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Sperm early 2015 the first semester feed products (seafood), a small number of bids submitted estimates notice. Feb 19, 2015 102
OXIDASPERM: Sexual Selection and the Evolution of Sperm Competitiveness: The Cost and the Avoidance of Oxidative Stress in Sperm Cells. Feb 18, 2015 266
Fresh sperm jikpanjang expansion feasibility study services. Feb 9, 2015 112
SPAWN OF THE DEVIL; Mass killer Manson, 80 planning to smuggle his sperm out of prison so new wife can get pregnant. Feb 1, 2015 1091
SPAWN OF THE DEVIL; MASS KILLER MANSON IN BIZARRE PLOT TO FATHER MORE KIDS Murderer, 80 planning to smuggle his sperm out of prison so new wife can get pregnant. Feb 1, 2015 1062
Size Matters: Study Demonstrates Importance Of Sperm Length. Dec 11, 2014 386
QAV Media Announces the Release of William Darrah Whitaker's Debut Novel, "My Life as a Sperm: One Man's Quest to Save the World". Dec 11, 2014 300
Father in Abu Dhabi loses appeal battle in stolen sperm claim. Oct 5, 2014 297
Determination of sperm sex ratio in bovine semen using multiplex real-time polymerase chain reaction. Khamlor, Trisadee; Pongpiachan, Petai; Sangsritavong, Siwat; Chokesajjawatee, Nipa Report Sep 17, 2014 3445
Pig spermatozoa defect in acrosome formation caused poor motion parameters and fertilization failure through artificial insemination and in vitro fertilization. Lee, Won Young; Lee, Ran; Kim, Hee Chan; Lee, Kyung Hoon; Cui, Xiang Shun; Kim, Nam Hyung; Kim, Sang Report Sep 17, 2014 4445
Good-Looking Men Have Low Sperm Quality, Suggests a Spanish Study. Sep 8, 2014 596
Nematode sperm may go rogue: when worms crossbreed, male sex cells can kill partners. Milius, Susan Sep 6, 2014 726
Nigella improves sperm quality in infertile men. Report Sep 1, 2014 402
Sperm flocks aid straighter swimming: groupings permit direct routes for earlier arrival at destination. Akpan, Nsikan Aug 23, 2014 400
Ant sperm swim as a team. Brookshire, Beth any Brief article Jul 26, 2014 178
Suilgo one other school (s sperm) Environmental Improvement Construction. Jul 12, 2014 118
Now, microrobots inspired by sperm. Jun 3, 2014 303
Study reveals stress degrades sperm quality. Jun 1, 2014 139
The sperm fertilizing capacity of Russian fine-wool stud rams under the influence of Australian sheep genotype. Aksenova, Polina Vladimirovna; Ermakov, Alexey Mikhailovich; Kartashov, Sergey Nikolaevich; Klimenko Report Jun 1, 2014 2168
Most extreme female penis is found on cave lice: insect's organ can be 15 percent the length of the body, extract sperm from males. Milius, Susan May 31, 2014 556
Sperm cells 'extremely efficient at swimming against current'. May 28, 2014 245
Railway signal equipment construction technician auto companies, but Bundang sperm reserves. May 23, 2014 121
L-carnitine supplemented extender improves cryopreserved-thawed cat epididymal sperm motility. Manee-in, S.; Parmornsupornvichit, S.; Kraiprayoon, S.; Tharasanit, T.; Chanapiwat, P.; Kaeoket, K. Report May 22, 2014 4518
Paleontologists discover world's most 'giant' and 'oldest' fossilized sperm. May 14, 2014 149
World's 'Oldest Sperm' Found in Australia. May 14, 2014 374
Remodeling sperm-dong, temporary buildings (architectural, mechanical). May 2, 2014 115
Protein crucial for sperm-egg fertilization discovered. Apr 17, 2014 161
Targeting Anopheles mosquitoes' sperm could help in fight against malaria. Apr 8, 2014 325
The effect of curcumin on intracellular pH (pHi), membrane hyperpolarization and sperm motility. Naz, Rajesh K. Report Apr 1, 2014 5291
The fight is finally over for widow in sperm challenge. Mar 14, 2014 351
Widow wins court battle over stored sperm. Mar 7, 2014 258
widow wins battle to keep husband's sperm. Mar 7, 2014 212
Widow wins legal fight to preserve husband's sperm. Mar 7, 2014 371
Muan gamcheonmyeon 2 Lee (sperm bone, etc.) multiple maintenance construction. Mar 3, 2014 108
Johns Hopkins researchers discover organs that produce sperm in fruit flies. Mar 1, 2014 413
