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Sumitomo Metalcutting Systems

Sumitomo Electric Carbide is a world leader in the research, development, and production of tools for metalcutting industries. Our systems and materials are as varied as your needs.

Turning/Boring Systems

Improve surface finishes and productivity using products from our wide range of turning and boring systems. Our ever-evolving line features the ingenuity and rigidity to handle your most demanding application requirements.

Milling Systems

Solid carbide end mills are ideal for machining most steels and hard-to-cut materials such as Inconel, stainless steels, titanium alloys, and tool and die steels. Sumitomo has established itself as a world leader in the aerospace industry with this group of products. Our wide range of indexable end mills feature advanced, high performance characteristics. They are available to perform a variety of operations, including shoulder milling, slotting, ramping, pocketing, drilling and helical helical /hel·i·cal/ (hel´i-k'l) spiral (1).

1. Of or having the shape of a helix; spiral.

2. Having a shape approximating that of a helix.

Drill Systems

Sumitomo leads the industry in the design and application of solid carbide drills for steel, cast iron, and exotic material drilling applications.

CBN CBN - call-by-name  and PCD PCD

polycystic disease.

Through advanced metallurgy metallurgy (mĕt`əlûr'jē), science and technology of metals and their alloys. Modern metallurgical research is concerned with the preparation of radioactive metals, with obtaining metals economically from low-grade ores, with  research, Sumitomo provides a wide variety of polycrystalline Adj. 1. polycrystalline - composed of aggregates of crystals; "polycrystalline metals"
crystalline - consisting of or containing or of the nature of crystals; "granite is crystalline"
 cubic boron nitrides (CBN) and polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) that contribute to the advancement of technology and cutting tool performance. Ideal for high-speed, high-hardness applications, our CBN can take on alloy steels with hardnesses greater than R^sub c^ 45, as well as a variety of types of cast irons and cast steels. Our PCD 1000 provides the toughness of cemented carbide and wear resistance of diamond. It was specially developed for machining of nonferrous materials. This truly revolutionary grade is available for turning, milling, boring, and other demanding machining applications.

Contact: Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc., 1001 Business Center Drive, Mount Prospect, IL 60056; Ph: 800-950-5202; Fax: 847-635-9335; e-mail:; Web:; or Circle 181.

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Date:Dec 1, 2008
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