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Special vowel-consonant patterns.

Two constraints CONSTRAINTS - A language for solving constraints using value inference.

["CONSTRAINTS: A Language for Expressing Almost-Hierarchical Descriptions", G.J. Sussman et al, Artif Intell 14(1):1-39 (Aug 1980)].
 are imposed on the words offered in this article. The first is by way of their vowel-consonant (V-C) patterns; the second is a numerical numerical

expressed in numbers, i.e. Arabic numerals of 0 to 9 inclusive.

numerical nomenclature
a numerical code is used to indicate the words, or other alphabetical signals, intended.


Only words which have a palindromic pal·in·dro·mic
Relapsing; recurring.
 and/or and/or  
Used to indicate that either or both of the items connected by it are involved.

Usage Note: And/or is widely used in legal and business writing.
 tautonymic V-C pattern are admitted. For example:

CLOT.TING has the palindromic V-C pattern CCvC.CvCC

JUGG.LERS LERS Low-Energy Recoil Scattering
LERS Lower Echelon Reporting System
 has the tautonymic V-C pattern CvCC.CvCC

COPEN.HAGEN Hagen (hä`gən), city (1994 pop. 214,880), North Rhine–Westphalia, W Germany, on the Ennepe River. It is an industrial center in the Ruhr district. Its manufactures include iron and steel, chemicals, machinery, paper, and textiles.  has both a palindromic and tautonymic V-C pattern CvCvC.CvCvC

But these examples have not been chosen at random. The word OVERT.AKING has a tautonymic V-C pattern (vCvCC.vCvCC), but it is not admitted. So, what characteristic do the first three words possess which OVERTAKING o·ver·take  
tr.v. o·ver·took , o·ver·tak·en , o·ver·tak·ing, o·ver·takes
a. To catch up with; draw even or level with.

b. To pass after catching up with.

 lacks? The answer is a numerical one.


Let us begin by assigning as·sign  
tr.v. as·signed, as·sign·ing, as·signs
1. To set apart for a particular purpose; designate: assigned a day for the inspection.

 A = 1, B = 2 through Z = 26. The words which passed the V-C pattern test only pass the second test if they are numerical palindromes, numerical tautonyms The following is a list of tautonyms: taxonomic names in which the genus and species names are the same. These are allowed in zoology, but not in botany, where the genus and species names must differ (though differences as small as one letter are permitted, as in the Jujube , both numerical palindromes and tautonyms, or balanced words (word total divided by number of letters = 13.5).

CLOT.TING is a numerical tautonym tau·to·nym  
A taxonomic designation, such as Gorilla gorilla, in which the genus and species names are the same, commonly used in zoology but no longer in botany.
 (50.50); JUGG.LERS is a numerical palindrome palindrome: see anagram.  (45.54); COPEN.HAGEN is also a numerical palindrome (53.35). The word HORN.LESS (CvCC.CvCC), a V-C tautonym, is both a numerical palindrome and a numerical tautonym (55.55). OVERT.AKING does not pass any of the numerical tests, so is excluded.

For further reading, articles concerned with numerical tautonyms, numerical palindromes, and balanced words which have appeared in Word Ways include:

70010 Numerical Tautonyms by Darryl Darryl is a common English name from Old English and Old French origin, generally used for males, but also can be the name of a female. It was used since the time of the Norman Saxon invasion of England.  Francis Francis, French prince, duke of Alençon and Anjou
Francis, 1554–84, French prince, duke of Alençon and Anjou; youngest son of King Henry II of France and Catherine de' Medici.

70244 6-Letter Numerical Tautonyms by Leslie Leslie (Gaelic, derived from a surname meaning 'garden of hollies,'grey fortress, or'garden by the pool')[1] can refer to any of the following: Places
in Scotland:
  • Leslie, Aberdeenshire
  • Leslie, Fife
in the

71185 8-Letter Numerical Tautonyms by Leslie Card

74024 Palindromic Letter Sequences by Leslie Card and A. Ross Eckler
For the centenarian researcher, see A. Ross Eckler, Jr.

