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Summer Camps in Jeddah.

Summary: Summer camps help children develop character, learn valuable life skills, make new friends and discover new interests. In Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia (sä`dē ərā`bēə, sou`–, sô–), officially Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, kingdom (2005 est. pop.  it is difficult to find a place that takes care of children and lets him or her enjoy life.

By DIANA AL-JASSEM | LIFE.STYLE@ARABNEWS.COM (1) (Computer Output Microfilm) Creating microfilm or microfiche from the computer. A COM machine receives print-image output from the computer either online or via tape or disk and creates a film image of each page.  

Nowadays children who have no opportunity to exercise sport, or cooking will be able to change their lifestyle during the summer vacation Summer vacation (also called summer holidays or summer break) is a vacation in the summertime between school years in which students are off for 3 months, depending on the country and district.  of 2010.

Jeddah has now become very popular with its clubs and centers for children. Even schools are offering special summer programs for their students. They are also ready to receive children from outside.

Reading, discussing and writing skills are important for students' education. Numerous clubs are offering services to develop these skills in Saudi Arabia. Maharat (skills) Center is now presenting new programs to develop reading, writing, and discussing skills. "We are teaching the children new reading skills, teaching them how to write stories, how to narrate stories, summarize and discuss," said Iyad Nimer, educational specialist & enrichment programs coordinator.

He added, "Children between 7 to 11 can join us starting from July. Our summer program continues for a full month."

According to according to
1. As stated or indicated by; on the authority of: according to historians.

2. In keeping with: according to instructions.

 Nimer, special supplements will be issued weekly; this supplement contains the students' written stories, news, activities and articles.

"Every Wednesday we will arrange a trip to a special scientific location, expo and museum. Sport also will be one of our main activities. These programs aim to develop general skills as well as exposing children and students to a variety of cultural and social exchanges. Some programs aim to familiarize children with their general environment; others cover areas such as health, growth and development," added Nimer.

Some of the summer program focuses on children who are close to adulthood.

"From Childhood to Adulthood is an example of a program designed to help teenagers understand the different phases they go through physically, psychologically and socially," said Nimer.

Nimer states, "All enrichment programs are prepared and presented by Educational Specialists trained and specialized in developing talents, discovering skills and abilities of children of all ages. Such programs provide the grounds for talents, skills and abilities to flourish, therefore, allowing children to reach their full potential."

Another center called V.I.KIDS has prepared enrichment programs to develop various cognitive and academic skills as well as abilities of children of all ages.

"Our aim is to mix learning with fun. Children between 3 and 10 can enjoy these programs that cover a wide range of topics from the academic to the social and entertainment issues. This all takes place in an environment, which is recreational, educational and enjoyable, far from the school routine and its stress," said Rozan Saber, V.I.KIDS director.

She added, "In addition to the activities such as playing, sport, swimming, and cooking, we are planning to teach the children how to take care

of their health. Students will be able to have new healthy food systems. They will be able to eat fast food that has been cooked in a healthy way."

According to Saber, "The center will arrange celebrations, where they are ready to hold birthdays, parties, graduation and a success ceremony."

"All the participants will undergo several lessons such as art, cooking, swimming, movies, Arabic language Arabic language

Ancient Semitic language whose dialects are spoken throughout the Middle East and North Africa. Though Arabic words and proper names are found in Aramaic inscriptions, abundant documentation of the language begins only with the rise of Islam, whose main texts
 and pronunciation, and English language English language, member of the West Germanic group of the Germanic subfamily of the Indo-European family of languages (see Germanic languages). Spoken by about 470 million people throughout the world, English is the official language of about 45 nations. ," said Rasha Al-Ramahi, summer program supervisor A Program Supervisor is the chief administrator of a school program, such as the high school, elementary school, middle school or pre-school. A Program Supervisor is comparable to a Principal (school), with the responsibility of enrolling students, hiring new teachers, placing .

According to Al-Ramahi, the six weeks program started in July and will finish a few weeks before Ramadan. "We have registered 70 kids in our summer program. Those children will be divided into groups. The most attractive courses are the pizza cooking, vegetable salads, fruit salads, and drawing," she said.

Students will study how to read Qur'an, so they can develop their skills before going back to school.

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Date:Jul 14, 2010
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