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Supermarket wars; Tesco, Aldi go head to head in Halewood.


TWO supermarket giants are embroiled em·broil  
tr.v. em·broiled, em·broil·ing, em·broils
1. To involve in argument, contention, or hostile actions: "Avoid . . .
 in a bidding war to redevelop re·de·vel·op  
v. re·de·vel·oped, re·de·vel·op·ing, re·de·vel·ops
1. To develop (something) again.

 the heart of a south Liverpool estate.

Aldi and Tesco have both launched rival plans to develop a new district centre at Raven raven, common name for the largest member of the family Corvidae (crow family), ranging throughout the arctic and temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere. The raven, Corvus corax, is a glossy black scavenging bird about 26 in.  Court, in Halewood.

The detailed schemes could see a new pub, bus station and a block of new shops open up alongside the supermarket.

Executive director for regeneration at Knowsley council Nick Kavanagh said: "With many projects being shelved or in difficulty across the country, having two major national operators in competition to invest is a real triumph for Halewood." The rival bids came about after local residents groups said they were unhappy, claiming Knowsley Council was "handing the development to Tesco on a plate".

Halewood North Cllr Dave Smithson said: "The council has done well in this instance to listen to what residents want and we now have a competitive situation." Tesco is working with Renov, the firm behind the NHS NHS
National Health Service

NHS (in Britain) National Health Service
 Halewood Centre, to build a 16,709 sq ft superstore and 31,000 sq ft of shops..

Aldi, working with Neptune, has come up with a slightly larger scheme which also includes a new pub.

Both plans will be displayed in the Halewood Centre today and tomorrow.

Following the public consultation, officers will make a recommendation to the council and it is understood work could begin on the chosen project as early as mid-summer.

Knowsley's cabinet member for regeneration Cllr Graham Morgan said: "This process has added a few weeks to the development programme.

"But getting the right scheme is of paramount importance for the success of the development and for the residents of Halewood." email


RIVAL BIDS: Tesco (above) and Aldi's competing visions for Halewood
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Publication:Liverpool Echo (Liverpool, England)
Date:Apr 27, 2009
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