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United States : The Watershed Treatment Programs Implement Hybrid Flash Storage and Private Cloud Powered by Dell; Improves Access to Information to Enhance Patient Care. Oct 3, 2015 806
Substance abuse prevention and build sustainability of youth mentoring programs. Sep 28, 2015 124
American Society of Addiction Medicine Releases National Practice Guideline and Associated Products at Press Conference and Stakeholder Summit. Sep 24, 2015 839
Addiction Treatment Center Offers New Placement Program to Foster Highly Effective Rates of Recovery. Sep 23, 2015 607 Publishes Ranking of Best Value Addiction & Behavioral Counseling Programs. Sep 23, 2015 635
Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Announces Federal Award for Pilot Program for the Treatment of Non-Violent Drug and Alcohol Dependent Offenders. Sep 23, 2015 468
Addiction Treatment Center's Dual Diagnosis Treatment Yields Higher Rates of Recovery. Disease/Disorder overview Sep 21, 2015 626
Bluff Plantation Medical Director Dr. William Jacobs Attends Addiction Symposium in Washington, D.C. Sep 18, 2015 763
Braeburn Pharmaceuticals Commends HHS Secretary Burwell for Initiative to Expand Access to Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction. Sep 17, 2015 750
TC801 The Provision of an Integrated Alcohol & Drug Early Intervention and Treatment Service for Adults. Sep 11, 2015 158
Training and Technical Assistance, Program Evaluation, and Data Analysis, Interpretation and Support for New Hampshire s Alcohol and Other Drug Misuse, Prevention, Intervention, Treatment, and Recover. Sep 10, 2015 419
Palm Partners Recovery Center Offers Holistic Approach to Drug and Alcohol Addiction for Meaningful Lifelong Recovery. Sep 9, 2015 797
G&G Holistic Addiction Treatment Program Celebrates Over 20 Years of Holistic Healing and Recovery. Sep 9, 2015 711
Global Drug Addiction Partnering 2010-2015. Sep 7, 2015 958
Wirral Nicotine and Smoking Cessation Treatment Service. Sep 6, 2015 412
Young Adult Addiction Treatment Program is Launched by Ventura Recovery Center. Sep 3, 2015 532
Runwell Supports Addiction Theory by Proving Positive, Active Social Networks Can Support Recovery. Sep 2, 2015 574
The performance and management of addiction prevention services targeting the florentine. Sep 2, 2015 346
The Elaine Breslow Institute Awarded Grant to Train Jewish Educators and Clergy on Addiction Prevention and Treatment. Sep 1, 2015 1010
Geisinger Health Plan Establishes Relationship With CleanSlate Addiction Treatment Centers. Aug 31, 2015 559
Mountainside Treatment Center Introduces New Approaches to Treat Addictions. Aug 26, 2015 806
Forum highlights ills of drug addiction. Aug 26, 2015 317
Adult Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment. Aug 25, 2015 164
Citrusbits and Tarzana Treatment Center Announce a Dating App for Drug Addicts. Aug 22, 2015 160
Adolescent Addiction Treatment Center Opening In Florida. Aug 20, 2015 507
Data resource for post-marketing prescription drug abuse surveillance data from individuals entering or being assessed for substance abuse treatment. Aug 14, 2015 101
Addiction treatment clinic jobs 'under threat'. Aug 13, 2015 552
Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehabilitation Services Framework. Aug 13, 2015 182
Nebras organizes program to combat drug addiction. Aug 12, 2015 294
Alcohol strategy safe space treatment and support. Aug 10, 2015 372
Morningside Recovery Offers Free Addiction and Mental Health Treatment to Probationers. Aug 6, 2015 410
Therapeutic Communty Treatment Program for Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment. Aug 2, 2015 493
Government to review addiction, mental health system. Narine, Shari Aug 1, 2015 150
For the supply of laboratory reagents, alcohol and salt pastylkowanej water treatment specified in 5 packages. Jul 25, 2015 522
TAVAD - 87 per cent of patients successfully complete cocaine addiction treatment. Jul 24, 2015 458
Substance Abuse Professionals to Share Latest Ways to Treat Addiction. Jul 22, 2015 616
Pennsylvania Streamlines Licensing for Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs. Jul 16, 2015 480
