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South 42nd opens again following big upgrade.

Byline: Jack Moran The Register-Guard

SPRINGFIELD - Jasper Road area residents can tell their Labor Day weekend visitors to take the direct route to their homes, now that South 42nd Street has reopened following a two-month reconstruction job.

The street, which runs between Main Street and Jasper Road, has been closed to through traffic since mid-June. Residents living south of the construction project - and all other motorists needing to head west on Highway 126 from the area - have been forced to take alternate routes to reach their destinations.

Things are now back to normal, and project officials say 42nd Street is better and safer than ever. The road surface has been rebuilt, and sidewalks, bicycle lanes and brighter street lights have been added.

"It's completely different now," city project manager Jeff Paschall said. "As far as safety, I think it will make a big difference, with the bike lanes and sidewalks. It turned out really well."

The upgrade has been a city goal since 2002, when a 7-year-old boy was killed when he rode his bicycle into a moving 20-foot trailer at South 42nd Street and Jasper Road.

The city in 2005 installed a roundabout at the intersection and built sidewalks and bike lanes along South 42nd between Jasper and Mount Vernon roads.

The work completed Friday was considered the project's second phase. The first phase cost $3.5 million while the price tag on the second phase was $1.9 million. The state Department of Transportation provided the funding for the upgrade.

Paschall said city officials timed the project to be done before schools resume classes next week.
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Title Annotation:Transportation; The city wanted the work done before school starts
Publication:The Register-Guard (Eugene, OR)
Date:Sep 1, 2007
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