Albert Ross Eckler (May 22, 1901 - March 14, 1991) served as deputy director of the United States Census Bureau from 1949 to 1965, and its director from 1965 until 1969.

94206 and 95040 Balanced Words and Balanced Dreams by Susan Thorpe Thorpe   , James Francis Known as "Jim." 1888-1953.

American athlete. An outstanding collegiate football player, he later played professional football and baseball.

96242 Numerical Palindromes Part 1 by Susan Thorpe

97066 Numerical Palindromes Part 2 by Rex Gooch

97204 and 98011 Varieties of Balanced Words, Parts 1 and 2 by Rex Gooch


Unreferenced words can be found in the Oxford English Dictionary Oxford English Dictionary

(OED) great multi-volume historical dictionary of English. [Br. Hist.: Caught in the Web of Words]

See : Lexicography
, Second Edition. References for non-OED words are:

ch Chambers English Dictionary

d Dorland's Medical Dictionary Dorland's is the brand name of several different medical dictionaries and ancillary products, chiefly Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary (currently in its 31st edition) and Dorland's Pocket Medical Dictionary (currently in its 27th edition).  

hod Handbook
For the handbook about Wikipedia, see .

This article is about reference works. For the subnotebook computer, see .
"Pocket reference" redirects here.
 of American Indians American Indians: see Americas, antiquity and prehistory of the; Natives, Middle American; Natives, North American; Natives, South American.  edited by F.W. Hodge, 1907

ro Roget's Thesaurus Roget's Thesaurus is a widely-used English thesaurus, created by Dr. Peter Mark Roget (1779–1869) in 1805 and was released to the public on 29 April, 1852. The original edition had 15,000 words, and each new edition has been larger.  

st Stedman's Medical Dictionary A medical dictionary is a lexicon for words used in medicine. The three major English language medical dictionaries are Stedman's, Taber's, and Dorland's medical dictionaries.  

tf Tertiary tertiary (tûr`shēârē), in the Roman Catholic Church, member of a third order. The third orders are chiefly supplements of the friars—Franciscans (the most numerous), Dominicans, and Carmelites.  Faunas by A. Morley Davies

w2/w3 Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Second/Third Edition

Taken from the United States Board on Geographic Names The United States Board on Geographic Names (BGN) is an American federal body whose purpose is to establish and maintain uniform usage of geographic names throughout the U.S. government. Overview
The Board was created in 1890; its present form derives from a law of 1947.

In currencies, this is the abbreviation for the Bulgarian Lev.

The currency market, also known as the Foreign Exchange market, is the largest financial market in the world, with a daily average volume of over US $1 trillion.
), locations are identified by country using the following abbreviations:

Algeria, Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Bulgaria, Burma, Chad Chad (chăd, chäd), Fr. Tchad, officially Republic of Chad, republic (2005 est. pop. 9,826,000), 495,752 sq mi (1,284,000 sq km), N central Africa. , China, Comoros, Congo (DR), Congo (Republic), Cyprus, Denmark, East Timor East Timor (tē`môr) or Timor-Leste (–lĕsht), Tetum Timor Lorosae, republic, officially Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste (2002 est. pop. , Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, French Polynesia French Polynesia, officially Territory of French Polynesia, internally self-governing overseas country (2002 pop. 245,516) of France, consisting of 118 islands in the South Pacific. The capital is Papeete, on Tahiti. , Germany, Guinea Guinea, archaic term for Africa's west coast
Guinea (gĭn`ē), an archaic term for the west coast of Africa. In its widest sense it has been applied to the region from Angola to Senegal.
, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Ivory Coast Ivory Coast: see Côte d'Ivoire. , Japan, Mali, Morocco Morocco, country, Africa
Morocco (mərŏk`ō), officially Kingdom of Morocco, kingdom (2005 est. pop. 32,726,000), 171,834 sq mi (445,050 sq km), NW Africa.
, Mozambique, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Romania, S.Africa, S.Korea, Sri Lanka Sri Lanka (srē läng`kə) [Sinhalese,=resplendent land], formerly Ceylon, ancient Taprobane, officially Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, island republic (2005 est. pop. , Togo, Tunis, Ukraine, United Kingdom


In the tables which follow, the words are either solid or hyphenated hy·phen·at·ed  
1. Having a hyphen: a hyphenated adjective.

