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Suraj Wahab Ologburo: the entrepreneur the stove reduce charcoal use by about 26,000 tonnes each year, saving trees and significantly cutting [CO.sub.2] production.

Six years ago, the entrepreneur Suraj Wahab Ologburo started Toyola Energy Ltd, a stove business, and has since produced 154,000 of these efficient charcoal charcoal, substance obtained by partial burning or carbonization (destructive distillation) of organic material. It is largely pure carbon. The entry of air during the carbonization process is controlled so that the organic material does not turn to ash, as in a  stoves that are cooking meals for around 940,000 people.

Many households in Ghana cook on charcoal stoves and spend a big slice of their income on this fuel. So Toyola Energy designed a cleaner, more efficient and durable model, the "coal-pot" cook-stove. It typically uses two-thirds of the charcoal of other stoves, cooks faster and cuts down on smoke. The stoves reduce charcoal use by about 26,000 tonnes each year, saving trees and cutting CO2 production by around 150,000 tonnes a year. They are a perfect example of how much can be achieved through the use of simple, clean energy technologies.

The stoves sell for as little as $7 each. To make them more affordable, Toyola offers customers the option to buy on credit with a 25% deposit and pay back their loan over two months using the money saved on charcoal.

One of Toyola's first customers, Gina Garbon, asked Ologburo to supply five stoves for her market stall
For other uses of the term stall, see stall.

A market stall is usually an immobile temporary structures erected by merchants to display and shelter their merchandise.
. Within a month she had sold 100. As her business continues to thrive, she has been able to buy land and begin to build a house. "Selling stoves has changed my life," she says.

Toyola stoves are made to high standards by 170 trained artisans and sold across Ghana, Togo and Burkina Faso Burkina Faso (burkē`nə fä`sō), republic (2005 est. pop. 13,925,000), 105,869 sq mi (274,200 sq km), W Africa. It borders on Mali in the west and north, on Niger in the northeast, on Benin in the southeast, and on Togo, Ghana, and . With five production centres in Ghana and one in Togo, Toyola plans to increase sales. By 2013, it hopes to be producing 140,000 more stoves from new bases in Ghana, Benin, Sierra Leone Sierra Leone (sēĕr`ə lēō`nē, lēōn`; sēr`ə lēōn), officially Republic of Sierra Leone, republic (2005 est. pop. 6,018,000), 27,699 sq mi (71,740 sq km), W Africa.  and Nigeria.

And having won the highly prestigious international Ashden Award Gold Prize last year, which comes with a cheque of some $16,000, Toyola is well on the way to achieving that objective.

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Date:Mar 1, 2012
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