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MONDAY, STV STV Single Transferable Vote
STV Star Trek: Voyager
STV Samanyolu TV (Turkey)
STV Satellite Television
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, 7pm

Love is Andy's cure

It's a long road towards rehabilitation for Andy Sugden Andrew "Andy" Sugden (né Hopwood) is a character in the British soap opera Emmerdale. He is played by Kelvin Fletcher. About Andy
When 10-year-old Andy Hopwood arrived in Emmerdale he was deeply scarred after a horrendous childhood.
 and it's clear it is going to be anything but easy for the troubled farmer to leave his demons behind him.

He took the first step by agreeing to see a counsellor but he still has difficulty controlling his anger.

Things come to a head this week when he breaks down in tears after Sarah sees him throw a cup at the wall after rowing with Katie.

However, Katie is determined to help Andy work through his problems, and sticks by him. They get so close that they share a moment together and later kiss. Could the pair rekindle re·kin·dle  
tr.v. re·kin·dled, re·kin·dling, re·kin·dles
1. To relight (a fire).

2. To revive or renew: rekindled an old interest in the sciences.
 their old romance?

Lizzie also believes love is in the village air when Bob unwittingly asks her out on a date, and even incarcerated mechanic Ryan seems to have romance on the cards as he grows closer to friendly prison warden Abi.

Ring of truth for Natasha

So it looks like curtains for Natasha Blakeman (the Corrie coiffeur coif·feur  
A man who is a hairdresser.

[French, from coiffer, to coif, from Old French coife, coif; see coif.
 who pronounces the final words of many sentences like embarrassed comedy punchlines Punchlines was a comedy game show series that was produced by LWT and aired on the ITV network from 1981 until 1984. The programme was hosted by Lennie Bennett. Series Guide
  • 79 episodes and 1 special
  • Series 1 13 x 30' 03/01/81 - 28/03/81

She's been a hidden jewel in Corrie's crown for the past couple of years. However, having conned Nick into thinking she's pregnant with his child (she was until she had an abortion, not realising he would be prepared to come back to her), things prove too much for her this week.

The drama kicks off when Nick shows everyone an engagement ring and then pops the question.

However, when Gail and Audrey discover the truth about Natasha's baby, Gail confronts the deceptive minx.

Nick refuses to believe his mum and before you know it Natasha has taken an overdose and is being carted off to hospital. Meanwhile, Sian and Sophie's affair takes another dramatic turn as newcomer Mikey tries to snog snog Brit, NZ & S African slang

[snogging, snogged]

to kiss and cuddle


the act of kissing and cuddling [origin unknown]

Verb 1.
 Ms Webster and Sian's dad turns up to take her home. He makes it clear she is going to be punished and Sian blurts out the truth about her and Sophie.

Elsewhere, Tina, Graeme, Norris and Rita are faced with a waterlogged dilemma, and Ciaran heads off - leaving Michelle gutted.

Also this week...

In Emmerdale, Aaron tries to intimidate Mickey by confronting him with Clyde in tow, but his actions come back to haunt him when Rhona, Paddy and he find the dog injured. Aaron also faces trouble from Cain, who turns on him after seeing the damage to the cars and the garage.


Poison Penn

Summer Bay is up in arms armed for war; in a state of hostility.

See also: Arms
 once again this week as one of its fiery favourites is put in danger.

However, this time for Nicole it is through no fault of her own.

Her trouble arrives when she is approached by Penn on the beach.

As he apologises for his behaviour - yet again - Nicole moves her hand in the sand and is pricked by a discarded hypodermic needle hypodermic needle
1. A hollow needle used with a hypodermic syringe.

2. A hypodermic syringe including the needle.
. As Sid tests Nicole for any possible illnesses she may have caught, Penn is hailed as the hero, with a grateful Nicole over the moon at how reliable he's proved himself to be.

But there are rumblings that all is not what it seems - could Penn be the real reason Nicole is in hospital?

John and Alf certainly aren't happy that Penn has called the press for coverage of the news about his heroics. What is he really up to?

Steph's heavy burden


With animosity still hanging over the street, Steph's struggling to cope.

She faces criticism from all angles as Summer shows her disappointment in her, Lucas tells her he has let go of all feelings for her, and Ben asks awkward questions.