First 3-D movies of living sperm provide detailed imaging. Feb 12, 2014 231
Can't have tiger sperm of your own? Adopt-a-sperm instead! Feb 12, 2014 641
Mosquito sperm have `sense of smell`. Feb 9, 2014 234
Widow takes battle for dead husband's sperm to High Court. Feb 1, 2014 437
Widow facing frozen sperm baby deadline. Feb 1, 2014 120
Widow waits on judge's sperm storage ruling. Feb 1, 2014 198
Sperm on a stick for springtails. Milius, Susan Jan 25, 2014 435
I don't know what will happen in the future, but I would like to have the choice left open to be able to have my husband's child; WIDOW'S FIGHT FOR RIGHT TO SAVE FROZEN SPERM. Jan 24, 2014 1215
University investigates Utah clinic's sperm mix-up. Jan 14, 2014 186
Mother in Gaza and father in Israel prison: Baby from smuggled sperm. Jan 11, 2014 195
Snowballs Makes Undies With Cooler to Help Sperm Swim Better. Jan 9, 2014 212
Human sperm DNA fragmentation and its correlation with conventional semen parameters. Evgeni, Evangelini; Charalabopoulos, Konstantinos; Asimakopoulos, Byron Report Jan 1, 2014 7253
Protective effects of antioxidants on sperm parameters and seminiferous tubules epithelium in high fat-fed rats. Mortazavi, Motahareh; Salehi, Iraj; Alizadeh, Zohreh; Vahabian, Mehrangiz; Roushandeh, Amaneh Mohamm Report Jan 1, 2014 3620
Comparing the roles of sperm chromatin integrity and apoptosis in intrauterine insemination outcomes of couples with mild male and female factor infertility. Ali Khalili, Mohammad; Nazari, Saeedeh; Dehghani-Firouzabadi, Razieh; Talebi, Alireza; Baghazadeh-Na Report Jan 1, 2014 3389
45,X/46,XY mixed gonadal dysgenesis: A case of successful sperm extraction. Flannigan, Ryan Kendrick; Chow, Victor; Ma, Sai; Yuzpe, Albert Clinical report Jan 1, 2014 2304
Now, robotic sperm to help fertilise eggs. Dec 13, 2013 153
Wife's legal bid to keep dead husband's sperm. Dec 5, 2013 396
Soon, male contraceptive pill that blocks sperm during ejaculation. Dec 4, 2013 246
Now,'designer sperm' may alter faulty genes of future generations. Dec 3, 2013 200
Designer Sperm: Scientists Able to Alter Genes Then Induce Fertilisation. Dec 3, 2013 336
Testicular biopsy in psittacine birds (Psittaciformes): impact of endoscopy and biopsy on health, testicular morphology, and sperm parameters. Hanse, Maria; Krautwald-Junghanns, Maria-Elisabeth; Reitemeier, Susanne; Einspanier, Almuth; Schmidt Report Dec 1, 2013 2627
Ultrastructural characteristics of spermiogenesis in Rhynchophorus ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Alzahrani, Abdullah M.; Abdelsalam, Salaheldin A.; Elmenshawy, Omar M.; Abdel-Moneim, Ashraf M. Report Dec 1, 2013 3981
Nanoparticles to unravel mystery sperm defects behind infertility. Nov 17, 2013 206
Orange Coloured Fruits Good for Men: Carrots, Melon, Sweet Potatoes Help Improve Sperm Quality. Nov 4, 2013 350
Carrots tipped as new sperm superfood. Nov 3, 2013 161
'My wife misused my sperm'. Oct 3, 2013 1030
Protective effect of ethyl pyruvate on epididymal sperm characteristics, oxidative stress and testosterone level in methotrexate treated mice. Atashfaraz, Elham; Farokhi, Farah; Najafi, Gholamreza Oct 1, 2013 4018
Smuggled-sperm babies aACAynot recognised by Israel'. Sep 26, 2013 577
The effect of varicocele on sperm morphology and DNA maturity: does acridine orange staining facilitate diagnosis? / Varikoselin sperm morfolojisi ve DNA maturitesi uzerine etkisi: acridine orange boyama taniyi kolaylastirir mi? Zumrutbas, Ali Ersin; Gulpinar, Omer; Mermerkaya, Murat; Suer, Evren; Yaman, Onder Report Sep 1, 2013 3500
A study of effects of L-carnitine on morphology and apoptosis in cryopreserved sperm. Shahrzad, Elham; Zahiri, Shahla; Ghasemi, Farangis; Jahromi, Hossin Kargar Report Sep 1, 2013 3989
Soon, males to produce eggs and females sperm. Aug 23, 2013 178
Corboy & Demetrio Files 40 Lawsuits for Patients with Frozen Sperm Destroyed at Northwestern Lab. Aug 22, 2013 751
