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Straight Bourbon Whiskey.

Colorado Gold Distillery


After 46 years in the construction industry, Tom Cooper 21:46, 18 October 2007 (UTC) Tom Cooper (born April 9 1904, died June 25 1940) was an England international footballer who played for Derby and Liverpool. Life and playing career  decided he needed to spend his work days doing something that was easier on his body. His chose to make whiskey.


"My family all came from Arkansas and Missouri years ago so they were all familiar with whiskeys. I just picked it up," says Cooper, 64, who with his wife, Pam, founded Colorado Gold Distillery in Cedaredge in 2007. "My favorite whiskey was bourbon, and my favorite was Maker's Mark. I tried to make the product as good as or better than Maker's Mark."

The couple's Straight Bourbon Whiskey Some of the information in this article may not be verified by . It should be checked for inaccuracies and modified to cite reliable sources.
Bourbon is an American form of whiskey named for Bourbon County, Kentucky.
 earned a fourth place distinction by the American Distilling Institute in 2010. They also make corn whiskey corn whiskey
Whiskey distilled from corn.

Noun 1. corn whiskey - whiskey distilled from a mash of not less than 80 percent corn
corn whisky, corn
, agave spirits, gin and vodka.

The Coopers buy their malted barley from Colorado Malting in Alamosa, corn from Grand Valley Hybrids, and grain and wheat from farms in Eckert and Olathe respectively. And Cedaredge has great water.

"I think that and the process I use in making my spirits make them extremely smooth," Tom Cooper says.
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Date:Apr 1, 2012
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