
Effect of dietary cation-anion difference during prepartum and postpartum periods on performance, blood and urine minerals status of Holstein dairy cow. Razzaghi, A.; Aliarabi, H.; Tabatabaei, M.M.; Saki, A.A.; Valizadeh, R.; Zamani, P. Report Mar 15, 2012 8319
Discovery Labs Announces FDA Approval of SURFAXIN[R] (lucinactant) for Prevention of Respiratory Distress Syndrome. Mar 6, 2012 936
Momentive Performance Materials Offers Performance Enhancing Products under Niax* Brand of Urethane Additives. Mar 5, 2012 1324
Shea play hand lotion from calumet. Mar 1, 2012 1213
Surfactants update: surfactants manufacturers focus on environmental issues and developing "greener" technologies. Pianoforte, Kerry Mar 1, 2012 1889
Preparation of alumina from retorting residue of oil shale. Xu, Y.-M.; He, D.-M.; Shi, J.-W.; Guan, J.; Zhang, Q.-M. Report Mar 1, 2012 3610
Fetal lung maturity testing: what labs need to know now. Grenache, David Feb 1, 2012 1361
World's first magnetic soap that can help clean up oil spills created. Jan 24, 2012 535
Scientists Produce World's First Magnetic Soap. Jan 24, 2012 679
New set of nanoparticles 'may accurately deliver cancer drugs to tumours'. Jan 20, 2012 481
P2 Science to supply high performance C-glycosides. Jan 1, 2012 266
Ask the expert. Interview Jan 1, 2012 165
Research and Markets: South African Surfactants Market: Anionic, Nonionic, Cationic and Amphoteric. Dec 22, 2011 607
Discovery Labs' KL4 Surfactant Granted Orphan Drug Designation. Dec 1, 2011 714
Micellar polymerization, characterization, and viscoelasticity of combined thermally insensitive terpolyacrylamides. Rodrfguez, Fatima Perez; Jimenez-Regalado, Enrique J. Report Dec 1, 2011 6052
Find out what's so special about Amphosol CDB Special. Fishman, Harvey M. Dec 1, 2011 664
Rhodia showcases its range of surfactants and polymers. Dec 1, 2011 207
Kinetics of the anionic polymerization of [epsilon] - caprolactam from an isocyanate bearing polystyrene. Zhang, Cai-Liang; Feng, Lian-Fang; Gu, Xue-Ping; Hoppe, Sandrine; Hu, Guo-Hua Report Nov 1, 2011 6549
Effects of synbiotics containing anaerobic microbes and prebiotics on in vitro fermentation characteristics and in situ disappearance rate of fermented-TMR. Lee, Shin Ja; Shin, Nyeon Hak; Chu, Gyo Moon; Lee, Sung Sill Report Nov 1, 2011 7666
Centerchem creates Conditioning hair rinse. Nov 1, 2011 1017
Versathix: an ideal rheology modifier: Croda researchers detail the benefits of using a high performance thickener that provides efficient viscosity building and desirable rheology across a wide variety of surfactant combinations that are common in shampoos and other personal cleansing systems. Edouard, Farahdia; Dexter, Marni Nov 1, 2011 2515
Ask the expert. Hegedus, Charlie Interview Nov 1, 2011 245
Electrodeposition of coatings III--cathodic ED. Schoff, Clifford K. Nov 1, 2011 666
In situ synthesis of high molecular weight poly(L-lactic acid) clay nanocomposites. Katiyar, Vimal; Nanavati, Hemant Report Oct 1, 2011 6962
Research and Markets: Anionic Surfactants Market in Brazil. Sep 30, 2011 224
Momentive Performance Materials Presents Technical Paper on New Surfactant Technology for Voids Reduction in Rigid Polyurethane Foams. Sep 27, 2011 511
Momentive Performance Materials Introduces Niax* Silicone L-6891 Surfactant for Rigid Polyurethane Foams. Sep 26, 2011 586
Research and Markets: Specialty Chemicals Year Book - Construction, Water Treatment, Crop Protection and Surfactants. Sep 22, 2011 395
New Research Indicates Treating Neonatal Respiratory Distress Syndrome with CUROSURF[R] Results in Lower Rate of Mortality Compared to Competitive Surfactants. Sep 12, 2011 1289