2. Often Offensive Of or relating to naturalized citizens or their descendants or culture.
. Phrases are not admitted. Only those patterns which have at least one vowel vowel

Speech sound in which air from the lungs passes through the mouth with minimal obstruction and without audible friction, like the i in fit. The word also refers to a letter representing such a sound (a, e, i, o, u, and sometimes y).
 and one consonant consonant

Any speech sound characterized by an articulation in which a closure or narrowing of the vocal tract completely or partially blocks the flow of air; also, any letter or symbol representing such a sound.
 in each half of the word are admitted. Thus all-vowel words and all-consonant words do not appear. Words which themselves are tautonyms or palindromes are excluded, along with words harbouring the controversial-status letter Y. For each V-C pattern, a single example is provided for each of the four numerical orders, wherever possible. V-C patterns for which no numerical example was found are listed at the end of each table under `none'.


Although no thorough search for longer words was undertaken, I could not resist offering a taste of 14-letter examples:

V-C Palindromes

CvCCvCC.CCvCCvC VINBERG.SHALLET (77.77) is an island in Finland

V-C Tautonyms


CvCCvCC.CvCCvCC CIRCUMS.TANCING (86.68), COTRANS COTRANS Coordinated Transfer Application System .PORTING (balanced 189/14 = 13.5)



V-C Tautonym/Palindrome



Whilst searching for constrained con·strain  
tr.v. con·strained, con·strain·ing, con·strains
1. To compel by physical, moral, or circumstantial force; oblige: felt constrained to object. See Synonyms at force.

 words, a number of extra-special words were encountered. I list them here, in no special order:

Some words boast more than 2 of the constraints considered above. PAVO.NIZE embodies 3 constraints. It is a V-C tautonym (CvCv.CvCv), a numerical tautonym (54.54), and a balanced word (108/8 = 13.5). SINFUL.NESSES w2 not only has dual V-C palindromic/tautonymic status (CvCCvC.CvCCvC), it is also a numerical tautonym (81.81) and a balanced word (162/12 = 13.5), making it a word with 4 constraints.

SKID.DING is a V-C palindrome (CCvC.CvCC) and a numerical palindrome (43.34). Its antonym, ANTISK.IDDING, is a V-C tautonym (vCCvCC.vCCvCC), and, like its opposite number, a numerical palindrome (74.47).

The words OPER OPER Operational
OPER Operator/Operations
.ATES ATES Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage
ATES AEGIS Tactical Executive System
ATES Advanced Threat Emitter System (aka Joint Threat Emitter)
ATES ARINC Technical Excellence Society
 and OPER.ATOR share the same root but have different endings. Whilst OPER.ATES is a numerical palindrome (54.45), OPER.ATOR is a numerical tautonym (54.54). Both have the tautonymic, alternating, V-C pattern vCvC.vCvC. The mouthful TARAMA.SALATA not only has a tautonymic V-C pattern (CvCvCv.CvCvCv) but is also a numerical tautonym (54.54). Its usual claim to fame is its monovocalic status with six letters A which alternate singly with single consonants This is a list of all consonants, ordered by place and manner of articulation. Ordered by place of articulation
Labial consonants

Bilabial consonants

  • bilabial click [ʘ] 
. DUP DUP (in Northern Ireland) Democratic Unionist Party .LEX, with its inherent `double' connotation con·no·ta·tion  
1. The act or process of connoting.

a. An idea or meaning suggested by or associated with a word or thing:
 is, appropriately, both a dual status V-C tautonym/palindrome (CvC.CvC) and a numerical tautonym (41.41). The 8-letter V-C tautonym ADIN Adin (ā`dĭn), in the Bible, family that returned from Exile. .IDAN IDAN Intelligent Data Acquisition System  (vCvC.vCvC) w2 is a numerical tautonym (28.28). But its talents do not end there. By moving the final letter N to the beginning, the original word can be read backwards. ADIN.IDAN is also a split-word pair isogram i·so·gram  
See isoline.


