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Start-up New Britain CNC knee-mill builder sells prototype.

While seemingly everyone else was in Chicago, managers at Computer Express (New Britain New Britain, city, United States
New Britain, industrial city (1990 pop. 75,491), Hartford co., central Conn.; settled c.1686, inc. 1871. The tin shops and brassworks in the city were established in the 18th cent.
, Conn.), the former builder of controllers for the Bridgeport Machines EZ Trak line of knee-type milling machines milling machine

Machine tool that rotates a circular tool with numerous cutting edges arranged symmetrically about its axis, called a milling cutter. The metal workpiece is usually held in a vise clamped to a table that can move in three perpendicular directions.
, were back in Connecticut. They were going ahead with plans to come out with their own line of CNC (Computerized Numerical Control) See numerical control.

CNC - Collaborative Networked Communication
 knee mills.

In fact, says owner Michael Psillas, the embryonic em·bry·on·ic or em·bry·on·al
Of, relating to, or being an embryo.

In the life cycle of the round worm, a very early life stage occurring within the uterus of the female round worm.
 machine-tool builder that would like to call itself New Britain Machine Tool has already made a sale. A prototype knee mill, assembled at the Computer Express factory from machinery parts imported from several Asian suppliers including drill and mill producer Yuan Jun Fong Casting Co. Ltd. (Taichung Hsien, Taiwan) and equipped with a Computer Express CNC, was sold last week to a nearby job shop whose owner dropped by.

As reported last issue, Computer Express is a builder of custom controllers for manufacturers of equipment ranging from builders of satellite-tracking dishes to eyewear eye·wear  
1. Eyeglasses, goggles, or other objects worn over the eyes.

2. Fashionable eyeglasses.
. It took a large write-off when the Goldman Industrial Group's collapse took good customer Bridgeport Machines with it, and Psillas became determined to forge ahead on his own.

But at the same time the custom-computer producer is trying to become a competitor, it's also scheduled talks later this week with the successors to the Bridgeport knee-mill tradition.

Computer Express L.L.C., New Britain, Conn. 860-826-1310.
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Publication:Metalworking Insiders' Report
Geographic Code:1U1CT
Date:Sep 17, 2002
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