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Standardization Program presents annual achievement awards; Department Of Defense news release (March 13, 2008).

Three individuals and five teams have won awards from the Defense Standardization Program Office for outstanding contributions to the Department of Defense last fiscal year. Since 1987, DSPO DSPO Defense Standardization Program Office (US DoD Defense Logistics Agency)
DSPO Dispose
DSPO Defense Support Project Office
DSPO Defense Support Program Office
DSPO Democratic State Party Organization
 has recognized individuals and organizations that have effected significant improvement in quality, reliability, readiness, cost reduction, and interoperability through standardization.

The DSP (1) (Digital Signal Processor) A special-purpose CPU used for digital signal processing applications (see definition #2 below). It provides ultra-fast instruction sequences, such as shift and add, and multiply and add, which are commonly used in math-intensive  mission is to identify, influence, develop, manage, and provide access to standardization processes, products, and services for warfighters and the acquisition and logistics communities. In addition, the program promotes interoperability and assists in reducing total ownership costs and sustaining readiness.

Individual award recipients for 2007 are James Todd In 1865, James Todd (1832-1925) and his family established a ranch south-east of Kamloops, British Columbia. He and Lewis (Lew) Campbell could be considered the first settlers of Barnhartvale, British Columbia.[1]

James Todd was originally from England.
, engineer, Army's program manager for training devices, Program Executive Office, Simulation, Training, and Instrumentation, Orlando, Fla. Todd was instrumental in the development and implementation of standards for the Future Army Systems Integrated Target. Jack Mills
For the New Zealand cricketer sometimes known as Jack(ie) Mills, see John Mills (cricketer).
Jack Mills was the driver of the train that was the centrepiece of the Great Train Robbery of 1963.
, director, Naval Air Systems Command The Naval Air Systems Command, or NAVAIR, is the part of the United States Navy which provides materiel support for naval aircraft and airborne weapon systems, such as guided missiles. NAVAIR was established in 1966 as the successor to the Navy's Bureau of Naval Weapons (BuWeps). , Fleet Readiness Center, Executive Information Systems Division, implemented a standardized structure and process for software development and life-cycle management of the Naval Air Systems Command's Depot Maintenance That maintenance performed on materiel requiring major overhaul or a complete rebuild of parts, assemblies, subassemblies, and end-items, including the manufacture of parts, modifications, testing, and reclamation as required.  System. Also recognized was Thomas Hess, electronics engineer, Defense Supply Center Columbus. Hess made outstanding contributions to revisions of the military performance specification for microcircuits. The revised document addresses the current engineering and technical needs of the space community, military agencies, and DoD equipment manufacturers for robust military and space grade microcircuits.

Team winners include Naval Air Systems Command, DoD Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System The Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) is an air traffic control automation system currently being used in many busier TRACONs around the United States.  Operation Support Facility. By implementing lessons learned and applying the standardized process procedures, the Navy team has been able to provide OSF See Open Group.

OSF - Open Software Foundation
 support to the entire STARS community more quickly and with fewer resources than would be possible if each Service had its own OSF. Members of that team include Kathi Chesser, Adam Osborne Jr., Mark Minik, Kenneth Cole, and Michael Corrigan.

Also named as a team winner was the Air Force Materiel Command Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) is a major command of the United States Air Force. , Aeronautical aer·o·nau·tic   also aer·o·nau·ti·cal
Of or relating to aeronautics.

 Systems Center, Engineering Directorate, Aerospace Fuels Certification Military Handbook team. This team documented the certification process in Military Handbook 500, aerospace fuels certification. The new process is expected to reduce conversion to no more than three years for all weapon systems, ground support equipment, and refueling infrastructure and significantly reduce conversion costs. Members include James Edwards, Virgil Regoli, Martin Lentz, William Likos, and Edwin Wells.

Other winning teams are all from the Defense Logistics Agency Noun 1. Defense Logistics Agency - a logistics combat support agency in the Department of Defense; provides worldwide support for military missions
Defense Department, Department of Defense, DoD, United States Department of Defense, Defense - the federal department
, including the Defense Supply Center Columbus, improved power ratings for standard chip resistors covered by Military Performance Specification MIL-PRF-55342 Team. This joint DLA/Army team overhauled the military performance specification for standard chip resistors to incorporate improved power ratings. As a result of this effort, DoD can upgrade the existing part designs to improve power ratings rather than introduce new parts into the logistics systems. Members include Andrew Ernst, Jeffrey Zern, and Jeffrey Carver.

Also from the Defense Logistics Agency, Defense Supply Center Richmond, was the team for implementation of polyurethane antenna gaskets and tape to mitigate corrosion of DoD aircraft. This joint DLA/Coast Guard team implemented the use of new anticorrosion polyurethane gasket material and tape for antenna and floorboard applications on military aircraft. The use of this new material reduces or eliminates corrosion of antennas and airframes; simplifies removal of components; and allows for extension of maintenance cycle, which gives personnel more time to perform other maintenance tasks. Members are Ned Pruitt, Craig Matzdorf, Dick Kinzie, Steve Carr, and Larry Cornwell.

Another winning group is the Defense Logistics Agency's Defense Energy Support Center team for standardization of fuels, equipment, training, and laboratory operations. This team standardized critical fuels equipment and consolidated fuels training for military services and theater combatant commands. The team published a joint performance specification for collapsible fuel tanks, assisted with revising Society of Automotive Engineers SAE International (SAE) is a professional organization for mobility engineering professionals in aerospace, automotive and the commercial vehicle industries.

The Society is a standards development organization for the engineering of powered vehicles of all kinds, including
 Aerospace Standard 5877, developed policy to reduce the number of different fuel filter elements, and merged lesson plans and consolidated fuels quality training. Members are Larry Woolverton, Shawn Simon, Richard Iwanski, James Eberhardt, and William MacLaren.
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