To make matters worse, she has to face a hospital appointment with Karl. Needless to say, the stress becomes too much, and Steph ends up collapsing in dramatic fashion. Meanwhile, everyone else is out for revenge.

Libby teams up with Paul, Diana asks for Declan's help to frame her colleague once and for all, and Callum vents his frustration live on PirateNet after finding out that Sonya has lied to him too.

When Lou steps in to try to reason with the youngster, he almost manages to get through. But when Callum spots him doing a dodgy dodgy - Synonym with flaky. Preferred outside the US  deal, he realises all adults are liars. Is he spiralling out of control?

 in full British Broadcasting Corp.

Publicly financed broadcasting system in Britain. A private company at its founding in 1922, it was replaced by a public corporation under royal charter in 1927.
1, 8pm

Deek tragedy

Ah has never been easy for him, has it?

For now, he's got a smile on his face, so he really should enjoy it while he can.

Deek decides to repay Chris's kindness towards him by attending one of his 'campaign against capitalism' meetings.

Stella is there, and she's thrilled her friend is feeling better and tells him all about a debate she's going to hold live on the radio.

But when Deek discovers that Fraser is storing goods in the community centre for free, he and Chris decide to stage a protest - on the same night as Stella's event. It's bound to all end in tears.

Elsewhere, Gordon is convinced that Jack can't control his womanising and so he will eventually break Hayley's heart by cheating on her.

To test his resolve, Gordon encourages Iona to flirt with Jack - and then sends Hayley to catch them in the act.

Oh dear...

Kat goes to Moon & back

Couple return to Albert Square Albert Square is the fictional location of the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. It is ostensibly located in the equally fictional London borough of Walford in London's East End.  on the run from thugs they scammed


Walford's Albert Square has played home to many a feisty couple over the decades, but this week sees the return of one of its most missed pairings and, as you'd expect, Kat and Alfie Moon Alfred William "Alfie" Moon was a fictional character in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. He was played by Shane Richie. Personality
Alfie was a cheeky Cockney chappie who was good at having a laugh with his mates and dispensing advice to anyone who needed
 return with more baggage than that of the boot of an outward-bound black cab.

But all probably isn't as it seems. After receiving a phone call from Kat, Mo searches desperately for Zoe's birth certificate.

She hurries to a caf to meet a heavily-disguised Kat, who quickly confesses that she's on the run from some men who she and Alfie scammed out of thousands of pounds.

When Mo questions why her rogue husband isn't helping her escape, Kat tells her he is dead and that she needs a new identity. She reluctantly agrees to head back to the Square with Mo, but the welcome home shenanigans shenanigans
Noun, pl


1. mischief or nonsense

2. trickery or deception [origin unknown]
 look set to be short-lived when Jean announces that two men are in the living room asking questions.

And Billy gets the shock of his life when a man in a motorcycle helmet A motorcycle helmet is a type of protective headgear used by motorcycle riders. The primary goal of a motorcycle helmet is motorcycle safety - to protect the rider's head during impact, thus preventing or reducing head injury or saving the rider's life.  blocks his path down an alleyway. He can't believe his eyes when the man is revealed to be Alfie.

As Kat and Alfie reacquaint themselves after six months apart, baby Lily is taken by the thugs as they demand the monies owed, a whole heap of arguments ensue and Kat has an even bigger shock in store for her family.

Meanwhile, ever-hopeful Heather gets her heart well and truly broken once more.

Minty announces his feelings for Sam, but a misunderstanding leads Heather to think he's declaring his love for her.

While enjoying her time on cloud nine, she has no inkling that he's actually planning to head off into the soap sunset with Sam and baby Richard.

Knowing she's on to her only option, a manipulative Sam tells Minty to meet her during George's christening so they can leave together, while Heather beams as Shirley takes photographs.

But Minty is in turmoil - which woman will he choose?


New Home & Away actress Rhiannon Fish has netted herself a new boyfriend - hunky hun·ky 1  
n. pl. hun·kies Offensive Slang
Used as a disparaging term for a person, especially a laborer, from east-central Europe.
 former Summer Bay resident Lincoln Lewis Lincoln Lewis (born October 24, 1987) is an Australian actor.

