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Steve Jobs Edges Out Bill Gates for Top Billing Among UPSIDE's 1999 Elite 100; More Than 60 Percent of Last Year's Elite Fall From UPSIDE's Grace.


Steve Jobs Steve Jobs - Stephen Jobs  captured top honors this year in UPSIDE magazine's Elite 100, edging out Bill Gates (person) Bill Gates - William Henry Gates III, Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft, which he co-founded in 1975 with Paul Allen. In 1994 Gates is a billionaire, worth $9.35b and Microsoft is worth about $27b.  to lead the magazine's annual industry "insider list" of technology executives who mattered most in 1999. Selected by UPSIDE editors, the Elite 100 is considered by many to be the definitive list of the men and women who are most responsible for driving the digital revolution.

Beginning today, the UPSIDE Elite 100, a list of influential visionaries, pundits and top executives, will be revealed online at The list will also be published in the December issue of UPSIDE, which reaches subscribers next week.

Cited for his cocky attitude and marketing savvy, Apple Computer and Pixar Animation Studios top executive Jobs was singled out by UPSIDE editors for making Intel nervous about its "bland boxes," as well as leading the turnaround of Apple as its interim CEO (1) (Chief Executive Officer) The highest individual in command of an organization. Typically the president of the company, the CEO reports to the Chairman of the Board. . In what some might consider an ironic twist, given the recent federal court ruling against Microsoft, Jobs nudged out Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates, who placed second in the UPSIDE Elite 100 rankings. Regarding Gates, UPSIDE noted that Microsoft still managed to solidify its grasp on the PC and Net markets, despite its bickering bick·er  
intr.v. bick·ered, bick·er·ing, bick·ers
1. To engage in a petty, bad-tempered quarrel; squabble. See Synonyms at argue.

 with federal and state governments.

Following Jobs and Gates, the other Elite 100 members who rounded out the top 10 include:
-    Michael Armstrong, chairman and CEO of AT&T

-    Masayoshi Son, founder, president and CEO of Softbank

-    John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems

-    Paul Allen, founder of Vulcan Ventures

-    John Doerr, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers

-    Lou Gerstner, chairman and CEO of IBM

-    David Wetherell, chairman, CEO, president and managing partner of

-    Scott McNealy, co-founder, chairman and CEO of Sun Microsystems.

Only 39 members of the 1998 Elite 100 returned in 1999, resulting in some notable absences on this year's list. Several of the technology industry's elite who didn't make the cut in 1999 included Jerry Yang
For the poker player, see Jerry Yang (poker player).

Jerry Chih-Yuan Yang (Traditional Chinese: 楊致遠; Simplified Chinese:
 and David Filo David Filo (born 1966 in Wisconsin) is the co-founder of Yahoo! with Jerry Yang.

David Filo, at age 6, moved to Moss Bluff, Louisiana, a suburb of Lake Charles, Louisiana.
 of Yahoo!; David Bohnett David C. Bohnett (born April 2, 1956 in Chicago Illinois) is a philanthropist and technology entrepreneur. Biography
David C. Bohnett is the Chairman of the David Bohnett Foundation,[1]
 of GeoCities; Eric Brewer Eric Brewer may be:
  • Eric Brewer (ice hockey)
  • Eric Brewer (computer scientist)
 of Inktomi; Ray Lane of Oracle; John Malone of TCI (Trustworthy Computing Initiative) An umbrella term from Microsoft for its efforts to improve security in Windows. TCI was announced in 2002 after viruses such as Code Red and Nimda had succeeded in attacking numerous Windows computers. ; and Eric Hippeau of Ziff-Davis.