Ignorance, prejudice and addiction treatment. Plaia, Joe Letter to the editor Jul 10, 2015 389
Lancashire Tobacco And Nicotine Addiction Treatment Service. Jul 1, 2015 175
The Addictions Academy Offers Training at CoreVision Treatment in Colorado. Jun 29, 2015 620
provision of information support events held in the Samara region in the field of combating drug trafficking, drug abuse prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts in the regional TV cha. Jun 26, 2015 151
Orchid Recovery Center Discusses Patient Hurdles Paying for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment. Jun 23, 2015 966
Seminar on drug addiction harms held. Jun 23, 2015 119
Why we must redefine addiction treatment: a more comprehensive, chronic care approach incorporates many elements that are available now. Tamasi, Raymond V. Jun 22, 2015 1229
'GAMBLING TURNED MY DAD INTO A MONSTER' A heartbreaking story of addiction and loneliness, as experts warn Wales has 'a serious problem'. Jun 21, 2015 1162
Holistic Treatment Centre Reveals Best Natural Way to Recover From Addiction. Jun 17, 2015 669
Clients and Family Members Praise the Addiction Recovery Services Provided at Orchid Recovery Center. Jun 16, 2015 940
Substance abuse counseling. Jun 16, 2015 152
Soldiers Denied Substance Abuse Treatment: Suncoast Rehab Center Calls for Action to Improve Standards and Meet Escalating Needs. Jun 12, 2015 1255
DROP IN ALCOHOL ABUSE TREATMENTS; Numbers seeking help are down 12.3%. Jun 10, 2015 472
ZenCharts Inks Another 3-Year Contract Win With A Leading South Florida Addiction Recovery Center for Women. Jun 10, 2015 830
Eating Disorder Hope to Host Google Hangout on Life Saving Importance of Treating Co-Occurring Disorders in Eating Disorder and Addiction Sufferers. Jun 10, 2015 1012
Braeburn Pharmaceuticals Reports Positive Results From Phase 3 Study Of Probuphine For Opioid Addiction. Clinical report Jun 8, 2015 1910
Residential, Intensive Outpatient, and Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment Services. Jun 8, 2015 104
Addiction treatment. Jun 6, 2015 206
NYC Gastroenterologist, Dr. Shawn Khodadadian, Announces Rise in Patients Seeking GI Treatment Due to Alcohol Consumption. Jun 4, 2015 510
ZenCharts Inks Exclusive Three-Year Contract With Solutions Recovery Center, A Leading South Florida Addiction Recovery Center. Jun 3, 2015 850
Family Counseling and Aftercare are Part of Orchid Recovery Center's Treatment Program. Jun 3, 2015 939
Integrated substance abuse program yields improved health. Jun 1, 2015 491
The contract is for "preparation and implementation of one-day trainings for the prevention of addiction". May 30, 2015 331
Orchid Recovery Center Offers Treatment for Polysubstance Abuse and Addiction. May 27, 2015 913
'NHS should charge for drug, alcohol and obesity treatments'. May 23, 2015 430
Mirasol Offers Backpacking as Part of Its Innovative Eating Disorder Treatment Program. May 20, 2015 341
Focus on LGBT for Substance Abuse Program in This Week's Interview. May 20, 2015 326
Orchid Recovery Center Offers a Unique Women-Centered Drug and Alcohol Treatment Facility. May 19, 2015 1005
Addict's baby was failed by protection services. May 15, 2015 736
Residential, intensive outpatient, and outpatient substance abuse treatment services. May 15, 2015 101
Orchid Recovery Center Offers Personalized Treatment Options to Address Drug and Alcohol Addiction. May 12, 2015 902
Study Shows Improved Health for Participants in Integrated Substance Abuse Program. May 4, 2015 1093
CTP704 Inpatient treatment and residential rehabilitation for drug and alcohol misuse. May 2, 2015 185
Cognitive behavioral approaches in substance abuse treatment: renewing the mind. Shively, Randy May 1, 2015 3688
Hedmark county by dental clinics is responsible for dental service for drug addicts under consideration by institutions for addicts in Oslo. Apr 29, 2015 102
Orchid Recovery Center's Treatment Model Addresses Underlying Trauma and Addiction. Apr 28, 2015 932
Qualified Counseling Agency Who Will Assign One Certified Addictions Counselor For Alcohol & Drug Treatment Counseling Services. Apr 26, 2015 160
Orchid Recovery Center Provides Holistic Healing for Women Dealing with Addiction and Unresolved Trauma. Apr 23, 2015 796