See isoline.

Noun 1. isogram - a line drawn on a map connecting points having the same numerical value of some variable
, one eachof the same letters appearing in each half of the word in a different order.

               numerical pal.              numerical taut.

6 letters

Cvv.vvC        HAO.UAT (24.42) Tun         HOO.UEL (38.38)
CCv.vCC        FLE.ESH (23.32)             WHE.ELS (36.36)
vCC.CCv        UCH.HNA (32.23) Ban         IKH.SHA (28.28) Egy
vvC.Cvv        AAS.BAI (21.12) w2          EAR.NEE (24.24)

8 letters

CCvC.CvCC      SKID.DING (43.34)           CLOT.TING (50.50)
CvCC.CCvC      BARD.SHIP (25.52)           MENS.TRAL (51.51)
CvCv.vCvC      REHO.USES (46.64)           VENE.ERER (46.46)w2
Cvvv.vvvC                                  TOUA.OUIL (57.57) Mor
vvCv.vCvv                                  OURO.ULOU (69.69)Cha
vCvv.vvCv                                  AZAO.UIDI (43.43)Mor
vCvC.CvCv      UNIT.RINE (64.46)           ENIG.MATA (35.35)

               num. pal./taut              balanced

6 letters                                  total = 81

Cvv.vvC        COO.IES (33.33)             LOUIES
CCv.vCC        SMA.ILL (33.33)             SKIERS
vCC.CCv                                    ELLHWU
vvC.Cvv        OUS.SOU (55.55) Mor         OUT-SEA

8 letters                                  total = 108

CCvC.CvCC      CROS.SISH (55.55)           STIRLING
CCvv.vvCC                                  FRAOUISS Alg
CvCC.CCvC      MINS.TREL (55.55)           MALTSTER
CvCv.vCvC      RETA.ILER (44.44)           DEVOURER
Cvvv.vvvC                                  ZOUAOUAH Mor
vvCv.vCvv                                  UAQU EQUE Moz
vCvv.vvCv      UBAI.EIRA (33.33) Bra
vCvC.CvCv      AMAR.DASI (33.33)Ind        EXERTIVE

None CCCv.vCCC vvvC.Cvvv vvCC.CCvv vCCC.CCCv


               numerical pal.                numerical taut.

10 letters

CCCvC.CvCCC    SPLIT-RINGS (76.67)           SCREW-BOLTS (68.68)
CCvCv.vCvCC    CLOLO.URISH (57.75) Ire       PREVI.EWERS(70.70)
CCvvC.CvvCC    BROOM.FIELD (63.36)           PLAIN-GOING (52.52)
CvCCC.CCCvC                                  SIRSH.TSNIK (73.73) Bul
CvCCv.vCCvC    GASCO.IGNES (45.54)           KELLI.ELLAS (49.49) tf
CvvCC.CCvvC    KAAPS.PRUIT(48.84)SA          GIANT-GREAT(51.51)
CvvCv.vCvvC                                  COOTO.UNIES(68.68)hod
vCvCC.CCvCv    ORUDZ.HDIZA(84.48)Aze         IDOL-T.HRONE (60.60)
vCCvC.CvCCv    ASCEN.DABLE (42.24)           UNDER.VALVE (62.62)

               num. pal./taut                balanced

10 letters                                   total = 135

CCCvC.CvCCC                                  SHRIPPINGS
CCvCv.vCvCC                                  PROTEIFORM
CCvvC.CvvCC    CHAUK.MAING(44.44)Bur         SQUALLIEST
CvCCC.CCCvC                                  GUSHTKHVAR Ira
CvCCv.vCCvC    DUCK-E.AGLES (44.44)          VANQUISHES
CvvCC.CCvvC    HAIRS.TREAK(55.55)            HOEDS.PRUIT SA
CvvCv.vCvvC    BIESI.EHOEK (44.44)SA         MOOROOBOOL Aul
vCvCC.CCvCv                                  OVERSTRIDE
vCCvC.CvCCv                                  ATTURCOPPE