How female fish choose the 'right' sperm. Aug 17, 2013 529
Sperm swimming speeds in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin, 1791). Mann, Roger; Luckenbach, Mark W. Report Aug 1, 2013 2820
Nonlethal sperm collection and cryopreservation in the eastern oyster Crassostrea virginica. Yang, Huiping; Supan, John; Guo, Ximing; Tiersch, Terrence R. Report Aug 1, 2013 8191
Men's sperm quality decreases after 35. Jul 26, 2013 158
Dead, live guppies vie for paternity: females can use sperm months after mates go belly up. Milius, Susan Jul 13, 2013 417
Use of fluorescent dyes for readily recognizing sperm damage. Farah, Omar Ibrahim; Cuiling, Li; Jiaojiao, Wang; Huiping, Zhang Report Jul 1, 2013 3272
Men unable to produce sperm face increased cancer risk. Jun 21, 2013 506
Iran buying lots of US bull semen. Brief article Jun 14, 2013 186
Sperm can act as natural superfood. Jun 5, 2013 320
City fertility clinic forced to import sperm ... from Manchester; Change of law leads to fewer donors. May 7, 2013 375
Sperm fight flow to reach egg: upstream swim gets male gametes to egg in men, mice. Rosen, Meghan Apr 6, 2013 482
Sperm meets egg: an initial Fertility Checklist. Terlisner, Amy Apr 1, 2013 2782
Using fresh and frozen testicular sperm samples in couples undergoing ICSI-MicroTESE treatment. Tavukcuoglu, Safak; Azawi, Tahani Al-; Hasani, Safaa Al-; Khaki, Amir Afshin; Khaki, Arash; Tasdemir Apr 1, 2013 3676
Effects of varicocelectomy on anti-sperm antibody in patients with varicocele. Bonyadi, Mohammad Reza; Madaen, Sayyed Kazem; Saghafi, Maryam Apr 1, 2013 3447
Effects of L-carnitine and pentoxifylline on the activity of lactate dehydrogenase [C.sub.4] isozyme and motility of testicular spermatozoa in mice. Aliabadi, Elham; Karimi, Fatemeh; Rasti, Mozhgan; Akmali, Masoumeh; Esmaeilpour, Tahereh Apr 1, 2013 3447
Men have healthier sperm in winter and spring. Mar 12, 2013 431
Even for sperm, there is a season. Mar 11, 2013 562
Louisiana Man Accuses Ex-Girlfriend of Stealing His Sperm. Mar 2, 2013 300
Effects of hormones on the expression of matrix metalloproteinases and their inhibitors in bovine spermatozoa. Kim, Sang Hwan; Song, Young Seon; Hwang, Sue Yun; Min, Kwan Sik; Yoon, Jong Taek Report Mar 1, 2013 4296
Direct characterization of motion-dependent parameters of sperm in a microfluidic device: proof of principle. Chen, Yu-An; Chen, Ken-Chao; Tsai, Vincent F.S.; Huang, Zi-Wei; Hsieh, Ju- Ton; Wo, Andrew M. Report Mar 1, 2013 5120
Barnacles have sex at a distance: genetic analysis finds sperm transmission through water. Milius, Susan Brief article Feb 23, 2013 296
Palestinian inmates 'sneak sperm out of jail'. Feb 7, 2013 343
Green tea constituent may protect sperm. Report Jan 1, 2013 349
Sperm length, not just the count, determines fertility. Dec 18, 2012 266
How removing sperm and egg producing cells extends lifespan. Dec 18, 2012 212
Randy Beaumier Announces Original and Creative YouTube Contest for Readers of His Latest E-book, 'I Want My Sperm Back'. Dec 12, 2012 597
Reversing male infertility. Hoffman, Silas Report Dec 1, 2012 5907
Experimental testicular torsion in a rat model: effects of treatment with Pausinystalia macroceras on testis functions. Ikebuaso, Afamefuna Donatus; Yama, Oshiozokhai Eboetse; Duru, F.I.O.; Oyebadejo, S.A. Report Nov 17, 2012 4225
Variations in sperm length may be sign of fertility problems. Nov 14, 2012 426
Male Fertility: Size Does Matter When it Comes to Sperm. Nov 14, 2012 300
How laptop's heat can frizzle men's sperm sterile. Nov 6, 2012 236
Doctors Blame Laptop Use on Sperm Damage on 30-Year-Old Brit. Nov 6, 2012 339
Reducing sperm's swimming ability could be key to male contraceptive pill. Oct 7, 2012 314
Now, hands-free automatic 'sperm extractor' for Chinese donors. Sep 22, 2012 163
Single sperm molecule 'alters' internal and external female behaviour. Sep 13, 2012 371
Walnuts improve quality of sperm. Brunk, Doug Sep 1, 2012 323
Iranian Scientists Develop Early Sperm Cells from Human Skin. Sep 1, 2012 278
