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Stylus 720SW, FE-180: Olympus America. Hardware, $379.99, $179.99

These new digital cameras help educators integrate digital imaging and visual learning into their curricula. The 720SW can withstand a five-foot drop and shoot under water for up to 10 feet. It offers 7.1 mega-pixels, 3x optical zoom Changing the focal length of a camera by adjusting the physical zoom lens. All zoom lenses in film cameras and digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras are optical zoom. Digital point-and-shoot cameras as well as consumer and prosumer video camcorders have optical zoom, but they also  lens, 2.5-inch LCD, Bright Capture Technology and digital image stabilization Image stabilization (IS) is a family of techniques to increase the stability of an image. It is used in image-stabilized binoculars, photography, videography, and astronomical telescopes.  mode. With the FE-180, users can take up to 500 shots on a single charge. Features include digital image stabilization, a 2.5-inch LCD, a 6.0 mega-pixel CCD CCD
 in full charge-coupled device

Semiconductor device in which the individual semiconductor components are connected so that the electrical charge at the output of one device provides the input to the next device.
 image sensor An image sensor is a device that converts a visual image to an electric signal. It is used chiefly in digital cameras and other imaging devices. It is usually an array of charge-coupled devices (CCD) or CMOS sensors such as active-pixel sensors.  and a 3x or 5x optical zoom lens.

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Publication:District Administration
Date:Feb 1, 2007
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