Workhorse ingredients: developed markets may be teetering on recession, but demand for surfactants remains steady. In fact, demand is downright buoyant in countries such as Brazil, Russia, India, China and the rest of Southeast Asia. Branna, Tom Company overview Sep 1, 2011 3787
Surfactant conferences and seminars planned. Conference news Sep 1, 2011 303
The art of breaking bubbles. Snyder, Jeanine M.; Reader, C. James; Hegedus, Charles R. Sep 1, 2011 3148
Evaluating of ion pairs effects on Iranian salty and sodium soil. Pour, Forough Allahyari Report Sep 1, 2011 1647
Improve the strength of PLA/HA composite through the use of surface initiated polymerization and phosphonic acid coupling agent. Wang, Tongxin; Chow, Laurence C.; Frukhtbeyn, Stanislav A.; Ting, Andy Hai; Dong, Quanxiao; Yang, Mi Report Sep 1, 2011 6657
VeruTEK[R] Receives U.S. Patent for Innovative S-ISCO[R] Technology Creating New Market Segments in Environmental Remediation and Enhanced Oil Recovery. Aug 2, 2011 514
Surface-active and associative properties of ionicp polymeric surfactants based on carboxyrnethylcellulose. Tomanova, Vladimira; Srokova, Iva; Ebringerova, Anna; Sasinkova, Vlasta Report Aug 1, 2011 5643
Preparation and characterization of poly(MMA-BA)/nano-ATO hybrid latex via miniemulsion polymerization. Zhang, Gui-Jun; Chen, Zhong-Hua; Zeng, Xing-Rong; Yu, Fei; Wang, Jin Jul 1, 2011 3667
Controlled preparation of porous polysulfone monolith via concentrated emulsion templating using an aminated polysulfone as surfactant. Le, Yechen; Zhang, Chen; Li, Hangquan; Du, Zhongjie; Li, Congju Report Jul 1, 2011 3282
Poly(ethylene terephthalate)/carbon nanotube composites prepared with chemically treated carbon nanotubes. Yesil, Sertan; Bayram, Goknur Report Jul 1, 2011 9199
Structure, thermal stability, and mechanical properties of nanocomposites based on an amorphous polyamide. Zabaleta, A.; Gonzalez, I.; Egulazabal, J.I.; Nazabal, J. Report Jul 1, 2011 5341
Aqueous disinfectants and sterilants. Jul 1, 2011 799
Yeasts produce "green" surfactants. Suszkiw, Jan Jul 1, 2011 524
Amyris Announces Plans to Expand into Asia and Global Surfactants Though Collaboration with Wilmar, One of World's Leading Agribusiness Groups. Jun 16, 2011 882
U.S. Patent No. 7,931,911 B2; Riken, Wako-Shi, Saitama, Japan. Jun 1, 2011 130
The ratio of mortality and morbidity in very low birth weight infants in a public hospital/Bir devlet hastanesinde cok dusuk dogum agirlikli yenidoganlarda hastalik ve olum oranlari. (Original Article/Ozgun Arastirma). Canbak, Yekta; Silfeler, Ibrahim; Dorum, Bayram Ali; Kurnaz, Hilal; Dorum, Sevil Report Jun 1, 2011 4749
Effects of carbon nanotubes and their state of dispersion on the anionic polymerization of [epsilon]-caprolactam: II. rheology. Penu, Christian; Hu, Guo-Hua; Fonteix, Christian; Marchal, Philippe; Choplin, Lionel; Feng, Lian-Fan Report Jun 1, 2011 3268
Preparation and characterization of PET/clay nanocomposites by melt compounding. Ghasemi, Hesam; Carreau, Pierre J.; Kamal, Musa R.; Uribe-Calderon, Jorge Report Jun 1, 2011 4775
Technique of preparing modified silica from oil shale residue. Xu, Ying-Mei; Qi, Ji; Shi, Jia-Wei; He, De-Min; Wang, Dong-Mei; Zhang, Qiu-Min Report Jun 1, 2011 3197
Use of sulfur containing initiators for anionic polymerization of monomers. Jun 1, 2011 184
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Interview May 1, 2011 130
In the thick of it. Fishman, Harvey M. May 1, 2011 598
Modified cetyl betaine surfactants in personal care: Stepan researchers have developed a mild surfactant, derived from natural feedstocks, that works effectively with various hydrotropic surfactants to improve viscosity, foaming and mildness in hair and skin care products. Dong, Susan X.M.; Sajic, Branko; Dameshek, Anatoly May 1, 2011 2081