High intake of micronutrients may improve sperm quality in older men. Aug 27, 2012 327
Sperm's genetic blueprint compiled: analysis uses sex cells to calculate human mutation rates. Saey, Tina Hesman Aug 25, 2012 410
World Record Broken for Birth Through Cryopreserved Sperm. Aug 24, 2012 899
Daily dose of walnuts 'boost sperm quality'. Aug 16, 2012 386
New Study Finds Walnuts Improve Sperm Quality In Men. Aug 16, 2012 1470
Slower and longer sperm most likely to meet eggs. Aug 2, 2012 477
Corboy & Demetrio Files Emergency Petition to Investigate Destruction of Sperm by Northwestern. Jul 17, 2012 573
Lipid peroxidation and nitric oxide levels in male smokers' spermatozoa and their relation with sperm motility. Ghaffari, Mohammad Ali; Rostami, Morad Report Jun 1, 2012 4603
Gene key to sperm development may lead to new male contraceptive. May 25, 2012 374
Sperm crawl and collide along walls of uterus in search of egg. May 8, 2012 523
Research: Obese Men Have 80% Higher Odds of Producing No Sperm. Apr 10, 2012 448
Organochlorines and human sperm disomy. Brief article Apr 1, 2012 172
Environmental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls and p,p'-DDE and sperm sex-chromosome disomy. McAuliffe, Megan E.; Williams, Paige L.; Korrick, Susan A.; Altshul, Larisa M.; Perry, Melissa J. Report Apr 1, 2012 7848
A workbook on human spermatozoa and assisted conception. Book review Apr 1, 2012 144
Zimbabwean men fear being raped by 'sperm hunting' women. Mar 24, 2012 337
Acute effects of Ruta graveolens L. on sperm parameters and DNA integrity in rats. Halvaei, Iman; Roodsari, Hamid Reza Sadeghipour; Harat, Zhila Naghibi Report Mar 1, 2012 3416
Doubts cast over sperm's 'Lily of the Valley' phenomenon. Feb 29, 2012 608
Benzene and sperm chromosomal damage. Brief article Feb 1, 2012 196
Occupational exposure to benzene and chromosomal structural aberrations in the sperm of Chinese men. Marchetti, Francesco; Eskenazi, Brenda; Weldon, Rosana H.; Li, Guilan; Zhang, Luoping; Rappaport, St Report Feb 1, 2012 8728
Sperm production negatively impacts immunity. Jan 31, 2012 340
Soon, artificial sperm making testicles may help infertile men father kids. Jan 20, 2012 315
Seasonal changes in serum testosterone, LDH concentration and semen characteristics in Markhoz goats. Farshad, A.; Yousefi, A.; Moghaddam, A.; Khalili, B. Report Jan 7, 2012 3888
Lab sperm bid to end infertility; MEN. Jan 3, 2012 148
Infertile men may soon be able to father kids with lab grown sperm. Jan 3, 2012 313
Decision upheld: ban on sperm and ova legal. Brief article Jan 1, 2012 106
The sperm donation controversy. Shea, John B. Column Jan 1, 2012 508
Whale sperm and orgasmic feet top 2011 bad science list. Dec 28, 2011 583
Iranian Scientists Develop Early Sperm Cells from Human Skin. Dec 25, 2011 280
Former agent urged Aniston to ask for Pitt's sperm post-split. Dec 24, 2011 129
Overweight dad's sperm may pass on obesity to offspring. Dec 21, 2011 242
Frequency of antisperm antibodies in infertile women. Mahdi, Batool Mutar; Salih, Wafaa Hazim; Caitano, Annie Edmond; Kadhum, Bassma Maki; Ibrahim, Dina S Report Dec 1, 2011 2696
Laptop WiFi could damage sperm. Nov 30, 2011 262
3 Zimbabwean women charged for raping men, collecting sperm for ritual. Nov 29, 2011 362
Lady Gaga spotted out with giant sperm on her head! Nov 17, 2011 154
Sperm samples destroyed in IVF clinic 'error'. Nov 15, 2011 522
Hospital's apology after frozen sperm destroyed; TWO SENIOR IVF WALES STAFF RESIGNED AFTER INCIDENT Hospital's apology after frozen sperm is destroyed. Nov 15, 2011 735
Patients' frozen sperm is destroyed. Nov 15, 2011 264
Proved! Snakes can store sperm for 5 yrs before giving birth. Oct 25, 2011 184
New Study Finds Sperm Quality Decreases as Males Age. Report Oct 17, 2011 785
Females hound males when they offer 'nutritional perks' besides sperm. Sep 29, 2011 229
