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Math for wee ones. Weyer, Matt Brief article May 1, 2015 272
Once, sometimes, or always in special education: mathematics growth and achievement gaps. Schulte, Ann C.; Stevens, Joseph J. Report Apr 1, 2015 9890
Harnessing critical incidents for learning. Patahuddin, Sitti Maesuri; Lowrie, Tom Mar 22, 2015 2612
The 20 matchstick triangle challenge; an activity to foster reasoning and problem solving. Graham, Pat; Chick, Helen Mar 22, 2015 3297
Thinking visually about algebra. Baroudi, Ziad Essay Mar 22, 2015 1872
Leapfrog. de Mestre, Neville Mar 22, 2015 946
What you test is what you get: (WYTIWYG for short). Morony, Will Mar 22, 2015 1240
When does 1/2 = 1/3? Modelling with wet fractions. Fitzallen, Noleine Mar 22, 2015 1717
Using photographic images to enhance conceptual development in situations of proportion. Hilton, Annette; Hilton, Geoff; Dole, Shelley; Goos, Merrilyn Mar 22, 2015 3885
A taste of Asia with statistics and technology. Reid, Josh; Carmichael, Colin Mar 22, 2015 2017
Quantitative reasoning in problem solving. Ramful, Ajay; Ho, Siew Yin Mar 22, 2015 2082
Igniting STEM through CTE. Geno, Jennifer A. Mar 1, 2015 2741
Technology to the core: Math-in-CTE and introductory technology courses get students off to a great start. Farmer, Tom Mar 1, 2015 1632
Inclusion versus specialized intervention for very-low-performing students: what does access mean in an era of academic challenge? Fuchs, Lynn S.; Fuchs, Douglas; Compton, Donald L.; Wehby, Joseph; Schumacher, Robin F.; Gersten, Ru Report Jan 1, 2015 12990
Impact of enhanced anchored instruction in inclusive math classrooms. Bottge, Brian A.; Toland, Michael D.; Gassaway, Linda; Butler, Mark; Choo, Sam; Griffen, Ann Katheri Report Jan 1, 2015 10469
Teachers promoting student mathematical reasoning. Mueller, Mary; Yankelewitz, Dina; Maher, Carolyn Report Dec 22, 2014 7844
With a little help from my friends: Scaffolding techniques in problem solving. Frederick, Michelle L.; Courtney, Scott; Caniglia, Joanne Report Dec 22, 2014 3965
Sustaining social and sociomathematical norms with prospective elementary teachers in a mathematics content course. Roy, George J.; Tobias, Jennifer M.; Safi, Farshid; Dixon, Juli K. Report Dec 22, 2014 12046
Investigating the effectiveness of instructing elementary school mathematics course using supplementary instructional software emphasizing the constructivism approach on the level of academic achievement of mathematics. Nagshine, Sara; Sardari, Bager Report Dec 15, 2014 3737
Finance is fun! Maths and money. Dungey, Mardi Essay Dec 13, 2014 2763
Teachers holding back from telling: a key to student persistence on challenging tasks. Roche, Anne; Clarke, Doug Report Dec 13, 2014 3040
Geocaching: finding mathematics in a global treasure hunt. Bragg, Leicha A. Cover story Dec 13, 2014 2845
Divide and conquer: a hands-on exploration of divisibility. West, John Report Dec 13, 2014 2307
Australian Curriculum linked lessons: statistics. Day, Lorraine Essay Dec 13, 2014 1754
Learning to like algebra through looking: developing upper primary students' functional thinking with visualisations of growing patterns. Wilkie, Karina J. Essay Dec 13, 2014 4473
A Canadian effort to address fractions teaching and learning challenges. Yearley, Shelley; Bruce, Catherine D. Report Dec 13, 2014 3403
Fostering mathematical understanding through physical and virtual manipulatives. Loong, Esther Yook Kin Report Dec 13, 2014 2624
Using concept maps to show 'connections' in measurement: an example from the Australian Curriculum. Marshman, Margaret Report Dec 13, 2014 3831
Note-taking in a mathematics classroom. Hoong, Leong Yew; Guan, Tay Eng; Seng, Quek Khiok; Fwe, Yap Sook; Luen, Tong Cherng; Karen, Toh Wei Report Dec 13, 2014 1816
Pinboard geometry. de Mestre, Neville Column Dec 13, 2014 916
What can other areas teach us about numeracy? Ferme, Elizabeth Essay Dec 13, 2014 3430
The common core state standards' instructional shifts in mathematics. Brief article Nov 1, 2014 109
The developmental relationship between language and low early numeracy skills throughout kindergarten. Toll, Sylke W.M.; Van Luit, Johannes E.H. Report Oct 1, 2014 7973
Math anxiety: positive and negative affects toward mathematics. Matinpour, Amir Oct 1, 2014 3683
The effect of mathematical realias on spatial geometry training of grades 2 math courses on educational progress of female students. Valizadeh, Zeinab; Mohsenpour, Bahram Report Oct 1, 2014 2527
Responsive teaching from the inside out: teaching base ten to young children (1). Empson, Susan B. Report Sep 22, 2014 11627