Shear-thickening in aqueous surfactant-associative thickener mixtures. Manion, Scan J.; Johnson, Laura L.; Fernando, Raymond H. May 1, 2011 4999
Synthesis and characterization of fluorine-containing poly-styrene-acrylate latex with core-shell structure using a reactive surfactant. Xu, Guilong; Deng, Lili; Wen, Xiufang; Pi, Pihui; Zheng, Dafeng; Cheng, Jiang; Yang, Zhuoru May 1, 2011 4073
Increased levels of nuclear factor [kappa]B and Fos-related antigen 1 in lung tissues from patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome. Fudala, Rafal; Allen, Timothy Craig; Krupa, Agnieszka; Cagle, Philip T.; Nash, Sandra; Gryczynski, Z May 1, 2011 3739
Study of antibacterial properties of polypropylene filled with surfactant-coated silver nanoparticles. Fages, E.; Pascual, J.; Fenollar, O.; Garcia-Sanoguera, D.; Balart, R. Report Apr 1, 2011 5015
Optimizing low-foam grind step surfactants for improved processing. Behr, Anastasia Mardilovich; Madrigal, Luis; Pierre, Cynthia; Monaghan, Gregory; Castillo, Flor Apr 1, 2011 3846
This mild surfactant is ideal for body care. Apr 1, 2011 627
Modular Genetics Issued Notice of Allowance for Patent Application Covering its First "Green" Surfactant. Mar 28, 2011 481
Research and Markets: Self-Organized Surfactant Structures - 2010 Edition Considers the Fundamental Approach in Areas of Nanotechnology. Mar 15, 2011 575
Surfactants increase hydrophobic character of gelatin-polysaccharide-based films. Mar 1, 2011 352
Formulating manual dishwash detergents: an optimum hand dishwash liquid formula can be developed by using LAS, SLES and cocamidopropyl betaine and perhaps some cocamide DEA. Read on to learn how to develop a variety dishwash detergents. Arif, Shoaib Mar 1, 2011 1581
The surfactants market: Coatings World recently spoke with a number of surfactant suppliers to the coatings industry regarding the state of the market. Among the topics discussed were raw material costs, "green" chemistry and opportunities for growth. Pianoforte, Kerry Interview Mar 1, 2011 1755
New product roundup. Feb 1, 2011 1106
Efflorescence, frosting, and surfactant leaching/staining. Schoff, Clifford K. Feb 1, 2011 806
Isolation and characterization of trypsin inhibitors (Kunitz Soybean Trypsin Inhibitor, Bowman-Birk Inhibitor) in Soybean. Roosta, Hamid Reza; Javadi, Taimoor; Nazari, Farzad Report Jan 1, 2011 3945
P&G patents composition to mitigate skin staining. Jan 1, 2011 119
Lonza surfactants listed on CleanGredients. Jan 1, 2011 134
Application of microcalorimetry to the study of interactions in coating formulations. Kan, Charles; Keefe, Melinda; Olesen, Keith; Saucier, Peter Jan 1, 2011 6253
Simulation study of surfactant flooding process in an Iranian fractured oil reservoir. Shabaninejad, Mehdi; Haghighi, Mehdi Bagheripour Report Jan 1, 2011 2930
A novel approach for anionic bulk polymerization of 1,3,5-tris(trifluoropropylmethyl)cyclotrisiloxane. Gao, Yajuan; Jiang, Wei; Guan, Yong; Yang, Peng; Zheng, Anna Report Dec 1, 2010 4547
Dow Polyglycols, Surfactants & Fluids Achieves Record Supply of Heat Transfer Fluids for Concentrating Solar Power Applications in 2010. Nov 2, 2010 531
Georgia-Pacific patents antimicrobial hand soap. Nov 1, 2010 116
Short-term changes in respiratory biomarkers after swimming in a chlorinated pool. Font-Ribera, Laia; Kogevinas, Manolis; Zock, Jan-Paul; Gomez, Federico P.; Barreiro, Esther; Nieuwen Report Nov 1, 2010 8854
Momentive to Introduce Advancements in Polyurethanes Technology to Improve Sustainability, Energy Efficiency. Oct 7, 2010 560
Momentive Uses Cargill's Biobased BiOH[R] Polyols in Collaboration to Improve Sustainability of Foam Used by Home Furnishings, Bedding Industries. Sep 29, 2010 777
Reportlinker Adds Chinese Markets for Surfactants. Sep 14, 2010 345