Study on suitable semen additives incorporation into the extender stored at refrigerated temperature. Bhakat, M.; Mohanty, T.K.; Raina, V.S.; Gupta, A.K.; Pankaj, P.K.; Mahapatra, R.K.; Sarkar, M. Report Sep 28, 2011 7881
Detection of the SRY transcript and protein in bovine ejaculated spermatozoa. Li, Chunjin; Sun, Yongfeng; Yi, Kangle; Li, Chengjiao; Zhu, Xiaoling; Chen, Lu; Zhou, Xu Sep 28, 2011 3816
Vitamin C may prevent sperm damage. Sep 22, 2011 231
Female chickens have ability to eject sperm of unsuitable mates. Sep 7, 2011 312
Prohibiting anonymous sperm donation and the child welfare error. Cohen, I. Glenn Sep 1, 2011 1850
Maturational changes in binding capacity of fowl sperm to the epithelium of the sperm storage tubules during their passage through the male reproductive tract. Ahammad, Muslah U.; Okamoto, S.; Kawamoto, Y.; Nakada, T. Report Sep 1, 2011 3777
The profile of human sperm proteome; a mini-review. Gilany, Kambiz; Lakpour, Niknam; Vafakhah, Mohtaram; Sadeghi, Mohammad Reza Report Sep 1, 2011 3637
Effects of nicotine on sperm characteristics and fertility profile in adult male rats: a possible role of cessation. Oyeyipo, Ibukun Peter; Raji, Yinusa; Emikpe, Benjamin Obukowho; Bolarinwa, Adeyombo Folashade Report Sep 1, 2011 4141
Relationship between testicular sperm extraction results and AZF gene mutations. / Testikuler sperm ekstraksiyonu sonuclarinin AZF gen mutasyonlari ile iliskisi. Altintas, Rasit; Alpman Durmaz, Asude; Karamazak, Serkan; Tavmergen, Erol; Onay, Huseyin; Baris Alta Sep 1, 2011 3692
Picky hens eject sperm from males they don't fancy. Aug 26, 2011 189
Spanish La Liga club makes porn film on donating sperm to boost fan base. Aug 20, 2011 267
How 'sticky' egg captures sperm to begin fertilization. Aug 19, 2011 368
Scientists find way to turn embryonic stem cells into sperm. Aug 5, 2011 204
Germ of cereal grains and seeds in association with semen parameters. Bahrami, Ali M.; Doosti, Alizaman; Ahmady-Asbchin, Salman Report Aug 1, 2011 4229
Sperm cloaking protein key to men's fertility, finds study. Jul 23, 2011 347
sPeRm FeaRs. Jul 21, 2011 257
SPERM FEARS. Jul 21, 2011 252
One in four men have 'bad' sperm; fertility. Jul 21, 2011 156
SPERM FEARS. Jul 21, 2011 254
Sperm cloaking protein key to men's fertility, finds study. Jul 21, 2011 347
Mom claims 13 yr-old daughter pregnant from sperm in Egypt pool- in 'Denial' say others! Jul 12, 2011 301
Spermicidal action of a protein isolated from ethanolic root extracts of Achyranthes aspera: an in vitro study. Anuja, M.M.; Nithya, R.S.; Swathy, S.S.; Rajamanickam, C.; Indira, M. Report Jun 15, 2011 3649
Genetic banks will store coral sperm. Jun 1, 2011 456
Strauss-Kahn's sperm found on New York hotel maid's dress. May 24, 2011 216
PAH metabolites and sperm DNA damage. Report May 1, 2011 132
Window for dioxin damage: sperm quality in men born after the Seveso disaster. Barrett, Julia R. Report May 1, 2011 425
Association between urinary polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon metabolites and sperm DNA damage: a population study in Chongqing, China. Han, Xue; Zhou, Niya; Cui, Zhihong; Ma, Mingfu; Li, Lianbing; Cai, Min; Li, Yafei; Lin, Hui; Li, Yin Report May 1, 2011 7082
Sperm DNA damage & oxidative stress in recurrent spontaneous abortion (RSA). Shamsi, Monis Bilal; Venkatesh, Sunderarjan; Pathak, Dhananjay; Deka, Deepika; Dada, Rima May 1, 2011 1215
Austrian ban on sperm and ova donation held to be unjustified. May 1, 2011 330
The effect of cysteine on post-thawed buffalo bull (Bubalus Bubalis) sperm parameters. Beheshti, Rahim; Asadi, Aiden; Eshratkhah, Behrad; GhaleKandi, Jamshid Ghiasi; Ghorbani, Abolfazl Report May 1, 2011 2187
Effects of clove extract as an anesthetic on sperm motility traits and some hematological parameters in Prussian carp Carassius gibelio. Farahi, Amin; Kasiri, Milad; Talebi, Amir; Sudagar, Mohammad Report May 1, 2011 2193
'When I went to war they warned I could lose a limb.. they never told me I'd never be able to have kids ' AFGHAN HERO'S CAMPAIGN FOR SOLDIERS TO PRESERVE SPERM. Apr 24, 2011 467