Leading Addiction Treatment Center Calls For 'Palcohol' Ban By California State Legislature. Apr 22, 2015 425
National Council Honors 18 Individuals and Organizations for Contributions to Mental Health and Addiction Care. Apr 20, 2015 2225
Novel Painkiller with Little or No Signs of Addiction and Other Serious Opioid Side Effects Patented by Phoenix PharmaLabs. Apr 8, 2015 816
Addiction treatment. Apr 4, 2015 147
Providing residential substance abuse treatment. Apr 1, 2015 218
Kids fear addiction to porn. Mar 31, 2015 189
The Addictions Academy Announced New Program Director. Mar 31, 2015 512
Health provider seeks permit for treatment center; Addicts would be given beds in old convent. Owen, Paula J. Mar 31, 2015 669
BioCorRX Inc. Positions Itself Through New Acquisitions, And Strategic Partnerships To Gain Market Share Of The $22 Billion Substance Abuse Treatment Market In The U.S.: Analyst Report Issued by Small Cap IR. Mar 27, 2015 631
Medical Billing Company Streamlines the Arbor Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center in Austin, Texas. Mar 27, 2015 647
Small Cap IR Correction -- BioCorRx Inc. Positions Itself Through Strategic Partnerships To Gain Market Share Of The $22 Billion Substance Abuse Treatment Market In The U.S. Mar 27, 2015 399
Residential Drug And Alcohol Treatment Services. Mar 26, 2015 140
Medicare plan launches addiction screening services: SCAN Health plan will reach seniors with risk factors. Miller, Julie Mar 22, 2015 406
New Analysis Looks at "Addiction Treatment Today And Tomorrow" and Policy Implications. Mar 17, 2015 742
Novus Medical Detox Center Calls for Implementation of Industry Standards to Address Proliferation of Unlicensed Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities. Mar 17, 2015 1236
Behavioral Health Providers Learn New Ways to Treat Addictions and Substance Use Disorders. Mar 13, 2015 508
Adult Integrated Drug and Alcohol Treatment System. Mar 11, 2015 309
The Addictions Academy Awarded Certified Academic Institution Status. Mar 10, 2015 509
United States : Mount St. Francis property set to become inpatient substance-abuse treatment facility. Mar 10, 2015 133
Addiction treatment. Mar 10, 2015 118
StepHouse Recovery Provides Structured Treatment Programs for Substance and Behavioral Addictions. Mar 5, 2015 365
Organization and carrying out training pn. local prevention programs and problem solving addiction with logistical support. Mar 5, 2015 181
Improved Medication-Assisted Treatment Policy Could Aid Epidemic of 20 Million Americans with Untreated Addiction. Mar 4, 2015 513
Watchdog of Substance Addiction Recovery Industry Selects Insider Media Management as Public Relations Agency. Mar 2, 2015 514
The Addictions Academy is Pleased to Welcome R. David Allara, MD to the Faculty with Two New Classes. Feb 28, 2015 405
Region's first recovery school planned; Program would treat substance abuse, addiction. LaPlaca, Debbie Feb 26, 2015 524
Canada : Ontario Investing $28 Million in Mental Health and Addictions Services. Feb 26, 2015 272
Water Soluble Polymers Market by Raw Material, by Type (Polyacrylamide, Guar Gum, Polyvinyl Alcohol, Casein, Gelatin, Others), by Application (Water Treatment, Detergent & Household Products, Petroleum, Others), and by Region - Trends & Forecasts to 2019. Feb 25, 2015 574
Substance Abuse Treatment. Feb 25, 2015 231
Service to carry out individual consultations with a specialist. addiction for the beneficiaries of the project "the idea of the self" at the age of 16-17 years. Feb 24, 2015 147
Organization and carrying out training pn. local prevention programs and problem solving addiction with logistical support. Feb 21, 2015 179
Drug and Alcohol Testing Services - First Judicial District Treatment Court. Feb 21, 2015 183
The Addictions Academy Announced George Anderson Has Joined the Faculty and Making an Appearance in Miami Florida. Feb 19, 2015 525
Health Insurance Companies Say No To Allowing Addiction Treatment Professionals To Manage Care In NJ. Feb 19, 2015 783
Service to carry out individual consultations with a specialist. addictions participants of the project the idea for yourself. Feb 14, 2015 327