Editorial. White, Bruce Editorial Sep 22, 2014 459
Language, mathematics: and English language learners. Adoniou, Misty; Qing, Yi Report Sep 22, 2014 5413
Triangular numbers. de Mestre, Neville Sep 22, 2014 968
Investigative approaches to teaching mathematics and 'getting through the curriculum': the example of pendulums. Beswick, Kim; Muir, Tracey; Callingham, Rosemary Sep 22, 2014 3761
School mathematics leaders' beliefs about their role when participating in a school mathematics project. Sexton, Matt; Downton, Ann Column Sep 22, 2014 1781
Number sense development in the pre-primary classroom how is it communicated? Mildenhall, Paula Report Sep 22, 2014 2696
Assessing inquiry learning: how much is a cubic metre? Fry, Kym Report Sep 22, 2014 2391
Australian curriculum linked lessons: reasoning in number and algebra. Day, Lorraine Report Sep 22, 2014 1795
Purposeful statistical investigations. Day, Lorraine Report Sep 22, 2014 2575
Teaching with technology: up, up and away with parachutes in primary mathematics. Northcote, Maria Report Sep 22, 2014 1999
Getting middle school math right. Nisbet, Nigel Sep 1, 2014 606
Students slip a bit in math, but sparkle on computers. Aug 8, 2014 978
An investigation of the look-ask-pick mnemonic to improve fraction skills. Everett, Gregory E.; Harsy, Jennifer D.; Stephen D.A. Hupp; Jewell, Jeremy D. Report Aug 1, 2014 6844
The effect of teaching how to use the self-regulation strategies for teaching mathematics on orientation toward mathematical performance and authority of the female students. Hamidyan, Khadijeh; Haghighi, Faezhe; Andalib, Masume Report Jul 23, 2014 3371
Examining the influence of a curriculum-based elementary mathematics professional development program. Polly, Drew; Wang, Chuang; McGee, Jennifer; Lambert, Richard G.; Martin, Christie S.; Pugalee, David Report Jul 1, 2014 7676
Factors that contribute to the persistence of minority students in STEM fields: this exploratory study examined factors that contributed to the college persistence of minority students in STEM graduate programs at LMCU, providing nuance and texture to the existing theory and research. Foltz, Laura G.; Gannon, Sam; Kirschmann, Stephanie L. Report Jul 1, 2014 7342
Teaching intuitive connection topology in high-school. Shafiee, Maryam; Majdi, Hende; Tajik, Moheddeseh Report Jun 1, 2014 2249
Middle school math: practical methods for foundational learning. Conference notes Jun 1, 2014 1183
Math literacy strategies for students with learning difficulties. Kiuhara, Sharlene A.; Witzel, Bradley S. May 1, 2014 2413
Encouraging students to persist when working on challenging tasks: some insights from teachers. Clarke, Doug; Roche, Anne; Cheeseman, Jill; Sullivan, Peter Report Mar 22, 2014 3965
Making the most of unanticipated opportunities. Stockero, Shari L.; Van Zoest, Laura R. Report Mar 22, 2014 2905
Enhancing the teaching and learning of mathematical visual images. Quinnell, Lorna Report Mar 22, 2014 3709
The wisdom of the crowds--sometimes. Stephenson, Brett Report Mar 22, 2014 869
Desperately seeking birthday mates! or what Maths teachers get up to on Saturday nights! Neal, Denise; Muir, Tracey; Manuel, Kate; Livy, Sharyn; Chick, Helen Mar 22, 2014 1787
Feeling your way to success through journaling. Page, Shaileigh; Clarke, Julie Mar 22, 2014 2842
Making mathematics meaningful: using student-initiated problems to situate mathematics. Brough, Chris; Calder, Nigel Report Mar 22, 2014 2690
Identifying and using picture books with quality mathematical content: moving beyond Counting on Frank and The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Marston, Jennie Mar 22, 2014 4304
REFractions: the Representing Equivalent Fractions Game. Tucker, Stephen I. Mar 22, 2014 2834
Using arrays: to build towards multiplicative thinking in the early years. Jacob, Lorraine; Mulligan, Joanne Mar 22, 2014 2347
STEM education: educating teachers for a new world. Benken, Babette M.; Stevenson, Heidi J. Mar 22, 2014 2421
Teachers can learn to attend to students' reasoning using videos as a tool. Maher, Carolyn A.; Palius, Marjory F.; Maher, James A.; Hmelo-Silver, Cindy E.; Sigley, Robert Mar 22, 2014 6552
A call-for-action for improving STEM education. Trust, Torrey Mar 22, 2014 1328
ST Math as a tool for creating student-centered learning. Nisbet, Nigel Mar 1, 2014 394
MIA: text complexity in the mathematics common core state standards? Beckers, Gerlinde G.; Saal, Leah Katherine Mar 1, 2014 838
Domesticating Mathematics in the African mother tongue. Bangura, Abdul Karim Feb 1, 2014 18029