GROW YOUR OWN BABY; Experts create sperm from skin tissue cells. Mar 24, 2011 211
Hope for infertile men as scientists grow test-tube sperm. Mar 24, 2011 210
Publications about sperm during the years 1897 to 2010. Maya, Walter Cardona Report Mar 1, 2011 564
Effects of Kamdhenu ark and active immunization by gonadotropin releasing hormone conjugate (GnRH-BSA) on gonadosomatic indices (GSI) and sperm parameters in male Mus musculus. Ganaie, Javid Ahmad; Gautam, Varsha; Shrivastava, Vinoy Kumar Report Mar 1, 2011 3280
Oz soldiers freeze sperm for wives, girlfriends in case they're killed. Feb 27, 2011 237
Jamie Oliver's show criticised over boys being asked for sperm samples. Feb 22, 2011 573
'Promiscuous' chimps produce more sperm. Feb 17, 2011 237
'Control center' for sperm production discovered. Feb 3, 2011 376
Talking with Children About Sperm Donation. Jan 14, 2011 697
Effect of cholesterol-loaded-cyclodextrin in presence and absence of egg yolk during freezing step on quality of Markhoz buck's spermatozoa. Farshad, A.; Amidi, F.; Khor, A. Koohi; Rashidi, A. Report Jan 14, 2011 5833
Vitrolife Obtains CE Mark for Product for Freeze Storage of Sperm. Jan 12, 2011 486
X-rated worm tapes reveal how sex shapes sperm. Jan 12, 2011 290
Human spermatozoa; maturation, capacitation, and abnormalities. Book review Dec 1, 2010 153
HOT SPERM DAMAGE. Nov 7, 2010 126
Effect of the addition of [beta]-hydroxybutyrate to chemically defined maturation medium on the nuclear maturation, sperm penetration and embryonic development of porcine oocytes in vitro. Endo, R.; Ishii, A.; Nakanishi, A.; Nabenishi, H.; Ashizawa, K.; Tsuzuki, Y. Report Nov 1, 2010 4393
Proportion of sperm and eggs for maximal in vitro fertilization in haliotis asinina and the chronology of early development. Suphamungmee, Worawit; Engsusophon, Attakorn; Vanichviriyakit, Rapeepun; Sretarugsa, Prapee; Chavade Report Nov 1, 2010 3645
Eating a lot of saturated fat could damage your sperm: Study. Oct 27, 2010 189
MEN who donate sperm for [...]. Oct 25, 2010 103
American widow gives dead husband's sperm to girlfriend. Oct 19, 2010 236
NYC woman wants dead hubby's sperm to raise a family. Oct 16, 2010 216
pounds 250k web sperm pair spared jail; GUILTY. Oct 13, 2010 139
Infertile cancer sufferer becomes dad 14 years after freezing sperm. Oct 12, 2010 186
Husband wants me to use his mate's sperm; dear coleen. Sep 28, 2010 490
Effects of butylated hydroxytoluene on freezability of ram spermatozoa. Farshad, A.; Khalili, B.; Jafaroghli, M. Report Sep 21, 2010 4814
Brit businessmen 'made 250k pounds from selling sperm to women'. Sep 16, 2010 489
Men made pounds 250k from sperm site. Sep 14, 2010 137
SMOKING MUMS RISK FOR SONS; Experts find sperm stunted by tobacco. Sep 8, 2010 265
Animal sperm all related. Dickey, Gwyneth Brief article Aug 14, 2010 117
Exposure to plastics chemical BPA may harm sperm quality. Aug 4, 2010 204
Human sperm gene is 600 million years old. Jul 16, 2010 351
The effect of various concentrations of taurine during in vitro fertilization on the development of bovine embryos fertilized with spermatozoa from three different bulls. Tsuzuki, Yasuhiro; Toyama, Hitomi; Nabenishi, Hisashi; Morita, Tetsuo; Ashizawa, Koji Report Jul 1, 2010 5060
Sperm structure acts as protein gate. Jul 1, 2010 814
Inbred sperm fertilize fewer eggs. Jun 16, 2010 412
Benzene and sperm aneuploidy. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 147
Benzene exposure near the U.S. permissible limit is associated with sperm aneuploidy. Xing, Caihong; Marchetti, Francesco; Li, Guilan; Weldon, Rosana H.; Kurtovich, Elaine; Young, Suzann Clinical report Jun 1, 2010 8588
Novel sperm stem-cell technique helps produce genetically modified rats. May 29, 2010 357
Test to identify 'best' sperm developed. May 29, 2010 437
Sperm gang up with kin to gain Lance Armstrong-style speed in pursuit of egg. Apr 22, 2010 387
How did eggs and sperm evolve? Apr 17, 2010 371