Recovery Advocate Michael Walsh, Former President and CEO of NAATP, Joins HARP Treatment Center as COO. Feb 10, 2015 818
Substance Abuse Treatment in Bakersfield and Arvin/Lamont/Frazier. Feb 9, 2015 165
Brain Circuit for Overeating, Sugar Addiction. Feb 3, 2015 609
Recovery from drug addiction: Science helps us understand the challenges of drug addiction and staying off drugs. Feb 2, 2015 727
I blew every penny I earned on gambling; Hotel worker's brave confession as help service for addicts is launched. Feb 1, 2015 410
Harm reduction gaining favor in alcoholism treatment. Jancin, Bruce Feb 1, 2015 989
5,000 sign up to keep help service for addicts going. Jan 30, 2015 451
Individual consultations with a specialist. addictions. Jan 29, 2015 218
Alcohol & Drug Treatment Services for Child Welfare Services. Jan 23, 2015 186
Stoke-on-Trent Drug and Alcohol Treatment System. Jan 21, 2015 282
Therapeutic Community Treatment For Alcohol & Other Drug Treatment. Jan 21, 2015 200
On-Location Addiction Treatment Now Available in Asia. Jan 15, 2015 278
American Addiction Centers Launches Behavioral Health Academic Scholarship Program. Jan 13, 2015 531
Brightwater Landing(SM) Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Center Opens in Pennsylvania. Jan 6, 2015 870
Appalachian Addiction & Prescription Drug Abuse Conference. Conference news Jan 1, 2015 228
How to become a national brand: American Addiction Centers CEO Michael Cartwright makes an investment in the future. Miller, Julie Cover story Jan 1, 2015 2909
Provision of Certain Alcoholism And Drug Treatment And Rehabilitation Services. Dec 29, 2014 119
Alcohol and Drug Treatment Services for the Cobb County DUI Court Program. Dec 26, 2014 278
Incarcerated female correctional & substance abuse programming. Dec 19, 2014 461
Outreach, a nonprofit provider of drug and alcohol abuse treatment, raised $960,000 at the organization's 33rd Annual Metropolitan Luncheon held recently held at Cipriani 42nd Street. Dec 17, 2014 183
Lasting Recovery, San Diego's Premier Outpatient Drug Rehab And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center, Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary. Dec 17, 2014 704
United States : AMERICAN ADDICTION eyes RECOVERY FIRST. Dec 17, 2014 111
Providing of Addiction treatment. Dec 13, 2014 232
Addiction Marketing Agency Gives Back to Addicts. Dec 3, 2014 361
Intervention helps mothers in addiction treatment. Karon, Amy Dec 1, 2014 606
Breakthrough in Opioid Addiction Treatment Now Covered by Insurance Companies. Nov 26, 2014 617
Developers of Breakthrough Medical Process for Treatment of Opioid Addiction Achieve Federal Certification. Nov 25, 2014 645
Provision of Health & Addiction Testing Products & Related Services. Nov 24, 2014 107
Provision of a drug and alcohol treatment service for adults. Nov 22, 2014 165
Australia : $12m to continue alcohol and drug treatment. Nov 19, 2014 268
Khattak directs for concrete steps against drug addiction. Nov 17, 2014 406
Khattak directs for concrete steps against drug addiction. Nov 17, 2014 406
New Outpatient Treatment Program for Alcoholism and Addiction Opens in San Diego. Nov 17, 2014 336
Providing of Addiction treatment. Nov 11, 2014 115
United Kingdom,United States : UNE join forces with Cumberland County Jail for Drug Treatment Pilot Program. Nov 10, 2014 216
Delivery infusion products for the treatment of nervous system disorders, alcohol, antibacterial agents,. Nov 10, 2014 204
Integrated Drug and Alcohol Treatment Provision for Suffolk. Nov 8, 2014 102
Opioid Treatment Programs. Nov 8, 2014 225
Tapestry Program - Corrections Womens Treatment Program. Correction notice Nov 8, 2014 303
Bishkek to host regional conference on prevention, treatment of drug addiction. Nov 6, 2014 113
Supply of Addiction treatment. Nov 6, 2014 217
Provision of Addiction Recovery Services. Nov 5, 2014 270
Smartphone Addiction Prevention App 'UBhind' Serviced in 9 Languages, Earning Favorable Reviews. Nov 4, 2014 448
Addictions are the nation's #1 public health crisis: we must redesign addiction services using a chronic-disease model. Rosenberg, Linda Nov 1, 2014 504
