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Star Trek's Pegg talks movies.

Summary: Actor Simon Pegg has said that the UK premiere of Star Trek is a "geek A technically oriented person. It has typically implied a "nerdy" or "weird" personality, someone with limited social skills who likes to tinker with scientific or high-tech projects. The origin of the term dates back to the late 1800s.  dream come true".

Actor Simon Pegg has said that the UK premiere of Star Trek is a "geek dream come true".

Pegg donned a kilt kilt

Knee-length, skirtlike garment worn by men as part of the traditional national garb, or Highland dress, of Scotland. It is made of permanently pleated wool and wrapped around the wearer's waist so that the pleats are in the back and the flat ends overlap in front.
 for the Empire Leicester Square event in honour of his character Scotty and said he was inspired to dress up by the Scottish side of his family.

The new movie is a prequel pre·quel  
A literary, dramatic, or cinematic work whose narrative takes place before that of a preexisting work or a sequel.

[pre- + (se)quel.]
 to the famous TV show and features a young crew venturing boldly where no one has gone before This article is about an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. For the Star Trek quote, see Where no man has gone before. For the Star Trek: The Original Series episode, see Where No Man Has Gone Before.

"Where No One Has Gone Before" is a first season episode of .

Pegg said: "For me, tonight is very special. It's the Empire Leicester Square. I saw films here as a child... it's a geek dream come true."

The Shaun of the Dead Shaun of the Dead is a zombie-themed romantic comedy (or "rom zom com" as it dubs itself), released in 2004. It was written by Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright, directed by Edgar Wright, and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.  star said that the weight of the past was on the new characters a little bit but said he had played his own version of his role.

He said: "I love the Star Trek fan base. They are world leaders in positivity." Pegg said it was not silly to dress up, adding: "It's brilliant. Anyone who looks down on it is cynical."

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