Brit Mayor apologizes for comparing illegal immigrants to sperm on Facebook. Apr 16, 2010 172
Leafcutter ant queens shut down male-male sperm competition. Mar 20, 2010 303
Sperm of ants battle inside the queens. Mar 20, 2010 262
The effects of different concentrations of glycine and cysteine on the freezability of Moghani ram spermatozoa. Khalili, B.; Jafaroghli, M.; Farshad, A.; Paresh-Khiavi, M. Report Mar 1, 2010 5084
Isolating, amplifying and quantifying sperm DNA in Anastrepha suspensa (diptera: tephritidae). Fritz, Ann H.; Dhakal, Preeti; Fritz, Gary N.; Kirby, Laura A. Report Mar 1, 2010 5356
Pore propulsion helps out sperm: study suggests possible link between marijuana, infertility. Sanders, Laura Feb 27, 2010 360
Sperm's swimming secrets revealed. Feb 5, 2010 303
New Study Demonstrates Novel Use of Metabolic Imaging to Locate Sperm in Infertile Men. Feb 4, 2010 453
Ambient air pollution and sperm quality parameters in fertile men. Brief article Feb 1, 2010 215
The effect of ambient air pollution on sperm quality. Hansen, Craig; Luben, Thomas J.; Sacks, Jason D.; Olshan, Andrew; Jeffay, Susan; Strader, Lillian; P Report Feb 1, 2010 8592
Male great tits with flashy boobs produce stronger sperm. Jan 21, 2010 249
ICE ICE BABIES; Widow's joy thanks to hubby's frozen sperm. Jan 8, 2010 391
Daily sex 'helps improve sperm quality'. Dec 26, 2009 570
Effects of sucrose and trehalose on the freezability of Markhoz goat spermatozoa. Khalili, B.; Farshad, A.; Zamiri, M.J.; Rashidi, A.; Fazeli, P. Report Dec 1, 2009 3589
British town in soup over new logo that 'looks like sperm'. Nov 27, 2009 255
SPERM WAILS; Teen pregnancy hotspot town's new logo 'a joke'. Nov 26, 2009 251
The woman who's allergic to her husband's sperm! Nov 6, 2009 280
Sperm may play a lead role in HIV spread. Oct 28, 2009 253
Chemical in sperm offers new weapon to fight ageing. Oct 21, 2009 299
Chemical in sperm offers new weapon to fight ageing. Oct 12, 2009 297
Fruit fly sperm compels females to do housework after sex session. Sep 30, 2009 404
CoQ10 may increase sperm motility and density. Hunter, Kim Brief article Sep 22, 2009 243
How females control sperm storage to pick the best dad. Sep 9, 2009 362
Two 'sperm brokers' on fertility rap; COURT. Aug 20, 2009 107
'Rethink' sperm sales. Aug 3, 2009 124
Scientists uncover the secret life of sperm. Aug 2, 2009 690
Reversal on man-made sperm claim; CONTROVERSY. Aug 1, 2009 90
British scientists withdraw study claiming to create human sperm from embryonic stem cells. Aug 1, 2009 222
Johns Hopkins researchers report successfully creating stem cells from developing sperm from fruit fly. Aug 1, 2009 282
Claims of plagiarism plague North sperm claim. Jul 30, 2009 400
Professor making sperm. Jul 17, 2009 697
Geordie sperm spells disaster. Jul 15, 2009 615
Forget lab sperm, we need more balls. Jul 14, 2009 466
Artificial sperm will leave more time for men to enjoy the cricket; that'stypical: OPINION. Jul 13, 2009 495
Males' sperm travel faster when females are attractive. Jul 10, 2009 351
Row over sperm 'breakthrough'. Jul 9, 2009 334
Are artificial human sperm actually identical to natural kind? Jul 9, 2009 323
Scientists create artificial sperm cells from human embryonic stem cells. Jul 8, 2009 356
Row over sperm 'breakthrough'. Jul 8, 2009 334
THE END OF MEN? Scientists create sperm in the lab out of stem cells ..and they're blokes! Jul 8, 2009 327
END OF MEN? Boffins grow human sperm in laboratory. Jul 8, 2009 283
Lab sperm gives hope; WORLDTODAY. Jul 8, 2009 102
Sperm made from stem cells put men on notice. Jul 7, 2009 443
Daily sex 'helps improve sperm quality'. Jul 1, 2009 570
Binding characteristics of sperm with recombinant human zona pellucida glycoprotein-3 coated beads. Bansal, Pankaj; Gupta, S.K. Report Jul 1, 2009 4881
Effects of sperm pretreatments and in vitro culture systems on development of in vitro fertilized embryos derived from prepubertal Boer goat oocytes in China. Lv, Lihua; Yue, Wenbin; Liu, Wenzhong; Ren, Youshe; Li, Fuzhong; Lee, Kyung-Bon; Smith, George W. Report Jul 1, 2009 5552
