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Stephanie Miller Says Girlfriend Lisa Brende Is Most Beautiful Girl In The World

Radio host Stephanie Miller Stephanie Miller (born September 29 1961) is an American comedian and host of The Stephanie Miller Show, a liberal talk radio program produced in Los Angeles and syndicated nationally by Jones Radio Networks.  on Monday announced she was dating “the most beautiful girl in the world inside and out.”

Miller was referring to her girlfriend Lisa Brende. Brende, 33, is a West Hollywood-based realty realty n. a short form of "real estate." (See: real estate)

REALTY. An abstract of real, as distinguished from personalty. Realty relates to lands and tenements, rents or other hereditaments. Vide Real Property.
 agent who earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in film studies from the University of California The University of California has a combined student body of more than 191,000 students, over 1,340,000 living alumni, and a combined systemwide and campus endowment of just over $7.3 billion (8th largest in the United States).  at Santa Barbara. She serves on The Trevor Project's board of directors.

Miller, who had just returned from a vacation in France with Brende, joked that everyone on the show must address Brende as “the most beautiful girl in the world inside and out.”

“A million lesbians' hearts just broke across the country,” Producer Chris Lavoie Chris Lavoie is the executive producer and co-host of The Stephanie Miller Show. Personal life
Chris was born in Southern California. He was raised in California and Virginia.

“You know I don't talk about my private stuff a lot,” Miller said. “We've been dating, on and off for a couple of years. On, definitely on.”

“Might I say a hot blond,” Lavoie said.

“Alright, can you get the jokes out of your system?” Miller asked. “Yes, she is 17 years younger and I'm clearly having a mid-life crisis. I will be getting a Porsche and a toupee. Get it out of your system and then shut your pie holes, everybody.”

Miller came out gay on her radio show The Stephanie Miller Show last August.

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Publication:On Top Magazine
Date:Sep 17, 2011
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