One CEO attacks bait-and-switch marketing: deceptive online marketing of addiction treatment centers is as old as the Internet, but it's time for industry leaders to say enough is enough. Enos, Gary A. Nov 1, 2014 1398
Mine the complexities of treating food addiction: attention to comorbid conditions proves critical in addressing disordered eating. Greenblatt, James Nov 1, 2014 1265
Mountainside Treatment Center: Canaan, Conn. Brown, Julia Nov 1, 2014 565
Substance abuse treatment can lessen risk of violence in the seriously mentally ill. Wilde, Cathy Brief article Nov 1, 2014 198
For Returning Veterans Suffering From Both Mental Health And Substance Abuse Challenges, Treatment Can Be Found Under One Roof. Oct 30, 2014 963
Fixed odds /betting machines have fuelled a rise in gambling across Wales We are gambling away; a year PS184M NEW SERVICE TO HELP PEOPLE BEAT THEIR ADDICTION. Oct 29, 2014 424
Reliance service without ascertaining drug addiction. state-regions agreement 18.9.2008. contract period from 01.01.2015 to 31.12.2017. Oct 22, 2014 147
Automated EEG Biofeedback Proven Effective in Addiction Treatment. Oct 21, 2014 702
Free 'Kafan' service for bodies of unknown drug addicts. Oct 20, 2014 161
Delivery infusion products for the treatment of nervous system disorders, alcohol, antibacterial agents,. Oct 18, 2014 200
Australia : Historic investment improves access to drug and alcohol treatment. Oct 17, 2014 362
Attack Addiction and the News Journal continue the fight on substance abuse with "Passport to Awareness". Oct 17, 2014 411
National Survey by the Center for Public Advocacy at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation Shows Chronic Pain is Creating an Epidemic of Addiction. Oct 15, 2014 691
Georgia's 178-Acre Bluff Plantation Offers Comprehensive Inpatient Addiction Treatment and Rehabilitation In Luxury Setting. Oct 15, 2014 1176
Savant HWP Confirms Initiation of a Human Safety Trial for 18-MC, a Potential Anti-Addiction Therapy. Clinical report Oct 6, 2014 707
Substance abuse and vocational rehabilitation: a survey of policies & procedures. Sprong, Matthew E.; Dallas, Bryan; Melvin, Ann; Koch, D. Shane Oct 1, 2014 4315
Severe substance use disorder viewed as a chronic condition and disability. Goodwin, Lloyd R., Jr.; Sias, Shari M. Report Oct 1, 2014 6476
The Nguzo Saba & Maat, a path for self-reconstruction and recoveredness: exploring a Kawaida Paradigm for healing addiction in the Black community. Kalonji, Tukufu Oct 1, 2014 6365
CHI Recovery - Groundbreaking Approach to Addiction Treatment Proves Successful in Achieving Sustained Recovery. Sep 30, 2014 602
Savant HWP Confirms Initiation of a Human Safety Trial for 18-MC, a Potential Anti-Addiction Therapy. Clinical report Sep 23, 2014 708
Improvement of Abstinence in Chemical Dependence Treatment Programs with Comprehensive Analysis of Reported Drugs (CARD). Sep 23, 2014 862
Pioneer Human Services Promotes Employers' Role in Addiction Recovery in the Workplace. Sep 19, 2014 799
Orange County Addiction Rehab Opens Nation's First Surf Camp For People In Recovery. Sep 17, 2014 563
The Addictions Coach Expands to Offer Platinum Executive Coaching Service. Sep 16, 2014 878
Rogers Memorial Hospital Uses Recovery Month to Announce Addiction Treatment Services Expansion. Sep 16, 2014 937
Div Admin to set up anti-narcotic rehabilitation centre. Sep 11, 2014 373
Buzz off: do you have an innocent coffee habit--or an addiction? Fischer, Kristen Sep 1, 2014 646
Addicts need choice of treatment options. Aug 30, 2014 224
Provision of Addiction Recovery Services. Aug 26, 2014 122
Preparation and implementation of specialized training in the field of addiction prevention. Aug 25, 2014 102
Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service. Aug 22, 2014 108
BioCorRx COO Says Addiction Treatment Sector is Steadily Growing, Recession-Proof. Aug 19, 2014 804
Australia : More than 100,000 Australians received alcohol and other drug treatment services in 2012 13. Aug 12, 2014 361
Treatment of people with an alcohol problem. Aug 2, 2014 243
Enterprises TV to Present a Compelling Segment on Addiction. Aug 1, 2014 289
Provision of Addiction Recovery Services. Aug 1, 2014 116
Demi Lovato Talks about Treating her Worried Parents During Days of Addiction. Jul 30, 2014 567