The effects of mathematics strategy instruction for children with serious problem-solving difficulties. Swanson, H. Lee; Orosco, Michael J.; Lussier, Cathy M. Report Jan 1, 2014 10871
Lost Lectures Oxford and Cambridge, 1932. Baring, Maurice Brief article Jan 1, 2014 148
Kindergarten teachers' orientations to teacher-centered and student-centered pedagogies and their influence on their students' understanding of addition. Polly, Drew; Margerison, Ashley; Piel, John A. Report Jan 1, 2014 7060
Associations between counting ability in preschool and mathematic performance in first grade among a sample of ethnically diverse, low-income children. Manfra, Louis; Dinehart, Laura H.B.; Sembiante, Sabrina E. Report Jan 1, 2014 7146
Using statistics to explore cross-curricular and social issues opportunities. Day, Lorraine Report Dec 22, 2013 2118
Developing box plots while navigating the maze of data representations. Duncan, Bruce; Fitzallen, Noleine Report Dec 22, 2013 2804
Busting myths. Chick, Helen Report Dec 22, 2013 3517
Randomness, sample size, imagination and metacognition: making judgments about differences in data sets. Stack, Sue; Watson, Jane Report Dec 22, 2013 3844
A discussion of the statistical investigation process in the Australian Curriculum. McQuade, Vivienne Dec 22, 2013 1086
Predict! Teaching statistics using informal statistical inference. Makar, Katie Report Dec 22, 2013 3525
The power of percent. Watson, Jane; English, Lyn Dec 22, 2013 2371
Australian Curriculum linked lessons. Hurrell, Derek Dec 22, 2013 1067
Locating fractions on a number line. Wong, Monica Dec 22, 2013 2643
Strategies for encouraging students to persist on challenging tasks: some insights from work in classrooms. Roche, Anne; Clarke, Doug; Sullivan, Peter; Cheeseman, Jill Dec 22, 2013 2319
Teacher-researchers and the discovery and dissemination of professional practice. Farrell, Peter Dec 22, 2013 2064
Teaching with technology: iPads and primary mathematics. Attard, Catherine Dec 22, 2013 1353
Math and science are core to the IDEA: breaking the racial and poverty lines. Sun, Jeffrey C.; Daniel, Philip T.K. Dec 1, 2013 14154
Teaching mathematics to ELLs: practical research-based methods and strategies. Nguyen, Huong Tran; Cortes, Mario Report Nov 1, 2013 2667
A time to reflect before we launch forward. Palmer, Kathryn Report Sep 22, 2013 3711
Implementing Japanese lesson study: an example of teacher-researcher collaboration. Groves, Susie; Doig, Brian; Widjaja, Wanty; Garner, David; Palmer, Kathryn Report Sep 22, 2013 5115
Building a solid foundation from which to launch our future mathematicians. Nagy, Robin Report Sep 22, 2013 3703
Launching confident numerate learners. Wade, Peter; Gervasoni, Ann; McQuade, Catharine; Smith, Catherine Report Sep 22, 2013 3887
Prime explorations with Mathematica. Leigh-Lancaster, David Report Sep 22, 2013 2897
Australia's next top fraction model. Gould, Peter Sep 22, 2013 2986
Identifying fractions: on a number line. Wong, Monica Sep 22, 2013 2798
Australian curriculum: linked lessons. Hurrell, Derek Sep 22, 2013 2014
Teaching 3-D geometry--the multi representational way. Kalbitzer, Sonja; Loong, Esther Sep 22, 2013 2594
Video games: as a context for numeracy development. Thomas, Troy A.; Wiest, Lynda R. Sep 22, 2013 2899
Sandy point fun run: a context for understanding and using scale. Roche, Anne Sep 22, 2013 2086
Hyundai Motor America and MIND Research Institute team up to promote math education: ST Math generates significant increase in student math skills and scores at Spring ISD. Sep 1, 2013 1046
What Does Research Say the Benefits of Discussion in Mathematics Class Are? Kirkland, Lynn Brief article Sep 1, 2013 204
Most Common Core states not aligned to math graduation standards. Williams, Lauren Brief article Aug 1, 2013 308
EDGE program helps women complete graduate math programs. Schroen, Anna Jul 18, 2013 720
Everyday Math: ages birth to 5. Huisman, Sarah Jul 1, 2013 1546
The use of numeric and non-numeric symbols by preschool children in early addition. Moomaw, Sally; Dorsey, Anne G. Report Jul 1, 2013 5913
Middle class students trail peers abroad. Peterson, Paul E. Jun 22, 2013 702
Listening to children in order to capture potential learning. Cheeseman, Jill; Michels, Deborah Jun 22, 2013 2984
A postcard from a primary mathematics classroom in Chongqing, China. Norton, Stephen; Zhang, Qinqiong Jun 22, 2013 2698
Using technology to support statistical reasoning: birds, eggs and times to hatch. Reeve, Elizabeth Lizzy; Beswick, Kim Jun 22, 2013 2020