None CCCCv.vCCCC CCCvv.vvCCC CCvvv.vvvCC CvCvv.vvCvC Cvvvv.vvvvC
vvvvC.Cvvvv vvvCC.CCvvv vv vvCvC.CvCvv vvCCv.vCCvv vvCCC.CCCvv
vCvvv.vvvCv vCvvC.CvvCv vCCvv.vvCCv vCCCC.CCCCv

               numerical pal.                numerical taut.

12 letters

CCvCCv.        FRICTI.ON-BALL (65.56)        SLIP-PA.INTING (73.73)
CCvCvC.        SLOVEN.LINESS  (87.78)        FRATER.NALISM (68.68)
CvCCCv.        TONGJI.ANGTAN (75.57) Chi     BESTRA.UGHTED (65.65)
CvCvCC.        PARING-CHISEL (65.56)         LIVING-GRIPER (73.73)
CvCvCv.        KINESI.OMETER (67.76)         KERATO.IDITIS (70.70) d
CvCvvC.        COLOUR-COATED (84.48)         PERIOS.TEITIS (82.82)
CvvCCv.        QUASSI.A-TREES (86.68)        QUESTI.ON-HOUR (91.91)
CvvCvC.        NEUROP.TEROUS (89.98)         NEUROC.RANIUM (76.76)
vCvCvC.        ITACAM.BIRUCU (47.74) Bra     OVERAN.NOTATE (75.75) w2
vCvCCv.        AFERTO.UCHENE(65.56)Mor       ABOSSO.UMKOFE (71.71) Tog
vCCvCC.        ISDALS.FJELLA (64.46) Nor     ANDERS.SVEDJA (61.61) Swe
vvCvCv.                                      OUZARO.ULAZOU (96.96) Gun
vvCCCv.                                      EENDVO.ELVLEI (65.65) SA
vCCvCv.                                      ANGAGU.ACUCHO (51.51) Ecu
vCCCvC.                                      ILLVET.JORNHO (80.80) Nor

               num. pal./taut                balanced

12 letters                                   total = 162

CCvCCv.        BROMBE.ER-BERG                SPURLEATHERS
CCvCvC.                  (55.55) Ger         BRUNETTENESS
CvCvCC.                                      DEMONSTRATOR
CvCvCv.                                      VASONEUROTIC st
CvvCCv.                                      KOUKKO.ULLIES Cyp
vCvCvC.                                      IRIPINNUWEWA SLa
vCCvCC.                                      OSMONDTHORPE
vvCvCv.                                         (W.Yorks)
vCCvCv.        AMBODI.AZAMBA (44.44) Mad
vCCCvC.                                      ENDROCPUSZTA Hun

CCvvCv.vCvvCC ... CCvvvC.CvvvCC CCvvvv.vvvvCC CvCCvv.vvCCvC
CvCvvv.vvvCv CvvCCC.CCCvvC CvvCvv.vvCvvC CvvvCC.CCvvvC CvvvCv.vCvvvC
Cvvvvv.vvvvvC vvvvvC.Cvvvvv vvvvCv.vCvvvv vvvvCC.CCvvvv vvvCvC.CvCvvv
vvvCCv.vCCvvv vvvCCC.CCCvvv vvCvvv.vvvCvv vvCvvC.CvvCvv vvCvCC.CCvCvv
vvCCvC.CvCCvv vvCCCC.CCCCvv vCvvvv.vvvvCv vCvvvC.CvvvCv vCvvCC.CCvvCv
vCvCvv.vvCvCv vCvCCC.CCCvCv vCCvvv.vvvCCv vCCvvC.CvvCCv vCCCvv.vvCCCv


                 numerical pal.                numerical taut.