Genes packaged in fathers' sperm shape healthy babies. Jun 15, 2009 384
I want a surrogate to have my dead son's baby; EXCLUSIVE: Before his tragic death at 21, Nikolas Eveans told his mum, Missy, how much he wanted kids. Here she explains why she had sperm taken form his dead body so she could fulfil that dream... May 11, 2009 1280
UK researchers create human sperm using embryonic stem cells. Author abstract May 1, 2009 175
Mum faces flak for taking dead son's sperm to create grandchild. Apr 13, 2009 189
Biochemical changes that put sperm 'in the mood' identified. Apr 13, 2009 225
Small RNAs have critical roles sperm formation. Apr 10, 2009 321
Human centriole: origin, & how it impacts fertilization, embryogenesis, infertility & cloning. Sathananthan, A. Henry Editorial Apr 1, 2009 1880
Study sheds light on egg cells' unique ability to ensure that sperm don't get too old. Mar 26, 2009 358
We love telly: Resistance is fertile - PICK OF THE DAY - THE GREAT SPERM RACE C4, 9pm. Mar 23, 2009 303
We love telly: PICK OF THE DAY - Resistance is fertile - THE GREAT SPERM RACE C4, 9pm. Mar 23, 2009 303
Cytological attributes of sperm bundles unique to [F.sub.l] progeny of irradiated male Lepidoptera: relevance to sterile insect technique programs. Carpenter, J.E.; Marti, O.G.; Wee, S.L.; Suckling, D.M. Report Mar 1, 2009 3471
No bull..we sell sperm to Chinese; AGRICULTURE. Feb 26, 2009 119
'Would all my sperm have been used up the first time?'. Feb 11, 2009 119
CANCER MEN'S VICTORY IN THAWED SPERM BLUNDER; They win right to sue NHS. Feb 5, 2009 186
Cancer patients can sue for loss of sperm. Feb 5, 2009 377
Effects of [Ca.sup.2+] and HC[O.sub.3.sup.-] on capacitation, hyperactivation and protein tyrosine phosphorylation in guinea pig spermatozoa. Huang, Jing-yan; Wang, Gen-lin; Kong, Li-juan Report Feb 1, 2009 3752
Isolation and in vitro culture of pig spermatogonial stem cell. Han, Su Young; Gupta, Mukesh Kumar; Uhm, Sang Jun; Lee, Hoon Taek Report Feb 1, 2009 4225
Cryopreserved sperm can produce pregnancies. McBride, Deborah Brief article Feb 1, 2009 266
Fish with promiscuous females have evolved 'super sperm' to deal with competition. Jan 20, 2009 401
Pollution slows some sperm. Raloff, Janet Brief article Dec 20, 2008 80
Coca-Cola does not kill sperm, says researcher. Dec 19, 2008 146
Brainy men 'have better quality sperm'. Dec 6, 2008 405
When it comes to sperm, size 'does not matter'. Dec 3, 2008 290
Do cell phones hurt sperm quality? Brief article Dec 1, 2008 162
Effects of sucrose and glycerol during the freezing step of cryopreservation on the viability of goat spermatozoa. Farshad, A.; Akhondzadeh, S. Dec 1, 2008 5861
Human sperm centrin levels & outcome of intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)--A pilot study. Hinduja, Indira; Zaveri, Kusum; Baliga, Nishitha Clinical report Nov 1, 2008 3304
SPERM BRAIN LINK; HEALTH. Oct 11, 2008 115
Effect of emotional stress on sperm quality. Collodel, Giulia; Moretti, Elena; Fontani, Vania; Rinaldi, Salvatore; Aravagli, Lucia; Sarago, Giorg Clinical report Sep 1, 2008 4775
First male sperm precedence in multiply-mated females of the cooperative spider Anelosimus studiosus (Araneae, Theridiidae). Jones, Thomas C.; Parker, Patricia G. Report Sep 1, 2008 5104
Comparison of viability, ATP and in vitro fertilization of boar sperm stored at 4[degrees]C in the three different diluents. Yi, Y.J.; Li, Z.H.; Kim, E.S.; Song, E.S.; Cong, P.Q.; Lee, S.H.; Zhang, Y.H.; Lee, J.W.; Park, C.S. Report Aug 1, 2008 4772
Baby joy for frozen sperm dad; BIRTH. Jul 22, 2008 105
Poor body size link to bad sperm; FERTILITY. Jul 9, 2008 116
Comparison of genetic parameter estimates of total sperm cells of boars between random regression and multiple trait animal models. Oh, S.-H.; See, M.T. Report Jul 1, 2008 4195

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