Kitchen gardens: contexts for developing proportional reasoning. Hilton, Annette; Hilton, Geoff; Dole, Shelley; Goos, Merrilyn; O'Brien, Mia Jun 22, 2013 2983
In search of the prototypical fraction. Wright, Vince Jun 22, 2013 2659
Equivalence and relational thinking: opportunities for professional learning. Vale, Colleen Jun 22, 2013 2431
Supporting students to make judgements using real-life data. Blagdanic, Casandra; Chinnappan, Mohan Report Jun 22, 2013 3090
Selecting proportional reasoning tasks. de la Cruz, Jessica A. Report Jun 22, 2013 2255
Student understandings of numeracy problems: semantic alignment and analogical reasoning. Davis, James Report Jun 22, 2013 2640
An investigation of palindromes and their place in mathematics. Nivens, Ryan Report Jun 22, 2013 2477
Tile-based strategy board games (part 1). Gough, John Jun 22, 2013 979
The effect of inhibitory-concentrative exercises on increasing mathematics skills among girls with ADHD. Abolmaali, Khadijeh; Memari, Elham Report Jun 1, 2013 3160
Survey: districts need vision for teaching science, math. DeNisco, Alison Brief article May 1, 2013 262
Intentional mathematics teaching in early childhood classrooms. Jung, Myoungwhon; Conderman, Gregory Report May 1, 2013 2553
Choosing, creating and using story problems: some helpful hints. Roche, Anne Mar 22, 2013 2926
Mental computation strategies for addition: there's more than one way to skin a cat. Chesney, Marlene Mar 22, 2013 2607
Linking models: reasoning from patterns to tables and equations. Switzer, Matt J. Report Mar 22, 2013 1995
Using meaningful contexts to promote understanding of pronumerals. Linsell, Chris; Cavanagh, Michael; Tahir, Salma Report Mar 22, 2013 3499
Young children's ideas about measurement: what does a kindergarten student consider 'measuring' to be? MacDonald, Amy Mar 22, 2013 1829
Gibberish or what? Use of symbolic language in primary mathematics. Quinnell, Lorna; Carter, Merilyn Mar 22, 2013 4144
A snapshot of the use of ICT in primary mathematics classrooms in Western Australia. Day, Lorraine Mar 22, 2013 2918
Sunny with a chance of tenths! Using the familiar context of temperature to support teaching decimals. Beaman, Belinda Mar 22, 2013 1870
Mathematics in finance and economics: importance of teaching higher order mathematical thinking skills in finance. Tularam, Gurudeo Anand Report Jan 1, 2013 16279
Journal of Research in Childhood Education Volume 26, No. 3. Casbergue, Renee; Bedford, April Jan 1, 2013 3530
Solving America's math problem: tailor instruction to the varying needs of the students. Vigdor, Jacob L. Jan 1, 2013 3903
Mathematics and numeracy: has anything changed? Are we any clearer? Are we on track? Hogan, John Dec 15, 2012 1833
Mathematics and numeracy--is there a difference? Dec 15, 2012 1943
Maths in the board room. Johnston, Scott Dec 15, 2012 2240
Fibonacci's proposition two. de Mestre, Neville Dec 15, 2012 1192
Constructing with non-standard bricks. Andras, Szilard Report Dec 15, 2012 2703
Satellites you can see for homework. Broderick, Stephen Cover story Dec 15, 2012 1241
What matters most when students and teachers use interactive whiteboards in mathematics classrooms? The team from Avondale College of Higher Education answers many questions about the use of interactive whiteboards in the teaching of mathematics. We encourage teachers to consider the implications of IWB use in their classrooms as a result of reading this article. McQuillan, Kimberley; Northcote, Maria; Beamish, Peter Dec 15, 2012 2667
From routine to rich: developing an algebraic reasoning task for a middle/upper primary class. Bridge, Courtney; Day, Lorraine; Hurrell, Derek Dec 15, 2012 2777
Developing "algebraic thinking": two key ways to establish some early algebraic ideas in primary classrooms: we encourage readers to review this article twice--once to comprehend the arguments put forth--and a second time to appreciate the nuances of what Christine Ormond has written. Ormond, Christine Dec 15, 2012 3668
Applying a framework for engagement with mathematics in the primary classroom: in this article, Catherine Attard explains the necessary foundations for enagagement to occur and outlines pedagogy that will assist with encouraging student engagement. A particular highlight is the application of Thinkers Keys to the teaching of mathematics; in this case the teaching of time concepts. Attard, Catharine Dec 15, 2012 3386