China Sanjiang Fine Chemicals Company Limited Announcement on Global Offering of Shares. Company overview Sep 3, 2010 1094
Shampoo for conditioning and shine from Dow Corning. Sep 1, 2010 1420
Down & up & down again? The surfactant industry braces for more bumps and dips, as it looks like the global economy is starting to slip again. Branna, Tom Company overview Sep 1, 2010 3328
Choosing the right wetting agent improves coating performance. Snyder, Jeanine M. Sep 1, 2010 538
The role of functional polymers in improving tire performance. Hogan, Terrence E.; Randall, Amy; Hergenrother, William L.; Lin, Chenchy J. Sep 1, 2010 3759
A physicochemical assessment of water quality of oil producing areas of Ilaje, Nigeria. Abdus-Salam, N.; Adekola, F.A.; Apata, A.O. Report Sep 1, 2010 7000
Personal Care Ingredients Market in the United States Forecast to Grow at a CAGR of 2.2% through 2014, According to Kline. Aug 24, 2010 693
AkzoNobel launches new liquid surfactant. Aug 1, 2010 125
Innospec's surfactant used in award-winning Shampoo. Aug 1, 2010 126
Introducing water as a coblowing agent in the carbon dioxide extrusion foaming process for polystyrene thermal insulation foams. Yeh, Shu-Kai; Yang, Jintao; Chiou, Nan-Rong; Daniel, Tom; Lee, L. James Report Aug 1, 2010 4539
SRI Consulting Identifies Opportunities in Surfactants. Jul 29, 2010 572
Salon Duarte Selects Leonor Greyl for Exclusive Partnership to Provide Customized, Environmentally Safe, Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS), Silicone Free Hair Treatments. Jul 28, 2010 752
U.S. Patent No. 7,700,539 B2; P&G. Jul 1, 2010 101
Cognis offers Disponil NG renewable non-ionic surfactants. Jul 1, 2010 229
Dry-season soil water repellency affects Tahoe Basin infiltration rates. Rice, Erin C.; Grismer, Mark E. Report Jul 1, 2010 5689
A super-toughened nylon 12 blends via anionic ring-opening polymerization of lauryllactam in a twin screw extruder, preparation, morphology, and mechanical properties. Du, Libo; Yang, Guisheng Jun 1, 2010 3460
Novel materials on display at NYSCC Suppliers' Day. Fishman, Harvey M. Jun 1, 2010 672
Cognis offers Disponil NG, non-ionic surfactants. Jun 1, 2010 193
Association between serum perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and thyroid disease in the U.S. National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Melzer, David; Rice, Neil; Depledge, Michael H.; Henley, William E.; Galloway, Tamara S. Report May 1, 2010 10092
Development of surface active agents, using naturally occuring phenols from Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) by sulfonation. Sharma, Shobha; Nair, Anita; Pai, K.V. Report May 1, 2010 1732
New hyper-HASE polymer. Apr 1, 2010 100
Controlling the size and the stability of magnetic clusters formed in Polyacrylamide hydrogels via cobalt-anionic fluoroprobe interactions. Gelir, Ali; Alveroglu, Esra; Tulun, Mustafa; Yilmaz, Yasar; Sozeri, Huseyin Report Apr 1, 2010 4204
Claying and deep ripping can increase crop yields and profits on water repellent sands with marginal fertility in southern Western Australia. Hall, D.J.M.; Jones, H.R.; Crabtree, W.L.; Daniels, T.L. Report Mar 1, 2010 8128
Evaluation of very-low-birth-weight preterm infants with bronchopulmonary dysplasia/Bronkopulmoner displazi gelisen cok dusuk dogum agirlikli erken dogmus bebeklerin degerlendirilmesi. Aldemir, Esin Yildiz; Kavuncuoglu, Sultan; Ozbek, Sibel; Altuncu, Emel; Cizmeci, Mehmet Nevzat Report Mar 1, 2010 4024
Changes in nutritive value and digestion kinetics of canola seed due to microwave irradiation. Ebrahimi, S.R.; Nikkhah, A.; Sadeghi, A.A. Report Mar 1, 2010 6103
Nanocomposites of silver nanoparticle and dinonylnaphthalene disulfonic acid-doped thermoreversible polyaniline gel. Garai, Ashesh; Chatterjee, Shreyam; Nandi, Arun K. Report Mar 1, 2010 5692
