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Subdivision sought for sensitive Blue Lake Road land.

A subdivision proposed for a Blue Lake Road property is getting a thumbs down with some neighbours.

Andreas Schmidt wants to rezone re·zone  
tr.v. re·zoned, re·zon·ing, re·zones
To change the zoning classification of (a neighborhood or property, for example).

 his 15-hectare agricultural property at 545 Blue Lake Road to Estate Residential Type 1 to allow three building lots on the north east corner of East River and Blue Lake roads. The lots on 2.2 hectares of land, would be serviced by individual wells and septic systems. The lots would be surrounded by wetlands near Blue Lake.

The land is designated for estate residential development in the county's Official Plan.

Margaret and William Burns of 192 East River Rd., Schmidt's neighbour and a 50-year resident, wrote the county that they had several concerns. Lot 1 would not have a viable sight line to East River and Blue Lake roads and would create a potential flooding problem because it is about 10 feet below the level of the road, they said.

Altering a stream on the property might flood adjacent properties. Also the development would have a negative impact on rare Tallgrass Prairie plants in the area, and rare species like Sandhill A sandhill is an ecological community type found in many parts of the world. Sandhills in the coastal plain of North America
This xeric fire-maintained ecosystem features very short fire return intervals, one to five years.
 Cranes and Wild Turkeys.

Burns' letter was also signed by Gord and Beth Ellen Brain of St. George.

Daniel and Alyce Kennaley also wrote the county that they had the same concerns.

Andreas Schmidt wrote the county that the Class 2 agricultural land had been planted with soy beans for several years and was stony and not high in agricultural value. Many of the adjacent properties were estate residential homes, he noted. Schmidt also said he would allow 1.5 metres of road widening on Blue Lake Road, a daylight triangle at the intersection and the clearing of vegetation to allow better sightlines.

Alexander Donn, the county's Development Engineering Reviewer, had no objections to the application provided that road improvements were met. Schmidt may also need to provide a hydrogeology hy·dro·ge·ol·o·gy  
The branch of geology that deals with the occurrence, distribution, and effect of ground water.

 report on the adequacy of potable potable /pot·a·ble/ (po´tah-b'l) fit to drink.

Fit to drink; drinkable.


fit to drink.
 water for the lots, and build a reservoir of water for fire protection.

The county will vote on the Planning Committee's recommendation at its May 22 meeting.
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Publication:Paris Chronicle (Paris, Canada)
Date:Apr 27, 2012
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