6 letters

CCv.CCv          GLO.SSE (34.43)               PRO.NTO (49.49)
Cvv.Cvv          MAI.RIE (23.32)               TAI.PEI (30.30)
vCC.vCC          EXP.OST (45.54)               UTM.OST (54.54)
vvC.vvC          AUT.OED (42.24)               AER.IAN (24.24)

8 letters

CCCv.CCCv        TSRE.NCHA (62.26) Bul         SCHA.CKLE (31.31)
CCvC.CCvC        STUM.BLER (73.37)             FREC.KLED (32.32)
CCvv.CCvv        TSOU.NGOU(75.57) Co           CHIO.NKAI (35.35) Mal
CvCC.CvCC        JUGG.LERS (45.54)             BAGGBACK (17.17)Sw
CvCv.CvCv        FOCA.LIZE (25.52)             MEDI.CINE (31.31)
Cvvv.Cvvv                                      PAUA.REOA (39.39) FP
vCCC.vCCC        ABSC.ONDS (25.52)             EMBR.ANDS (38.38)
vCvC.vCvC        OPER.ATES (54.45)             EVOC.ATES (45.45)
vCvv.vCvv        ANAA.OTOU (17.71) FP          UROI.ULUI (63.63) Rom
vvCC.vvCC        IECT.OURS (37.73)             AIRM.AILS (41.41) ch
vvCv.vvCv.                                     OUTO.UOTO (71.71) Ben

                 num. pal./taut.               balanced

6 letters                                      total = 81

CCv.CCv          CRA.NCE (22.22)               STANZA
Cvv.Cvv          LAI.LIA (22.22) Ino           SOULIE
vCC.vCC          UPG.ETS (44.44)               ARREST
vvC.vvC          EIS.IES (33.33)               IONIUM

8 letters                                      total = 108

CCCv.CCCv        THRI.SSLE (55.55)             STRINKLE
CCvC.CCvC        PRAT.TLER (55.55)             PLECTRUM
CCvv.CCvv        KREU.Z-SEE(55.55)Ger          MBOUNGOU Com
CvCC.CvCC        HORN.LESS (55.55)             PELTLESS
CvCv.CvCv        FORE.DUNE (44.44)             PAVONIZE (54.54)
Cvvv.Cvvv                                      SUIUCUIE Bul
vCCC.vCCC        ORCH.ALLS (44.44)             INSTINCT
vCvC.vCvC        OPAL.IZED (44.44)             ATOMIZES
vvCC.vvCC                                      OUTWEIGH
vvvC.vvvC        AOUR.OUAR(55.55) Man


10 letters

CCCvC.CCCvC                                    STROV.STRUP (94.94) Den
CCvCv.CCvCv      TRIFU.RCATE (74.47)           RHIPI.PTERA (60.60) ch
CCvvC.CCvvC      CHAIN-WHEEL (35.53)           SHAUC.HLIER (52.52)
CvCCC.CvCCC      LETCH.WORTH (48.84) UK        HORNC.HURCH(58.58)UK
CvCCv.CvCCv      PONTI.CELLO (74.47)           COMPA.TIBLE (48.48)
CvCvv.CvCvv      LEGUI.BOREE (54.45) ET        BIJOU.TERIE (57.57)
CvvCC.CvvCC      SAINT.FIELD (63.36)UK         WEALT.HIEST (61.61)
CvvCv.CvvCv      HAAPA.VUOMA (27.72)Sw         HIETA.VAARA (43.43)Fin
vvCCC.vvCCC                                    ?OERGREENST (63.63)
vCvvC.vCvvC                                    ALEUR.ONOID (57.57) st
vCvCC.vCvCC      UNOBL.IGING (64.46)           ADULT.ERANT(58.58)
vCCvC.vCCvC      UNMET.ALLIC (73.37)           UNDEB.ARRED (46.46)