Preparation and interaction characteristics of exfoliated ABS/organoclay nanocomposite. Lim, Sang-Kyun; Hong, Eun-Pyo; Song, Yu-Hyun; Park, Bong Jun; Choi, Hyoung Jin; Chin, In-Joo Report Mar 1, 2010 4614
Effects of cationic and anionic clays on the hydrolytic degradation of polylactides. Zhou, Quyuan; Xanthos, Marino Report Feb 1, 2010 6280
Association of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS) with uric acid among adults with elevated community exposure to PFOA. Steenland, Kyle; Tinker, Sarah; Shankar, Anoop; Ducatman, Alan Report Feb 1, 2010 5965
Desert King's Andean surfactants are Ecocert- and NPA-certified. Feb 1, 2010 93
Surfactant: where it comes from and where it's going. Masini, Douglas Jan 1, 2010 1266
BASF sells surfactants site in Clear Lake, TX. Jan 1, 2010 225
A kinetic and mechanistic study on the reduction of dithiazone by stannous chloride in micellar system. Radjarejesri, S.; Sarada, N.C. Report Jan 1, 2010 2937
Microemulsion copolymerization of styrene-methyl methacrylate followed on line by low-resolution Raman spectroscopy. Corona-Rivera, Miguel A.; Flores, Jorge; Puig, Jorge E.; Mendizabal, Eduardo Report Nov 1, 2009 3405
Alginate-nanofibers fabricated by an electrohydrodynamic process. Kim, GeunHyung; Park, Ko-eun Report Nov 1, 2009 3416
Dispersion of cellulose crystallites by nonionic surfactants in a hydrophobic polymer matrix. Kim, Jooyoun; Montero, Gerardo; Habibi, Youssef; Hinestroza, Juan P.; Genzer, Jan; Argyropoulos, Dim Technical report Oct 1, 2009 4954
Nonylphenol ethoxylate plastic additives inhibit mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I. Belaiche, Corinne; Holt, Andrew; Saada, Ann Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2009 1670
Research and Markets: In 2008, the Value of Exported Surface Active Agent Manufacturing Industry Products from the U.S. Has Been Relatively High, at Approximately 30% of U.S. Production. Sep 28, 2009 799
Research and Markets: Colloids and Interfaces with Surfactants and Polymers, 2nd Edition. Sep 23, 2009 344
Dow Coating Materials Presents Novel Surfactants to Address Environmental Regulations. Sep 11, 2009 428
The formulation basics for personal cleansers: for the beginning cosmetic chemist, here's a primer of the science, art and the secret tricks of the trade to create great hair shampoo, body wash and hand soap. Arif, Shoaib Sep 1, 2009 2328
Effect of clay/water ratio during bentonite clay organophilization on the characteristics of the organobentonites and its polypropylene nanocomposites. Silva, Suedina M.L.; Araujo, Paolo E.R.; Ferreira, Kaline M.; Canedo, Eduardo L.; Carvalho, Laura H. Report Sep 1, 2009 4352
Ask the expert. Snyder, Jeanine Sep 1, 2009 135
Block resistance of low-VOC acrylic paints: influences of latex design parameters. Wu, Wenjun; Anderson, Michael; Schneider, Jeff Sep 1, 2009 2793
Surfactant: agents utilized to lower surface tension. Gardenhire, Doug Sep 1, 2009 1087
Off-line determination of trace silver in water samples and standard reference materials by cloud point extraction--atomic absorption spectrometry/Hobeda mikrokoguste off-line-maaramine vees ja sertifitseeritud referentsmaterjalides sademe tekkepunkt--ekstraktsioonil ning aatomabsorptsioonspektroskoopilisel meetodil. Kilinc, Ersin; Lepane, Viia; Viitak, Anu; Gumgum, Bahattin Report Sep 1, 2009 3964
Professor P. Somasundaran Joins Scientific Advisory Board of Modular Genetics, Inc. Aug 17, 2009 336
Dye composition patented by L'Oreal. Aug 1, 2009 132
Detangling shampoo patented by Unilever. Jul 1, 2009 185
New brochure complements Ecosurf EH catalog. Jul 1, 2009 120

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