The Addictions Academy Expands to Offer International Food Addiction Coach Certification. Jul 29, 2014 485
Employees or Insiders at Substance Abuse Treatment Centers Could be Eligible for Reward from Recent Settlement. Jul 22, 2014 975
Inmate Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Counseling Services. Jul 19, 2014 164
Mutation Stops Worms from Getting Drunk: New Treatment for Alcohol Addiction. Jul 17, 2014 278
Transformations Treatment Center to Appear in Miniseries on Balancing Act[R] Airing on Lifetime[R]. Jul 16, 2014 326
Addiction and Recovery Expert Christopher Kennedy Lawford to Keynote NCFADS Summer School. Jul 15, 2014 834
Supply of Addiction treatment. Jul 12, 2014 142
ProfNet Experts Available on Stuttering Treatments, Substance Abuse, More. Jul 11, 2014 1594
Adult drug court treatment program - division N. Jul 10, 2014 154
Providing of Addiction treatment. Jul 7, 2014 126
Labour market measure (AMM) to AVIG addiction treatment for the years 2015-2017. Jul 4, 2014 103
Shia LaBeouf Thinks Erratic Behavior a Sign of Health Problem, Checks Himself into Rehab for Alcohol Addiction. Jul 2, 2014 419
Time to unite a divided addiction industry: an NCAD plenary presenter seeks order in a chaotic period of change. Enos, Gary A. Cover story Jul 1, 2014 1056
Navigate substance abuse treatment coverage under ACA: ACA realities may have a detrimental impact on the number of people able to receive treatment. Hagemann, Kelly Jul 1, 2014 764
Compelling new data from Hazelden's Butler Center for Research leads to the nation's first substance abuse treatment program tailored for LGBTQ. Jun 30, 2014 533
Preparation and implementation of specialized training in the field of addiction prevention. Jun 27, 2014 278
The Addictions Academy Expands to Offer International Master Addictions Courses and Certifications. Jun 26, 2014 497
Dushanbe considers treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts in Tajikistan. Jun 25, 2014 153
Wolters Kluwer Health and ASAM Release New Edition of The ASAM Principles of Addiction Medicine. Jun 25, 2014 1558
Violence against women linked to addiction. Jun 22, 2014 644
Adopting evidence-based medically assisted treatments in substance abuse treatment organizations: roles of leadership socialization and funding streams. Blum, Terry C.; Davis, Carolyn D.; Roman, Paul M. Report Jun 22, 2014 9243
Using mindfulness in a harm reduction approach to substance abuse treatment: a literature review. Bayles, Corliss Report Jun 22, 2014 4816
Australia : Specialist Aboriginal drug and alcohol treatment service reopened. Jun 18, 2014 278
Neuroscience-Based Addiction Recovery Services. Jun 13, 2014 328
New Bible-Based Online Course Beats Bad Habits and Addictions. Jun 12, 2014 342
The Addictions Coach Expands to Offer International Master Addictions Coach Certification. Jun 10, 2014 486
Supervised transitional housing substance abuse services. Jun 9, 2014 123
Outpatient treatment and outpatient traffic alcohol program services. Jun 9, 2014 120
Australia : Victorian Coalition Government transforming alcohol and drug treatment services. Jun 6, 2014 425
Helping those with addictions to improve their quality of life; Karen Hemmings, head of service at Action on Addiction My Dream Job. May 29, 2014 593
New Innovative Online Tools Help Families Chart Path from Addiction to Sustained Recovery. May 28, 2014 1299
Addiction problems and their relatives Kohtla-JEnrvel/JE[acute accent]hvis counseling services. May 28, 2014 118
Fmr Drug Czar 4-Star Gen. Barry McCaffrey & CEO Jerry Rhodes Of CRC Health Group, Country's Largest Treatment Provider, To Open West Coast Symposium On Addiction, 7-9 PM Thursday, May 29, La Quinta Resort. May 27, 2014 536
Australia : Family Drug Treatment Court to help get lives back on track. May 17, 2014 436
Providing of Addiction treatment. May 8, 2014 123
Australia : $171 million investment for mental health and drug treatment across Victoria. May 7, 2014 427
Doctors warn of opioid addiction danger. May 6, 2014 301
Options for treating addiction. Letter to the editor May 3, 2014 106
DA calls for prevention and treatment; Drugs and alcohol abuse seen in most local crimes. Spencer, Susan May 2, 2014 835