Using the Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years assessment materials to support student learning: this article describes and illustrates how Margarita Breed used the Scaffolding Numeracy in the Middle Years 2003-2006 Project (SNMY) assessment materials to support the learning of students in Year 6. In the process, Margarita learned a great deal about the students' multiplicative thinking. Breed, Margarita Dec 15, 2012 2509
Creating a place for introductory mathematics: academic needs drive adaptive reuse project. Stevenson, Katherine F.; Clerkin, Sean; Stephens, Diane S. Report Oct 1, 2012 2485
United Kingdom : New national programme to drive up numeracy standards in our schools. Sep 27, 2012 426
The importance of mathematical wording by math instructors. Goel, Sudhir; Reid, Denise Report Sep 22, 2012 3307
Editorial. White, Bruce Editorial Sep 22, 2012 480
Box plots in the Australian curriculum. Watson, Jane M. Sep 22, 2012 3987
Sharing equally using geometric dissections. de Mestre, Neville Sep 22, 2012 1030
Deepening students' understanding of multiplication and division by exploring divisibility by nine. Young-Loveridge, Jenny; Mills, Judith Sep 22, 2012 2730
Reasoning: a dog's tale. Holton, Derek; Stacey, Kaye; FitzSimons, Gail Sep 22, 2012 2538
Spatial thinking tasks. Gough, John Sep 22, 2012 413
More2books. Sep 22, 2012 1317
Understanding proportional reasoning for teaching. Kastberg, Signe E.; D'Ambrosio, Beatriz; Lynch-Davis, Kathleen Sep 22, 2012 4025
Stop the torture: end forced algebra. McCarthy, Colman Sep 14, 2012 752
First-grade methods of single-digit addition with two or more addends. Sep 1, 2012 513
My child "can". Storeygard, Judy Sep 1, 2012 1729
Math problem: numerous scholars call for fundamental change in math education amid efforts to ramp up interest in STEM careers. Oguntoyinbo, Lekan Aug 2, 2012 1301
Total minority research/scholarship & other doctoral mathematics and statistics. Table Aug 2, 2012 425
Total minority bachelors mathematics and statistics. Table Aug 2, 2012 1137
Total minority masters mathematics and statistics. Table Aug 2, 2012 1198
Advanced thinking: mathematics, general semantics ... ways to improve relationships. Dawes, Milton Jul 1, 2012 6313
Pedagogical content knowledge for preschool mathematics: construct validity of a new teacher interview. McCray, Jennifer S.; Chen, Jie-Qi Report Jul 1, 2012 7981
Overly scripted: exploring the impact of a scripted literacy curriculum on a preschool teacher's instructional practices in mathematics. Parks, Amy Noelle; Bridges-Rhoads, Sarah Report Jul 1, 2012 9285
Too Much Math Turns Biologists Off, Study Finds. Report Jun 25, 2012 414
The common core math standards: are they a step forward or backward? Discussion Jun 22, 2012 3819
Universal screening in mathematics for the primary grades: beginnings of a research base. Gersten, Russell; Clarke, Ben; Jordan, Nancy C.; Newman-Gonchar, Rebecca; Haymond, Kelly; Wilkins, C Report Jun 22, 2012 11870
Editorial. Marshall, Linda; Swan, Paul Editorial Jun 22, 2012 120
Jabberwocky: the complexities of mathematical English: there is no doubt that some students find the language of mathematics dense and difficult to understand. Merilyn Carter and Lorna Quinnell explore the complexities of mathematical language and offer some useful suggestions for helping children make sense out the mathematical text. Carter, Merilyn; Quinnell, Lorna Report Jun 22, 2012 3575
Tools of the trade: Kathy Arnold describes her experience using the Assessment for Common Misunderstandings Tools with her students. As with any tool, she explains, it is how you use the tool that makes the difference. Arnold, Kathy Report Jun 22, 2012 3125
Why reasoning? Stacey, Kaye Report Jun 22, 2012 1030
A mathematics and ScienceTrail: Kathy Horak Smith and Sarah Quebec Fuentes show how mathematics and science may be integrated via the use of a mathematics/science trail. Smith, Kathy Horak; Fuentes, Sarah Quebec Report Jun 22, 2012 2620
Effective mathematics strategies for pre-school children with autism: Hui Fang Huang Su, Leanne Lai and Herminia Janet Rivera look at adjusting the teaching of mathematics to cater for young students with autism. They report on a project that helped students link unfamiliar concepts to what they already know. Many of the ideas could be applied to teaching young mainstream students. Su, Hui Fang Huang; Lai, Leanne; Rivera, Herminia Janet Report Jun 22, 2012 2895
Teaching with technology: exploring the use of robotics to teach mathematics: robots, once the providence of science fiction are now part of the classroom. Catherine Attard explains how to evaluate their use. Attard, Catherine Report Jun 22, 2012 835
Editorial. White, Bruce Editorial Jun 22, 2012 565
