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New Zealand : Cop numbers fall behind population growth. Aug 4, 2016 212
Crime rises more than 5% across the region; new statistics reveal sex offences up 24% and violence against person up 19% in west midlands. Jul 23, 2016 482
Crime statistics show 'dark underbelly of abuse' against children. Jul 22, 2016 577
MARCHING TOWARDS A PEACEFUL SUMMER; Top cop reports fall in tensions. Jul 8, 2016 350
Cops called to hospitals 233 times in two years; Threats to kill and abusive behaviour cited union say figures may even be higher. May 27, 2016 429
Provision of Special Group Insurance cover has to be provided to a total number of 14,509 police officers and police personnel of district police force, bihar military police, bihar home guard, SAP,CR. May 27, 2016 123
Increase in the number of complaints made to police forces about drones. May 6, 2016 168
Long-term police sick leave hits 15 per cent. Apr 7, 2016 341
SACKED COPS: THE NUMBERS GO UP; Revealed: The rise in instant dismissal cases of Mersey officers. Feb 14, 2016 591
WHISTLEBLOWER COP EXPOSES CAR LOTTERY; SAFETY FEARS OFFICER FLAGS UP RISK Huge gap in number of drivers stopped around nation for motor defects. Jan 23, 2016 326
CAPITAL CRIMEWAVE; Offences rate way above Scots average Housebreakings are up by a fifth Cops solve only 35% of cases. Oct 21, 2015 525
PC PLODD; Cops order forensic teams to probe attempted burglaries only at houses with EVEN numbers. Aug 6, 2015 396
30UTOF4 BREAK-INS UNSOLVED; Cops reveal clear-up rates. Aug 4, 2015 204
Sex and violent crimes up as cop numbers slump. Jul 17, 2015 385
RAPE VICTIMS 'FAILED BY COPS AND PROSECUTORS' Reports up 68%, charges up 17%. Jun 3, 2015 167
Mersey cops face rise / in complaints from public; But force increase is lower than average figures across UK. Feb 3, 2015 514
Prof. Joe Feagin: 83 Percent of US History Is Slavery and Jim Crow Segregation. Jan 29, 2015 2196
Lawsuit Settlement Funding Firm Reports Shocking New York City Police Brutality Statistics in Light of Grand Jury Decision not to Indict NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo for Chokehold Death of Eric Garner. Dec 16, 2014 1370
Top cop: Public support armed police on streets; But 60 per cent of our readers oppose controversial policy. Aug 1, 2014 248
SHOCKING RISE IN COP ASSAULTS; Attacks up 10 per cent. Jun 26, 2014 223
United Kingdom : Police numbers over 1,000 extra. May 7, 2014 254
Police force prepares for job cuts while it recruits; 450 new officers promised but numbers will have to fall after 2016. Apr 17, 2014 1132
A garrison state in "democratic" society. Takagi, Paul Report Mar 22, 2014 5533
Average police death toll has decreased: MoI. Mar 4, 2014 248
Police rates rise to create almost 200 jobs. Feb 10, 2014 249
MERSEY POLICE USE DECOY BIKES TO CATCH THIEVES; Cops' bid to cut down on number of costly losses. Dec 26, 2013 382
MEMO SHOCKER; Cops' error-filled report advised to drop Savile probe prosecutors; EXCLUSIVE. Dec 15, 2013 317
Frontline police officer numbers reduced by 14%. Nov 29, 2013 354
UP policemen add to crime statistics. Jun 11, 2013 269
SCHOOLGIRL, 12, TASERED BY MERSEY COPS; Concern over numbers of kids targeted. Jun 3, 2013 357
IT'S A PS4M AIR FAIR COP, GUV; Force's soaring flights bill blasted; EXCLUSIVE. Mar 4, 2013 221
IT'S A PS4M AIR FAIR COP, GUV; Force's soaring flights bill blasted. Mar 4, 2013 229
Police numbers on the increase. Feb 1, 2013 141
1,400 police 'is minimum' Officer numbers warning. Jan 23, 2013 381
Gang-rape case: Police apologises to Delhi High Court for submitting tardy status report. Jan 10, 2013 436
WE NEED A NEW WAY TO TACKLE DRUGS; If you thought only a rogue minority supported drug decriminalisation - think again. Kathryn Williams reports on a growing belief among former police officers, charities and politicians that the war on drugs is failing. Dec 16, 2012 787