Cali Estes of The Addictions Coach Asked to Guest Speak at Challenges Treatment Center in Florida. May 2, 2014 550
Addiction referrals for Welsh 10-year-olds. Apr 30, 2014 628
City child aged 12 is treated for addiction. Apr 30, 2014 400
Kids of 4 risk drug addiction; BRITAIN IN BRIEF. Apr 30, 2014 110
Lease of premises for training workshop addiction and family health, through the strengthening program for municipal management system of chile grows with you 2013. Apr 22, 2014 101
Alcoholism,Other Addictions Can be Conquered with BioCorRx. Apr 13, 2014 303
Provision of Drug and Alcohol Treatment and Sexual Health Services. Apr 9, 2014 120
Far Star Productions, Inc. Introduces The E-Cig Stop Smoking System: The Fun and Easy Way To End Nicotine Addiction. Apr 7, 2014 635
Addicts facing barriers to treatment. Barr, Meghan Apr 7, 2014 1005
Polaris Awarded $1.1 Million NIDA Grant to Improve Patient Engagement in Treatment for Addiction. Apr 5, 2014 687
Grant Hackett 'proud' for having courage to seek treatment for drug addiction. Apr 2, 2014 162
DARA Addiction Rehabilitation Center Pairs Up With Mahidol University Program. Apr 1, 2014 731
Commentary: strength-based approaches to community healing. Myrick, Keris Jan; Primm, Annelle B. Column Apr 1, 2014 1262
Longer tapering more effective for opioid addiction: a 4-week buprenorphine taper had fourfold greater odds of success, compared with 1-week taper. Nogrady, Bianca Apr 1, 2014 559
Wells Fargo to Sponsor REEL Recovery Film Festival San Francisco Bay Area Edition; In Partnership with Alcohol Justice and Writers In Treatment. Mar 27, 2014 1035
Quality improvement practice facilitators for primary care practices and practices providing substance abuse treatment. Mar 27, 2014 121
Stepping Stones Recovery Center Announces New Curriculum for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment. Mar 24, 2014 228
Ecological momentary assessment and alcohol use disorder treatment. Morgenstern, Jon; Kuerbis, Alexis; Muench, Frederick Report Mar 22, 2014 7923
Mobile delivery of treatment for alcohol use disorders: a review of the literature. Quanbeck, Andrew; Chih, Ming-Yuan; Isham, Andrew; Johnson, Roberta; Gustafson, David Report Mar 22, 2014 8988
Computerized working-memory training as a candidate adjunctive treatment for addiction. Bickel, Warren K.; Moody, Lara; Quisenberry, Amanda Report Mar 22, 2014 3056
The promises and pitfalls of digital technology in its application to alcohol treatment. Muench, Frederick Report Mar 22, 2014 9872
Looking for answers; Hearing aims to improve addiction treatment. Spencer, Susan Mar 18, 2014 818
WORRYING numbers of over-40s in [...]; A INVESTIGATION SUNDAY ECHO SUNDAY ECHO How rising numbers of the middle aged are being treated for addiction. Mar 16, 2014 936
Alcohol Treatment Service. Mar 12, 2014 225
Fighting opioid addiction. Faris, Charles J. Mar 6, 2014 684
New Survey From Caron Treatment Centers Finds More Than 50% Of Women Sought Treatment For Prescription Drugs And Heroin. Mar 5, 2014 952
The politics of food addiction: who wins, 'lose'. McKnight, Whitney Disease/Disorder overview Mar 1, 2014 1810
Bullish on the treatment industry: ACA, parity usher in rebirth of addiction treatment as a worthy investment. Knopf, Alison Mar 1, 2014 2155
Hot topics for St. Louis: The Behavioral Healthcare Leadership Summit: co-located with NCAD '14, Leadership Summit will deliver executive content for industry leaders. Grantham, Dennis Conference news Mar 1, 2014 526
Integration demands highest standard of care: McLellan implores field to adopt proven, physician-quality SUD treatment standards. Brys, Shannon Mar 1, 2014 1507
Testing is 'the technology of addiction': for prevention and treatment, ASAM says that drug testing is "vastly underutilized". Enos, Gary Mar 1, 2014 779
Provision of Addiction Support Services. Feb 25, 2014 157
Prevention programs and problem-solving addiction" along with logistical support. Feb 21, 2014 124
Addiction counselor facing drug charges; child said to assist. Christoffersen, John Feb 21, 2014 377
American Society of Addiction Medicine releases standards of care for addiction specialist physicians. Feb 20, 2014 603
Alcohol Treatment Services. Feb 17, 2014 161
