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Styron launches two new solutions for automotive interiors.

Styron, a global materials company and manufacturer of plastics, latex latex, emulsion of a polymer (e.g., rubber) in water (see colloid). Natural latexes are produced by a number of plants, are usually white in color, and often contain, in addition to rubber, various gums, oils, and waxes.  and rubber, has launched two new premium solutions for automotive interiors.

Pulse GX70 and Pulse GX90 are an expansion of the Pulse GX premium line of solutions for automotive interiors. The Pulse GX resins address the industry's demand for lighter materials without compromising quality, performance or cost.

The Pulse GX line offers resins made of a PC and ABS (Automatic Backup System) See backup program.  blend that provide easy flow and are said to be more cost-efficient in comparison to conventional PC/ABS materials.

"At Styron Automotive we have combined our industry knowledge, capabilities and experience to offer our customers a great portfolio of state of the art PC/ABS solutions, the Pulse GX series," said Dagmar van Heur. Vice-President Automotive for Styron.

The Pulse GX series consists of tailor-made PC/ABS products that are said to meet the practical heat requirements in automotive interiors and provide low temperature ductility ductility, ability of a metal to plastically deform without breaking or fracturing, with the cohesion between the molecules remaining sufficient to hold them together (see adhesion and cohesion). Ductility is important in wire drawing and sheet stamping.  for the most stringent safety requirements. Introduced in 2011, Pulse GX50 launched the Pulse GX series, and Styron states it obtained great success from the start. After only a year in the market, the company states the cost-efficient solution with optimised heat distortion resistance obtained its first commercial application in the Audi Q3.

Similar to Pulse GX50 in its cost-efficiency, the new Pulse GX70 is said to differentiate itself by targeting interior parts that require higher heat resistance. Pulse GX70 demonstrates desirable low temperature ductility in conjunction with superior UV and thermal stability. Other advantages of Pulse GX70 are said to include its low odour and low carbon emissions (VOC), which is standard for all Pulse products. This engineering resin is said to be suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly surface areas with exposure to sunlight including central consoles, pillar pillar, freestanding columnar supporting member. It is a general term, little used as an exact architectural definition except as applied to an upright support in the medieval styles, consisting of an assemblage of juxtaposed shafts and moldings; unlike the column,  trims, instrument housings, side protection mouldings and ventilation systems.

Pulse GX90 is designed for niche applications that require further heat resistance than Pulse GX50 and Pulse GX70. This new resin is said to offer superior low temperature ductility that is specifically targeted for direct airbag exposure of upper pillar trims.

To match OEMs' specific colour requirements, Styron Automotive Colour Group has developed new UV-stabilised Colour Concentrates, which are said to protect the hydrolytical stability of the Pulse family. The Pulse GX solutions are also said to be suitable for unpainted applications, providing the pleasant low gloss surface finish and good UV-stability today's car manufacturers demand. Styron Automotive states it provides customers with options by delivering custom formulated masterbatches in combination with natural resins or tailored compound pre-colored resins.


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