10 letters                                     total = 135

CCCvC.CCCvC                                    STRENGTHES
CCCvv.CCCvv                                    DZWIERZNIA Pol
CCvCv.CCvCv      TRAVE..RTINE (66.66)          TRICUSSATE
CCvvC.CCvvC      ?SNAIL-CLOUD (55.55)          PLOUGH-FOOT
CvCCC.CvCCC      PALM-B.RANCH (44.44           KINGSNORTH UK
CvCCv.CvCCv      BAFWA.BENGE (33.33) CoD       NURTURANCE
CvCvv.CvCvv      BATIA.LIBIA(33.33)CoD         LONOIRIQUE Ang
CvvCC.CvvCC                                    FOOT-PLOUGH
CvvCv.CvvCv      REINI.TIATE (55.55)           COUTURIERE
vvCCC.vvCCC                                    OUTDRAUGHT
vCvvC.vCvvC      DOUGH.RUAGH (55.55)Ire        EQUANIMOUS
vCvCC.vCvCC      ORANG.E-PINK (55.55)          EXORCISERS ch
vCCvC.vCCvC      ALTIM.ETRIC (55.55)           UNRESOLVED

None CCvvv. CCvvv Cvvvv. Cvvvv
vvvvC.vvvvC vvvCv.vvvCv vvvCC.vvvCC vvCvC.vvCvC vvCCv.vvCCv
vCvvv.vCvvv vCCvv.vCCvv vCC


              numerical pal.                  numerical taut.

12 letters

As with the 12-letter palindromic V-C patterns, only the V-C pattern
of the first half of the word is given. The second half is a repeat of

CCCvCC.                                       STRENG.THLESS (83.83)
CCvCCC.                                       SWITCH-PLANTS ch
CCvCCv.                                       STADDI.SCOMBE (in Devon)
CCvCvC.       PROCES.S-MAKER (76.67)          PLANIS.PHERES (71.71)
CvCCCv.       PONT-DE.-L'ARCHE (74.47) Fra    JANCHI.PALLCA (45.45) Per
CvCCvv.       CORRIE.MULZIE (68.86) UK
CvCvCC.       BEPUZZ.LEMENT (96.69)           FENEST.RATING (69.69)
CvCvCv.       ?TUBOPA.LATINA (75.57)          TARAMA.SALATA (54.54)
CvCvvC.       CAQUET.TERIES (67.76) ro        MANIAP.HOBIAS (54.54)st
CvvCCv.       LUOSSA.SAIVVE(87.78)Nor         GUERRA.SIERRA (70.70) Phi
CvvCvC.       SEA-TOR.TOISES (78.87)          GAULAR.DIERES(60.60)Fra
CvvCvv.                                       TIEMOUDOUGOU (83.83) IC
vCvCvC.       AMINOP.URINES (68.86) w2        OVERED.UCATES (69.69)
vCvCCv.       UNIMPA.IRABLE (74.47)
vCvCCC.       OVERFL.OWINGS (78.87)           OVERSC.ORINGS (82.82) w2
vCCvvC.       ABCOUD.ERMEER (46.64)Net        ANGIOP.ATHIES (62.62) st
vCCvCv.                                       OPHIDI.OPHOBE (61.61) st
vCCvCC.       ANTISK.IDDING (74.47) w2        ATTEMP.ERMENT (75.75)
vCCCvC.                                       INFRAV.ENTRAL (70.70) w2