Treating heroin addiction targeted. Monahan, John J. Feb 16, 2014 1084
Celestine Publishing Released "12 Steps: Daily Reflections and Personal Journal" as Supplemental Material for Latter-day Saint Sponsored Addiction Recovery Program. Feb 10, 2014 341
Hormone hinders effects of pot: rodent study could lead to cannabis addiction treatments. Sanders, Laura Feb 8, 2014 443
'He became addicted through his police service; Undercover cop jailed. Feb 8, 2014 640
Adoption and diffusion of evidence-based addiction medications in substance abuse treatment. Heinrich, Carolyn J.; Cummings, Grant R. Feb 1, 2014 11172
Clinical Manual of Addiction Psychopharmacology, 2nd Edition. Brief article Feb 1, 2014 144
Adult drug and alcohol recovery orientated treatment system. Jan 31, 2014 214
Ian Thorpe returns home after rehab treatment for depression, alcohol abuse. Jan 31, 2014 159
Fresh Start Private Management, Inc. Analyst Report on the Cutting Edge of Alcohol Addiction Treatment. Jan 29, 2014 832
Laser therapy helped me see light about fags; After years of trying to give up smoking, mum-of-two Linda Hardie finally kicked her cigarette addiction after a course of treatment. Jan 26, 2014 1234
Cedars' Rehab: New five-star option for addiction recovery. Jan 25, 2014 618
Waismann Method Supports Gov. Shumlin's Focus on Heroin Addiction. Jan 21, 2014 1291
Retired MLB Player Darryl Strawberry to Open Substance Abuse Treatment Center in Orlando Area. Jan 21, 2014 722
Grants Go A Long Way When It Comes To Addiction Treatment. Jan 21, 2014 454
CLARE Foundation Presents "State of Addiction 2014: Implementing and Understanding the Affordable Care Act and The DSM-V" Panel on Jan. 29 Featuring Dr. H. Westley Clark, Director of The Center For Substance Abuse Treatment, and Other Experts. Jan 16, 2014 564
Upcoming Dr. Phil Show Features Timberline Knolls Residential Treatment Center. Jan 13, 2014 469
The national service for prevention and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol, "path" called for bids for the procurement service design four thematic courses in e-learning and training in chamilo platfo. Jan 9, 2014 113
The evolving role of EAP in addiction treatment. McNaught, Brad Jan 1, 2014 2339
PAPIN is here for you. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 169
Defining, defending treatment parity - one example at a time: when parity and treatment advocates sought an issue reporting mechanism, NAATP delivered. Jan 1, 2014 1012
Addiction driving clinical excellence professional. Jan 1, 2014 231
Vowing not to copycat. Enos, Gary A. Editorial Jan 1, 2014 606
Addiction medicine specialist prefers opioid-free treatments. Stieff, Fred Yen Jan 1, 2014 378
I tobacco-free campus: lessons earned: affected parties got behind the decision to go smoke-free "Did we really treat the patient's disease, or did we merely treat an alcohol addiction?". Coon, Brian Jan 1, 2014 1403
armchair fall kills 40st man; Junk food addict refused treatment. Dec 19, 2013 245
Lucida Addiction and Mental Health Treatment Center Opens in Florida. Dec 18, 2013 937
The national service for prevention and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol, "path" requires recruitment service platemaking labor certification preventive and educational spaces. Dec 17, 2013 107
NYSSA Urges All New Yorkers to Stand Up Against Councilman Gennaro and the Proposed Treatment of Electronic Cigarettes as a Tobacco Cigarette. Dec 16, 2013 467
Military Veterans Prone to Addiction - Suncoast Rehab Center Continues Tradition of Honoring Vets with Half-Price Treatment During Holidays. Dec 16, 2013 1110
Opposition continuing to treatment center; Residents say home for teens doesn't belong in neighborhood. Sutner, Shaun Dec 14, 2013 489
Addiction to Prescription Opiates and Heroin Addressed by New Resource. Dec 12, 2013 1482
Comprehensive drug and alcohol recovery and treatment service. Dec 12, 2013 191
Editorial. Sharma, Manoj Editorial Dec 1, 2013 1155
Assessing the impact of addictions education on attitudes of students: a preliminary investigation. Warren, Jane; Cisler, Amanda; Weatherford, Jennifer; Zakaria, Noor Syamilah Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2013 2321

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