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Starting & Managing Your Own Physical Therapy Practice.

Starting & Managing Your Own Physical Therapy Practice. Samual H Esterson. 2004. Jones and Bartlett Publishers/ Elsevier Australia. ISBN 0763726311. Softcover. RRP NZ$96.75

Designed for the new graduate or even undergraduate, this book is aimed to be a very practical guide to setting up a physiotherapy private practice. The concept is great. Rather than sift through several books on business strategy, marketing and finance, the author pulls together information specifically useful for physiotherapy practices, using examples from his own experience. He works his way through determining the business plan; start up costs, legal issues, marketing, financial management, and human resources.

The style is chatty and up-beat, which may suit some. Personally, I would like less dialogue and more bullet points, since it's not a topic that suits my bed time reading. However, it is full of useful tips, from the type of things to look for in a lease, through to business and appointment card design.

The bad thing is the book is written for the American market, which means content on Medicare; other insurance providers and tax are redundant. So that is about a quarter of the book. Also the terminology throughout, from the casual dialogue (shekels and schmoe), to business terms (various corporations rather than limited liability companies) is at the very least, distracting.

The author also includes numerous website addresses for further information and product costs, but again very few are relevant to the New Zealand scene. What is missing, of course, is information on New Zealand tax requirements, the Accident Compensation Corporation, private health insurance companies and New Zealand professional business associations.

It is extremely practical and the general content on business development and management is valuable. However too much of the book is outside of the New Zealand context to make it a first choice for purchase.

Lynne Taylor, MBA, MSc, Adv Dip Phys, MNZCP, Senior Lecturer, School of Physiotherapy, Auckland University of Technology
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Author:Taylor, Lynne
Publication:New Zealand Journal of Physiotherapy
Article Type:Book review
Date:Jul 1, 2006
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