Notable newcomers on this year's UPSIDE Elite 100 are Carleton (Carly) Fiorina, president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard (18th); David Wertherell, chairman president and managing partner, CMGI CMGI Commonly Maintained Grounds Infrastructures
CMGI College Marketing Group Information (Services) 
 (9th); Christopher Galvin Christopher B. Galvin (March 21, 1950 - ) is the grandson of Paul Galvin (founder of Motorola) and the son of Robert Galvin (Chief of Motorola, 1959-1990). From 1967 to 1973, during college, he was a part-time salesperson in the radio division of Motorola, selling police radios. , chairman and CEO of Motorola (15th); Rick Belluzzo, CEO and VP of Microsoft Online (95th); Sumner Redstone Sumner Murray Redstone (born Sumner Murray Rothstein on May 27 1923 in Boston, Massachusetts) is majority owner and Chairman of the Board of the National Amusements theater chain. Through National Amusements, he is majority owner of Midway Games, Viacom and CBS Corporation. , chairman and CEO of Viacom (17th); Chuck D Carlton Douglas Ridenhour (born August 1, 1960), better known by his stage name Chuck D, is an American rapper, composer, actor, author, radio personality and producer. Chuck was born in Roosevelt, Long Island, New York, U.S. , hip-hop rap music artist from Public Enemy (85th); and Megan Smith, CEO of PlanetOut (100th). This year, 11 women appear on the Elite 100, up from eight in 1998.

"We're toasting the movers and shakers that brought us a year of successes, innovations, mergers and buyouts," said Adrian Mello, UPSIDE editor in chief. "This year's UPSIDE Elite 100 ranking is a commanding roster of the most important participants in the New Economy, and we are very excited about many of the new faces who made the list this year."

The 1999 UPSIDE Elite 100 was selected solely by UPSIDE's editorial board from nominees submitted by UPSIDE and a panel of industry insiders. In all, UPSIDE compiled several hundred nominations, and following several rounds of close scrutiny, UPSIDE editors narrowed and ranked the winners. For the first time in Elite 100's six-year history, UPSIDE created a single Elite 100 ranking, rather than listing them in multiple industry categories.

About Upside Media Inc.

Upside Media Inc. is the insightful voice for authoritative, provocative and opinionated o·pin·ion·at·ed  
Holding stubbornly and often unreasonably to one's own opinions.

[Probably from obsolete opinionate : opinion + -ate1.
 analysis of the business of technology. Through UPSIDE magazine, UpsideToday Web site, Upside Books and Upside Events, Upside Media creates a wide-ranging forum to debate and discuss today's most important issues of the technology business. Privately held, Upside Media is based in San Francisco. Visit Upside Media on the Web at
     1999 UPSIDE Elite 100 Top 20

1.   Steve Jobs, co-founder, chairman and CEO, Apple Computer;
     chairman and CEO, Pixar Animation Studios

2.   Bill Gates, chairman and CEO, Microsoft

3.   Michael Armstrong, chairman and CEO, AT&T

4.   Masayoshi Son, founder, president and CEO, Softbank

5.   John Chambers, CEO, Cisco Systems

6.   Paul Allen, founder, Vulcan Ventures

7.   John Doerr, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

8.   Lou Gerstner, chairman and CEO, IBM

9.   David Wetherell, chairman, CEO, president and managing partner,

10.  Scott McNealy, co-founder, chairman and CEO, Sun Microsystems

11.  Michael Dell, chairman and CEO, Dell Computer

12.  Craig Barrett, president and CEO, Intel

13.  Bernard Ebbers, president and CEO, MCI WorldCom

14.  Richard McGinn, chairman and CEO, Lucent Technologies

15.  Christopher Galvin, chairman and CEO, Motorola

16.  Joseph Nacchio, chairman and CEO, Qwest Communications

17.  Sumner Redstone, chairman and CEO, Viacom

18.  Carleton (Carly) Fiorina, president and CEO, Hewlett-Packard

19.  Jeff Bezos, founder, chairman and CEO,

20.  Timothy Koogle, chairman and CEO, Yahoo!

NOTE TO EDITORS: To receive the complete 1999 UPSIDE Elite 100 list,

contact Frank Ruiz at (415) 837-3939 or
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