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Still fermenting. (reader forum).

Scott Coors's argument that the Coors Brewing Co. should not be held responsible for what its shareholders do with their own money doesn't impress us ["Out of the Brewing Storm," November 6]. What the Coors family does with its money is well-known in the community, and it is clearly not in the best interest of any GLBT person to support any business that ultimately funds anti-gay foundations. Tell Scott Coors to try again when the family foundations have cleaned up their act. Hate is hate, and we sure as hell aren't going to drink to it with a Coors!

John Rudder, Larry Peterfy Houston, Tex.

I applaud Scott Coors's bravery in facing opposition from all sides. Would we like to be judged by whom our extended families legally contribute money to? As a company, Coors is at the forefront of providing benefits to its gay employees. Gay bars continue to serve Anheuser-Busch while that company "is still studying" whether its gay employees deserve any benefits. I'd rather support Scott Coors's efforts than help Bud laugh all the way to the bank.

Matthew DeCoster, San Francisco, Calif.

Did I read this right? Scott Coors was fuming at the injustice of not being able to buy his family's brand of beer at the Midnight Sun? Why isn't he fuming about job discrimination, gay bashing, or gay teen suicide? This guy has the political awareness of Imelda Marcos--if he's able to make inroads against the Coors boycott, I'll be very frightened for our community.

Maia Ettinger, via the Internet

When Morris Kight says Scott Coors "seems to side entirely with his family," it reminds me what we're really fighting for. We strive for the love and acceptance of those who really matter in our lives--our families and friends. Scott seems to have the type of relationship with his family that many of us can only hope for. Kudos, Scott, for standing proud and supporting your family. It is people like you who will ensure that the world will become a more accepting place.

Martin Grygar, Salt Lake City, Utah
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Publication:The Advocate (The national gay & lesbian newsmagazine)
Date:Dec 4, 2001
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