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Stars & Planets: The Most Complete Guide to the Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and the Solar System.

STARS & PLANETS: The Most Complete Guide to the Stars, Planets, Galaxies, and the Solar System IAN RIDPATH & WIL TIRION

This fourth edition has been revised and expanded. Though it is small enough to fit into a coat pocket on a cool, dark evening, the amount of the material within could fill volumes. The book seems designed to convert curious readers into stargazers. Many of the celestial sights described in the book can be seen with binoculars, and all are accessible with an average telescope used by an amateur astronomer. Thorough guides explain how to read star charts for each hemisphere, monthly, and constellation. And at least two pages are devoted to every officially recognized constellation as well as to other patterns of stars belonging to one or more constellations (such as the Big Dipper, a part of Ursa Major). The section on stars, nebulae, planets, and more contains a six-page moon map with every crater named. This is your atlas to the observable universe. Princeton Univ. Press, 2007, color photos and illus., 400 p., paperback, $19.95.

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Date:Feb 23, 2008
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