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Antiquity Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 1, 2013
  • Books received.
  • On the road.
  • People and environment--past, present and future.
  • Patrick V. Kirch. A shark going inland is my chief: the island civilization of ancient Hawai'i.
  • Stephen Rostain. Islands in the rainforest. Landscape management in pre-Columbian Amazonia.
  • Philippe Beaujard. Les mondes de l'ocean Indien. Tome 2: l'ocean Indien, au coeur des giobalisations de l'Ancien Monde (7e-15e siecle).
  • Stephen Rippon. Making sense of an historic landscape.
  • James H. Barrett (ed.). Being an islander: production and identity at Quoygrew, Orkney, AD 900-1600.
  • Jette Arneborg, Jan Heinemeier & Niels Lynnerup. Greenland Isotope Project: diet in Norse Greenland.
  • D. Blair Gibson. From chiefdom to state in early Ireland.
  • Michael Greenhalgh. Constantinople to Cordoba: dismantling ancient architecture in the East, North Africa and Islamic Spain.
  • Duncan Garrow & Chris Gosden. Technologies of enchantment? Exploring Celtic art.
  • David R. Harris. Origins of agriculture in western Central Asia.
  • Ruth Tringham & Mirjana Stevanovic (ed.). Last house on the hill: BACH area reports from Catalhoyuk, Turkey.
  • Ryan J. Rabett. Human adaptation in the Asian Palaeolithic: hominin dispersal and behaviour during the Late Quaternary.
  • Maya household archaeology and settlement survey, then and now.
  • Plazas, palaces and peripheries in ancient Peru.
  • Archaeology at the far edges of the eastern North American Woodlands.
  • Social complexity in Iron Age and early modern West Africa.
  • Ban Non Wat: new light on the Metal Ages of Southeast Asia.
  • 4464
    Australian Aboriginal Studies Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2013
    Borneo Research Bulletin Academic Magazine/Journal Jan 1, 2012
  • Bibliography.
  • Aboveground biomass of tropical secondary forests in East-Kalimantan Indonesia.
  • Die autochthone Religion der Benuaq von Ost-Kalimantan--eine ethnolinguistische Untersuchung (The autochthonous religion of the Benuaq of East...
  • Artisanal Gold Mining, Mercury and Sediment in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • Singapore: Editions Didier Millet: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles: Campfire Conversations with Alfred Russel Wallace on People and Nature Based...
  • Ecosystem carbon dynamics in logged forest of Malaysian Borneo.
  • JMBRAS: In Alfred Russel Wallace's Shadow: His Forgotten Assistant, Charles Allen (1839-1892).
  • The Relationships between Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation and Surface Climate: A Case Study for Borneo.
  • Borneo: A quantitative analysis of botanical richness, endemicity and floristic regions based on herbarium records.
  • Contesting the State and Corporations: Exploring socio-military organizations in East Kalimantan.
  • World Journal of Islamic History and Civilization: Islam and the Malay World: An Insight into the Assimilation of Islamic Values.
  • Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences: Not by science alone: why orangutan conservationists must think outside the box.
  • Benefits of International Diversification: The Case of Asian Equity Markets.
  • PloS one 2011: Quantifying killing of orangutans and human-orangutan conflict in Kalimantan, Indonesia.
  • Ecology of Ragadia Makuta (Lepidoptera: satyrevae) in tropical rainforests of Sabah, Malaysia.
  • JMBRAS: The First Sultan of Sarawak and his Links to Brunei and the Sambas Dynasty, 1599-1826: A little-known pre-Brooke history.
  • Gender Representation in the Borneo Bulletin.
  • Conservation, livelihoods and the role of tourism: a case study of Sukau village in the Lower Kinabatangan District, Sabah, Malaysia.
  • Ecological Applications: Reduced-impact logging and biodiversity conservation: a case study from Borneo.
  • Gender, ethnicity, infrastructure, and the use of financial institutions in Kalimantan Barat, Indonesia.
  • 715
    Canadian Review of Sociology Academic Magazine/Journal Feb 1, 2014
    Estonian Journal of Archaeology Academic Magazine/Journal Jun 1, 2013
    Ethnologies Academic Magazine/Journal Sep 22, 2011
  • Ann McElroy. Nunavut Generations: Change and Continuity in Canadian Inuit Communities.
  • Magaly Brodeur. Vice et corruption a Montreal: 1892-1970.
  • Jacques Cherblanc (dir.). Rites et symboles contemporains Theories et pratiques.
  • Steve Lasorsa. La rivalite Canadien-Nordiques.
  • Andre Petitat (dir). Etre en societe. Le lien social a l'epreuve des cultures.
  • Pierre Anctil et Ira Robinson (dirs.). Les communautes juives de Montreal, histoire et enjeux contemporains.
  • Gerald W. Creed, Masquerade and Postsocialism: Ritual and Cultural Dispossession in Bulgaria.
  • Joel E. Tishken, Toyin Falola, and Akintunde Akinyemi (eds.). Sango in Africa and lhe African Diaspora.
  • Jean-Nicolas De Surmont (dir.) et Serge Gauthier (coll.), <> Melanges posthumes autour de l'oeuvre de Conrad...
  • Gnawa confusion: the fusion of Algeria's favorite French band.
  • "You have to strike that balance between sharing and charging": Cape Breton fiddling and intellectual property rights.
  • "Our Brommtopp is of our own design": (de)constructing masculinities in Southern Manitoba Mennonite mumming.
  • Le Rara de Leogane: Entre fete traditionnelle liee au vodou et patrimoine ouvert au tourisme.
  • Filmer les pratiques de soin dans la consultation medicale en acupuncture: une approche ethno-cinematographique.
  • Entre plaisir et controle: l'equilibre comme fondement de la normativite et de l'action dans l'alimentation contemporaine.
  • "Court from away but marry close to home": women, marriage and interpersonal relations in Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.
  • Risquer de s'effacer: une synagogue a Tarbes jusqu'a present.
  • The topography of the female self in Indian therapeutic cults.
  • 531
    Oceania Academic Magazine/Journal Jul 1, 2013

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