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Software Builders Announces New Internet-Specific ZIP/UNZIP Utilities.

ATLANTA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 20, 1997--

Tightly Integrated With Popular Browsers, NetZIP Products Dramatically Speed Up Receiving/Sending Files Over The Internet

Anyone who has ever downloaded files from Internet web sites is painfully aware of how long the process can take.

Most sites have alleviated this by 'shrinking' their files through .ZIP compression -- since the smaller files are, the less time they take to be received. To support this need, Software Builders International Inc. today announced the latest offerings in its NetZIP line of ZIP/UNZIP utilities, software that is now being used by more than 400,000 Internet users.

The company's NetZIP products are designed to simplify the process of ZIPPING/UNZIPPING files for sending or receiving over the Internet. While file compression is not unique to the Internet, there are many compressed files available for download via the Internet - the majority of which are .ZIP files. The NetZIP products are unique in that they are designed to work within the popular Internet browsers, Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, helping to speed up the process of UNZIPPING files, or ZIPPING them for sending over the Internet.

NetZIP 'Plugs-In' To Popular Internet Browsers

Featured is the latest version of the NetZIP Plug-In (Windows 95/NT), which allows users to easily open and view .ZIP files directly through their Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer browser window. Unlike 'helper' applications that must be opened separately -- creating additional steps and taking up valuable computer memory -- the NetZIP Plug-In works as a tightly integrated feature to the web browser. For users, this means there is no longer a need to open a separate application for ZIPPING/UNZIPPING Internet files. These activities can now take place directly within your web browser.

"Having tightly integrated ZIP/UNZIP capabilities woven into your web browser enhances the Net surfing experience," said Boris Jerkunica, president of Software Builders. "With the tremendous number of files available over the Internet, it makes sense to have this functionality embedded into the most popular browsers."

The NetZIP Plug-In includes a unique Checkout feature that creates a temporary 'holding area' in which a .ZIP file received over the Internet can be UNZIPPED. In this way, users can open files they receive and work with them before saving them permanently to their hard drives. This is a time-saving feature for Net surfers in particular, since they can review 'shareware' applications in this area, and if they decided not to keep them, they do not have to undergo the uninstall and file deletion process required to remove them from their hard drives.

Wizards included with the latest version of the NetZIP Plug-In walk users easily through the ZIP/UNZIP process. Competing products have typically only included a wizard for assisting with file UNZIPPING. "ZIPPING requires more steps and knowledge than simply UNZIPPING a file onto one's hard drive," said Jerkunica. "The ZIP wizard guides novice users quickly and easily through the shrinking of outgoing files."

NetZIP for Windows Version 4.1 Includes Other New Features

For those that require even more functionality, Software Builders offer NetZIP for Windows (3.1 95 and NT) -- a full-featured ZIP/UNZIP utility which includes the NetZIP Plug-In. This latest version of the product includes a self-installing ZIPPLUS capability, which allows users to ZIP and send files to anyone without a ZIP/UNZIP utility of their own. A new ZIP in Place feature also allows users to ZIP entire program and file folders directly from within the Windows Explorer file manager -- simply select and ZIP with just a right-click of the mouse.

NetZIP for Windows also includes a preview feature called RemoteZIP that eliminates the frustration of taking the wrong ZIP files from the Internet, online services or corporate servers. With the RemoteZIP feature, users can open and view files remotely before they actually transport and UNZIP them. This lets users make certain they have the file they want before beginning the entire process, saving valuable time. The Preview feature requires only that the server on which the file resides runs NetZIP Server, available from Software Builders without charge.

In addition to the widely used .ZIP format, users can now open, .LZH .ARJ and .TAR files to their full size, using the NetZIP for Windows. They can also now ZIP their own files by saving them to one of these formats.

Other popular features that continue to be included in the latest version of NetZIP for Windows are Span Disk, which allows very large ZIP files to be spread over multiple disks (useful for when you want to store or share files with others using 3.5" diskettes); and AutoZIP, a macro-like capability that lets users automate the process of many routine ZIP/UNZIP activities, such as the regular back-up of files onto a tape back-up unit or other archival device.

Software Builders Introduces NetZIP for Java

For Java enthusiasts, Software Builders is expanding its platform support by offering NetZIP for Java compatible with Java version 1.1.1. Similar to the plug-in, NetZIP for Java runs as a separate utility similar to NetZIP for Windows.

Pricing and Availability

The new NetZIP Plug-In is priced at $19.99. Version 4.1 of NetZIP for Windows, which includes the NetZIP Plug-In, is priced at $29.99. NetZIP for Java 1.1.1 is priced at $29.99. All versions are available now and can be downloaded from the Software Builders web site at

Founded in 1992, Software Builders International is a developer of advanced yet easy-to-use Internet utility technologies than enhance users' Internet and online experiences. The company also offers research and development services for applications for both commercial and in-house use. For more information on NetZIP utilities, NetZIP server, or on special upgrade pricing for current registered users, contact Software Builders at 1-800-432-0025 or 770-395-6465. The company is located at 400 Perimeter Center Terrace North NE, Suite 445, Atlanta, GA. 30346.

CONTACT: Rick Fernandez Phil Hill

Baron, McDonald & Wells Software Builders International

770/492-0373 (voice) 770/395-6465 (voice)

770/492-0374 (fax) 770/395-1616 (fax)
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Date:May 20, 1997
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