Encouraging meaningful engagement with pictorial patterning tasks. Samson, Duncan Report Jun 22, 2012 2665
Number classifications. de Mestre, Neville Report Jun 22, 2012 1223
Lesson study on the area of a parallelogram for year 7 students. Hoong, Leong Yew; Phyllis, Joseph; Ling, Lee Hui; Wei, Felicia Tan Yi; Hassan, Herma Ayuni Binte; Yi Report Jun 22, 2012 3295
You are never too late to learn ... or teach. Brinkworth, Peter Report Jun 22, 2012 1481
Working without a safety net. Foster, Colin Report Jun 22, 2012 1419
Hilbert and Sierpinski space-filling curves, and beyond. Gough, John Report Jun 22, 2012 1778
Greek or not: the use of symbols and abbreviations in mathematics. Quinnell, Lorna; Carter, Merilyn "Lyn" Report Jun 22, 2012 3918
Better STEM for all. Jun 22, 2012 2667
Making learning to problem-solve count: critical use of mathematics to bring about social justice. Lucey, Thomas A.; Tanase, Madalina Report Jun 22, 2012 5433
South Africa : WCED launches new maths and science strategy. May 10, 2012 427
Implementing formative mathematics assessments in Prekindergarten. Komara, Cecile; Herron, Julie Essay May 1, 2012 3496
Meaning, memory, and multiplication: integrating patterns and properties with basic facts. Ploger, Don; Hecht, Steven May 1, 2012 3550
Why the current education reform strategy won't work: to improve innovation and boost the economy, the nation needs a fundamentally new approach to education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Atkinson, Robert D. Mar 22, 2012 5029
Training and deriving precalculus relations: a small-group, web-interactive approach. McGinty, Jenny; Ninness, Chris; McCuller, Glen; Rumph, Robin; Goodwin, Andrea; Kelso, Ginger; Lopez, Report Mar 22, 2012 7088
Can Khan move the bell curve to the right? Math instruction goes viral. Kronholz, June Mar 22, 2012 2974
Time limitations in NAPLAN numeracy tests. Carter, Merilyn "Lyn" Mar 22, 2012 2536
Word problem solving: a schema approach in year 3. van Klinken, Eduarda Mar 22, 2012 2281
Developing a theoretical framework for examining student understanding of fractional concepts: an historical accounting. Cooper, Susan M.; Wilkerson, Trena L.; Montgomery, Mark; Mechell, Sara; Arterbury, Kristin; Moore, S Report Mar 22, 2012 4974
The multicultural mathematics classroom: culturally aware teaching through cooperative learning & multiple representations. Jao, Limin Report Mar 22, 2012 8671
Professor's page is understanding a proficiency? Askew, Mike Mar 21, 2012 1051
What is a reasonable answer? Ways for students to investigate and develop their number sense. Muir, Tracey Mar 21, 2012 3882
Teaching with technology. Attard, Catherine; Northcote, Maria Mar 21, 2012 1448
Engagement with mathematics: what does it mean and what does it look like? Attard, Catherine Mar 20, 2012 2212
Australian curriculum linked lessons. Hurrell, Derek Mar 20, 2012 1189
Editorial. Marshall, Linda; Swan, Paul Editorial Mar 20, 2012 490
Editorial. White, Bruce Editorial Mar 20, 2012 452
Numeracy across the curriculum. Goos, Merrilyn; Dole, Shelley; Geiger, Vince Mar 20, 2012 2306
Numeracy for what's in the news and building an expressway. Willis, Kym; Geiger, Vince; Goos, Merrilyn; Dole, Shelley Mar 20, 2012 3490
Numeracy in society and environment. Cooper, Cath; Dole, Shelley; Geiger, Vince; Goos, Merrilyn Mar 20, 2012 2621
Numeracy in health and Physical Education. Peters, Colleen; Geiger, Vince; Goos, Merrilyn; Dole, Shelley Mar 20, 2012 3471
Numeracy in secondary school mathematics. Gibbs, Melissa; Goos, Merrilyn; Geiger, Vince; Dole, Shelley Mar 20, 2012 3934
Problem contexts for thinking about equality: an additional resource. Barlow, Angela T.; Harmon, Shannon E. Mar 1, 2012 2634
Self-created children's literature as a teaching strategy: voices from the college and the elementary classroom. Szilagyi, Janka; Zarazinski, Jill; Lewis, Mindy; O'Toole-Moser, Shannon Mar 1, 2012 2926
Research Brief: Motivating Struggling Math Students. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 132
Expanding Measures of School Performance Under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act. Brief article Mar 1, 2012 241
An examination of 40 years of mathematics education among Norwegian braille-reading students. Klingenberg, Oliv G.; Fosse, Per; Augestad, Liv Berit Brief article Feb 1, 2012 6012
Treaty 8, professional association focus on education. Narine, Shari Feb 1, 2012 580
How many peanuts should the penguin feed the elephant? Revealing the beauty of mathematics. Peterson, Matthew Column Jan 1, 2012 704