The son of Walter James "Wally" Lewis, an Australian rugby league football player. Lewis has been cast in a role on Australian drama, "Home and Away".
 (pictured), who played Geoff Campbell.

Emmerdale's Sophie Powles is in clover having received a mountain of praise from viewers for her performance as self-destructive drug addict Holly Barton.




NEIGHBOURS: Natasha uses her new boyfriend to make Andrew jealous, so he asks Chris for advice.

EASTENDERS: Max gives Darren tips on how to get closer to Jodie.

EMMERDALE: John and Moira pay wayward daughter Holly a visit, while Aaron crosses the wrong man.

CORRIE: Steve tries to reason with Kylie in the hope of stopping Becky's dream of a family life being ruined, while Eileen plots revenge on Owen when he gets in Jason's face and threatens Sean.

HOME & AWAY: Rachel is thrilled when Leah gets Lucas on side to help convince Tony to emigrate, while Romeo worries about telling Indi he has never had sex.


NEIGHBOURS: Donna and Ringo visit a wedding planner, but his suggestions for the big day leave the couple more confused than ever.

EASTENDERS: Vanessa tells Max she is returning to her husband.

RIVER CITY: Amber's friends begin to worry she is spending too much time with Lee.

EMMERDALE: Mickey is on the warpath on a hostile expedition; hence, colloquially, about to attack a person or measure.

See also: Warpath
, but Aaron won't pay, while Hazel drops Lizzie in trouble with Bob.

HOME & AWAY: Ruby and April strike up a friendship, while Marilyn realises that Dex DEX - A cross between Modula-2 and C by W. van Oortmerssen.

Amiga version 1.2.
 has a crush on her when she discovers he deliberately gatecrashed her picnic with Sid. Will she confront him about it?


NEIGHBOURS: Paul does a deal to sell PirateNet to the school, and can't resist taking the opportunity to gloat to Diana, while Steph makes one final effort to talk to Libby.

EMMERDALE: Aaron quietly plans his revenge on Mickey, while Eve begins to reconsider her fling with Carl when she catches him and Chas enjoying an afternoon of passion. However, Carl might not be so keen to give up their secret liaison.

HOME & AWAY: Despite Lucas being forced to cancel a trip to Summer Bay, Rachel realises why Tony is reluctant to move to Boston and decides it would be best to stay. John subtly questions Gina about her thoughts on marriage and is pleased to hear her response.


NEIGHBOURS: Paul tries to buy his way back into Rebecca's good books, while Diana suspects Declan could be a useful ally.

EASTENDERS: Darren's attempts to romance Jodie finally pay off.

EMMERDALE: Aaron's attempt to stand up to Mickey goes very wrong, while Eve reconciles with Edna.

CORRIE: Ciaran reveals he has a job interview in Scotland and doesn't think there is any point staying in Weatherfield as Michelle won't give him a chance.

HOME & AWAY: Gina is forced to intervene when a disagreement between Bianca and Liam turns violent, and gives them an unusual punishment, while Angelo reveals why his parents still hold a grudge against him.


NEIGHBOURS: Summer fears that Andrew is leading Chris astray when her boyfriend gets into a fight.

EASTENDERS: Darren sends Stacey to cheer up Max, while Glenda proves her worth to Carol.

EMMERDALE: Leyla finds she can't bear to see Alicia and Jacob leave, while Jimmy realises there is something going on between Carl and Eve.

CORRIE: Ciaran hopes to practise his recipes for his interview, but Betty is far from impressed. Meanwhile, Liz tells Michelle to admit her true feelings for Ciaran.

HOME & AWAY: Charlie spots Indi selling alcohol to Ruby and assumes the worst, while John and Alf try to come up with a plan to get the Bay some good publicity.


Lizzie makes a date MAKING UP...Andy and Katie QUESTION TIME...Nick gets down on bended knee FRIEND OR FOE...Penn is hailed hero STRESSED OUT...Steph LOUDMOUTH...Deek's protest is bad news for Stella SECRETS & LIES...Kat asks Mo for help, top, then has a heart-to-heart with Alfie, left. Minty faces a dilemma, above
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