Cops vow to tackle Christmas criminals; Rise in crime reports in Brighouse. Dec 8, 2012 480
HOW THE THIN BLUE LINE IS GETTING EVEN THINNER... Warwickshire hit by second biggest percentage drop in officers while West Midlands loses highest number of cops. Jul 27, 2012 319
Police forces see officer numbers fall by 4.8%. Jul 27, 2012 438
Police hit nine-year low; Numbers fall as cuts to budgets bite. Jul 27, 2012 524
Officer numbers set to fall in cuts. Jul 27, 2012 437
Cuts mean police numbers are falling; Top cop points to effectiveness of force. Jul 27, 2012 664
Police numbers are lowest in a decade; Senior officer hits out at scale of cuts. Jan 27, 2012 511
COP COMPLAINTS ON THE INCREASE; Grievances against West Midlands force rise by 10 per cent. Dec 16, 2011 414
Region at riot risk, warns ex-chief cop; Jobless rise could see repeat of Meadow Well unrest. Dec 7, 2011 503
NUMBERS TO FALL... Force loses police to save on costs. Sep 30, 2011 264
STAFFING CLAIMS IN INQUESTS ROW; No decrease in officer numbers say police. Aug 17, 2011 571
Big drop in crime-detection rates; NORTH WALES FORCE UNDER FIRE OVER NEW FIGURES. Aug 4, 2011 701
Crime surge fear as police posts slashed; Budget cuts see number of beat bobbies fall by 800. Jul 22, 2011 482
Security as commodity: around the world, private security contractors outnumber police forces--should we be worried? Woolner, Christina Mar 22, 2011 1980
WOMEN COP A RECORD; 27% of workforce. Mar 6, 2011 218
Murder case cops 'sexed up reports' TRIAL. Mar 5, 2011 151
Sri Lankan police recruits record number of Tamils in force. Jan 12, 2011 220
POLICE COP MORE PAIN; Figures show attack levels are increasing. Dec 26, 2010 522
PLODDY STUPID! Crime levels not affected by police numbers, says minister. Nov 22, 2010 261
POLICE COP 90 PER CENT ROOKIE FALL; Recruitment figures drop. Sep 25, 2010 292
POLICE COP 90 PER CENT ROOKIE FALL; Recruitment figures drop. Sep 25, 2010 285
Cops clamp down on copper criminals; THEFTS AT RECORD LEVELS. Jul 14, 2010 395
20% DROP IN ARRESTS; Shock figures follow police reorganisation. May 16, 2010 477
KILLED BY THE POLICE.. AND COVERED UP FOR 31 YEARS; Secret report says cops lied over Blair Peach death. Apr 28, 2010 565
I WANT TO GIVE MINORITIES THE CHANCE TO HELP; Senior officer wants more ethnic diversity: in the police force: From his birthplace in Tanzania to policing the streets of Cardiff and Barry, Jay Dave has become one of a small number of officers who are opening up South Wales Police to a wider range of recruits. DAVID JAMES reports. Apr 26, 2010 718
Budget threat to police numbers; Authority faces 'last resort' cuts to plug pounds 30m black hole: Future clouded in uncertainty. Jan 22, 2010 1267
Postimees has reported that police officers are being forced to take unpaid vacations due to the reduction in general salaries; the police officers' salaries were cut by 8 percent in July, though this won't be enough to balance the budget. Jul 29, 2009 119
'Give cops bigger ID numbers'. Apr 20, 2009 143
Police employees. Jan 1, 2009 465
Police will receive a 9 percent increase in pay over 3 years. Mar 27, 2008 710
Number of police has to fall says Sir Ronnie. Feb 8, 2008 384
Risk of higher tax to pay for police; Officers fear numbers will be cut as budget tight. Jan 3, 2008 569
COP FURY AS DRINK-DRIVE FIGURES SOAR; Summer blitz nets 309 motorists. Aug 1, 2007 268
Police numbers tumble due to age and quit-rate. Jul 14, 2007 633
Police rise to record levels. Feb 21, 2007 602
Police employees. Statistical table Jan 1, 2005 9672
Exporting our "first responders": local police and emergency personnel man the front lines of "homeland defense"--yet tens of thousands have been sent to fight overseas. (Law Enforcement). Grigg, William Norman May 5, 2003 1526

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