First-grade methods of single-digit addition with two or more addends. Guerrero, Shannon M.; Palomaa, Kimberly Report Jan 1, 2012 8007
Learning mathematics while Black. Martin, Danny Bernard Report Jan 1, 2012 9092
Helping female juveniles improve their on-task behavior and academic performance using a self-management procedure in a correctional facility. Caldwell, Stacy; Joseph, Laurice M. Report Jan 1, 2012 7428
Understanding conservation: a playful process: Mary-Anne Kefaloukos and Janette Bobis discuss the importance of introducing conservation in measurement through the use of play in the early years of school. Kefaloukos, Mary-Anne; Bobis, Janette Dec 7, 2011 1811
SToPV: a five minute assessment of Place Value: Place Value underpins much of what we do in number. Jeanette Berman describes some simple tasks that may be used to assess students' understanding of place value. Berman, Jeanette Dec 6, 2011 2073
Mathematics on the move: using mobile technologies to support student learning (part 1): Catherine Attard and Maria Northcote explore the use of mobile technologies as part of our digital repertoire for teaching mathematics. If you are thinking mobile technologies means calculators then this article will provide food for thought! Watch out for part 2 next year. Attard, Catherine; Northcote, Maria Dec 6, 2011 929
Asking students harder questions. Sullivan, Peter Dec 6, 2011 993
Editorial. Marshall, Linda; Swan, Paul Editorial Dec 3, 2011 576
"Twenty percent free!" So how much does the original bar weigh? Ngarewa Hawera and Merilyn Taylor describe a rich task based on a real world situation that stimulated a great deal of mathematical reasoning. Their research on how students attempted the task is most revealing. Hawera, Ngarewa; Taylor, Merilyn Dec 3, 2011 2002
How problem solving can develop an algebraic perspective of mathematics: Will Windsor provides a brief overview of problem solving and links it to algebraic thinking. Readers are encouraged to try the tasks with their own students and then re-read the article. Windsor, Will Dec 3, 2011 2143
Australian curriculum linked lessons. Hurrell, Derek Dec 3, 2011 1305
A strategy-based intervention to improve math word problem-solving skills of students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Alter, Peter; Brown, E.Todd; Pyle, Jeffrey Report Nov 1, 2011 5666
Statistical literacy: connectivity for the Australian Curriculum. Watson, Jane Report Sep 22, 2011 800
Using Microsoft Word to teach area: Duncan Symons describes how readily available software may be used to help children develop better understanding of area. Symons, Duncan Report Sep 22, 2011 1945
Spherical geometry. Hyde, Hartley Report Sep 22, 2011 1496
Early numeracy intervention program for first-grade students with mathematics difficulties. Bryant, Diane Pedrotty; Bryant, Brian R.; Roberts, Greg; Vaughn, Sharon; Pfannenstiel, Kathleen Hugh Report Sep 22, 2011 8979
Seeing mathematics through a new lens: using photos in the mathematics classroom. Bragg, Leicha A.; Nicol, Cynthia Report Sep 22, 2011 2468
Problem solving. de Mestre, Neville Report Sep 22, 2011 1339
Web-based mathematics: some 'dos' and 'don'ts'. Loong, Esther Yook-Kin Report Sep 22, 2011 4133
The sample space: one of many ways to partition the set of all possible outcomes. Chernoff, Egan J.; Russell, Gale L. Report Sep 22, 2011 2931
Step back and hand over the cameras! Using digital cameras to facilitate mathematics learning with young children in K-2 classrooms: Maria Northcote explores the use of digital cameras as a tool for handing over control of a mathematics lesson to the children. While the children were very young, the results were extremely impressive! Northcote, Maria Report Sep 22, 2011 1353
Girih tiles. Prochazka, Helen Report Sep 20, 2011 210
Editorial. Marshall, Linda; Swan, Paul Editorial Sep 20, 2011 502
Deciwire: an inexpensive alternative for constructing linear representations of decimals: Jenny Young-Loveridge and Judith Mills describe how a simple teaching aid called a Deciwire may be used to help children understand decimals. Young-Loveridge, Jenny; Mills, Judith Report Sep 20, 2011 2763
Australian Curriculum linked lessons. Hurrell, Derek; O'Neil, Jennifer Report Sep 20, 2011 1163
Good morning numbers day: motivating for mathematics: Salvador Vidal Ramentol describes a project called "Numbers Day" that was designed to improve students attitudes toward mathematics. There are many features of Numbers Day that teachers might incorporate into their own maths activity days. Ramentol, Salvador Vidal Report Sep 20, 2011 1699