              num. pal./taut.                 balanced

                                              total = 162
CCCvCv.                                       DZHUGASTROVA Ukr
CCCvvC.                                       STRAIGHT-FOUR
CCvCvC.                                       TROPOSPHERIC
CvCCCC.                                       ?FULL-STRENGTH
CvCCCv.                                       RAZZLE-DAZZLE
CvCvCC.                                       DISAPPROVERS
CvCvCv.       PEDATI.LOBATE (55.55)           REPOPULARIZE
CvCvvC.       MEROAC.RANIAL(55.55) st         MEDIOTRUSION st
CvvCCC.                                       DEOBSTRUENTS
CvvCCv.                                       RIEPPU.VUODNA Nor
CvvCvC.       NIEDERRIEDEN(55.55)Ger          COELOPLEURUS tf
CvvCvv.                                       MOODOOGOOROO Aul
vCvCvC.                                       ISOVOLUMINAL w2
vCvCCv.                                       UMATTAIVEMPU SLa
vCvCCC.                                       ELECTROVERTS d
vCCvvC.                                       ESLOURENTIES Fra
vCCvCv.                                       OTSUKUE-SHIMA Jap
vCCvCC.       INTEND.EDNESS (66.66)           INTERCEPTORS
vCCCvC.                                       ORRBOLESSJON Swe

CCvCvv.CCvCvv CCvvCv.CCvvCv CCvvvC.CCvvvC CCvvvv.CCvvvv CvCvvv.CvCvvv
CvvvCC.CvvvCC n CvvvCv.CvvvCv Cvvvvv.Cvvvvv vvvvvC.vvvvvC vvvvCv.vvvvCv
vvvvCC.vvvvCC vvvCvv.vvvCCvv vvvCvC.vvvCvC vvvCCv.vvvCCv vvvCCC.vvvCCC
vvCvvv.vvCvvv vvCvvC.vvCvvC vvCvCv.vvCvCv vvCvCC.vvCvCC vvCCvC.vvCCvC
vvCCCv.vvCCCv vvCCCC.vvCCCC vCvvvv.vCvvvv vCvvvC.vCvvvC vCvvCC.vCvvCC
vCvCvv.vCvCvv vCCvvv.vCCvvv vCCCvv.vCCCvv vCCCCC.vCCCCC


                   numerical pal.               numerical taut.

6 letters

CvC.CvC            RAP.TOR (35.53)              HELPED (25.25)
vCv.vCv            EQU.ITE (43.34)              AQU.OSE (39.39)

8 letters

CvvC.CvvC          BOUS.TOUS (57.75)            COUN.TIES (53.53)
vCCv.vCCv          ANGU.ILLA (43.34)            ANCI.ENCE(27.27)w2

10 letters

CCvCC.CCvCC        DRIGH.TFOLK(46.64)           THUMB.STALL (64.64)
CvCvC.CvCvC        COPEN.HAGEN(53.35)           REHAM.MERED (45.45)
vCvCv.vCvCv        ATOME-AHEVI(S4.45)Ben        EXARE.OLATE (53.53)

None CvvvC.CvvvC vCCCv.vCCCv vvCvv.vvCvv

12 letters

CCvvCC.CCvvCC      BLOODS.TREAMS(67.76)         SPEECH-BREAKS(56.56)
CvCCvC.CvCCvC      LITHOT.HAMNIC (84.48)        CONDIS.CIPLES (64.64)

None CvvvvC.CvvvvC vvCCvv.vvCCvv vCvvCv.vCvvCv vCCCCv.vCCCCv

                   num. pal./taut.              balanced

6 letters                                       total = 81

CvC.CvC            PIS.TES (44.44)              HOWLER
vCv.vCv            APE.ELE (22.22)              EPOUSE

8 letters                                       total = 108

CvvC.CvvC          REAT.TAIN (44.44)            QUIRKIER
vCCv.vCCv          ASLA.AGTE(33.33)SA           ESQUIPPE

10 letters                                      total = 135

CCvCC.CCvCC        PRINT-SHOPS(77.77)           TRIPHTHONG
CvCvC.CvCvC        DESIG.NATED (44.44)          TELEWRITER
vCvCv.vCvCv                                     URANIUM-ORE

None CvvvC.CvvvC vCCCv.vCCCv vvCvv.vvCvv

12 letters                                      total = 162

                                                (81.81) w2

None CvvvvC.CvvvvC vvCCvv.vvCCvv vCvvCv.vCvvCv vCCCCv.vCCCCv
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Author:Thorpe, Susan
Publication:Word Ways
Date:May 1, 2003
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