Editorial. White, Bruce Editorial Sep 20, 2011 514
Navy to invest $100 million in STEM education. Hedlund, Fumiko Sep 1, 2011 578
Assisting pupils in Mathematics achievement (the common core standards). Ediger, Marlow Report Sep 1, 2011 1533
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Editorial. Marshall, Linda; Swan, Paul Editorial Jun 22, 2011 456
A primary classroom inquiry: estimating the height of a tree: Natalie Brown, Jane Watson, Suzie Wright and Jane Skalicky take children outside to explore different ways of estimating the height of a tree. Warning: Do not try the method in Figure 1 in front of your students! Brown, Natalie; Watson, Jane; Wright, Suzie; Skalicky, Jane Jun 22, 2011 2801
Do demonstration lessons work? Clarke, Doug Jun 22, 2011 987
Australian curriculum linked lessons. Marshall, Linda; Swan, Paul Jun 22, 2011 781
Body fractions: a physical approach to fraction learning: Judith Mills outlines a different way of exploring fractions: using a physical approach. Mills, Judith Jun 22, 2011 2416
The Fantastic Four of mathematics assessment items: Jane Greenlees makes reference to four comic book characters to make the point that together they are a formidable team, but on their own they are vulnerable. Read on to find out the Fantastic Four of Assessment and how they work together. Greenlees, Jane Jun 22, 2011 2916
Teaching with technology: in the first of a new series Catherine Attard explores the use of ICT in the classroom. In this article she highlights the use of the Web as a tool for teaching mathematics. Attard, Catherine Jun 22, 2011 848
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Students' decisions to major in math and science. May 1, 2011 448
Arithmetic isn't my best school subject, so I can't concentrate very well. May 1, 2011 111
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Demonstrating inequality. Hyde, Hartley Mar 22, 2011 1541
Business as usual? Not for these middle-grades students: Heather Crawford and Lynda Wiest explain how numeracy and financial literacy concepts and skills may be developed by starting and running a business. Read on to see what the students learned as a result of participating in this 'real world' task. Crawford, Heather; Wiest, Lynda Report Mar 22, 2011 2178
Decipipes: helping students to "get the point": Bruce Moody describes the use of "decipipes" as a manipulative to help overcome decimal misconceptions. As you read this article note how students explain their thinking about decimals. Moody, Bruce Report Mar 22, 2011 2894
Australian curriculum: mathematics--a new look at a familiar task. Swan, Paul; Marshall, Linda Report Mar 22, 2011 636
Informally multiplying the world of Jillian Jiggs: Paul Betts and Amanda Crampton describe how children develop rich understandings of multiplication by experiencing various representations, including repeated addition, equal grouping, and combinatorial situations. Betts, Paul; Crampton, Amanda Report Mar 22, 2011 2021
Food for thought: the mathematics of the kitchen garden: Anthony Lyon and Leicha A. Bragg outline how mathematics may be integrated with other areas of the curriculum when creating a kitchen garden and harvesting fresh produce. Lyon, Anthony; Bragg, Leicha A. Report Mar 22, 2011 3507
How do I teach mathematics in a culturally responsive way? Identifying empowering teaching practices. Ukpokodu, Omiunota N. Report Mar 22, 2011 9697
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Cracking the code of NAPLAN numeracy tests in primary years: an exploration of the language used to assess numeracy: focusing on the literacy requirements of mathematics is good teaching practice. Quinnell, Lorna Feb 1, 2011 1713
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Defense department embraces STEM education outreach. Miller, Cynthia D. Jan 1, 2011 529
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Trialling the Australian curriculum. Ashman, Di Dec 14, 2010 569
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Primary students' success on the structured number line: Carmel M. Diezmann, Tom Lowrie & Lindy A. Sugars identify the source of errors that occur during the solution of structured number line tasks. Diezmann, Carmel M.; Lowrie, Tom; Sugars, Lindy A. Dec 9, 2010 2112
Planning, teaching and assessing mathematics learning for real! Leonie Youdale describes her experiences with teaching a small group of children the number sequence 11-20. Youdale, Leonie Dec 9, 2010 1760
Editorial. Falle, Judith Editorial Dec 9, 2010 505

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