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Snackfood flavourings.

According to RHM Ingredients, snack manufacturers are seeking flavouring systems that are capable of replicating ethnicinspired recipes but which also satisfy consumer demands for healthy natural products.

Manufacturers have to develop products with appealing taste, aroma, texture and appearance, so a much more creative approach is required from the ingredient supplier.

Operating from its Food Technlogy Centre in West Yorkshire, RHM Ingredients produces a full range of natural seasonings and flavours for customised snakc formulations.

Technical agreements in the East with Nikken Foods, a Japanese flavourhouse, and in the West with Dohler America have made available a vast range of 'word flavour' profiles.

RHM have now gravitated from first generation tastes, such as cheese and onion or curry, to second generation rounded flavours including Farmhouse cheddar and French chicken. The company now boasts a bank of some forty different flavours, including third generation ethnic profiles, like Cajun, Jalapino and Satay. Many are available in RHM's Quintessence range of authentic savoury flavours, derived from genuine extracts, that are available without HVP or MSG enhancers.

Their technical resources in flavour development present almost limitless opportunities to the manufacturer seeking a more exciting eating experience for products aimed at the adult market, particularly in the 'as yet underexploited' areas of coatings, fillings and toppings. For savoury biscuit fillings, for example, a basic cheese filling can be livened up with chicken tikka flavour to impart an authentic ethnic taste. RHM Ingredients also supply more traditional combinations for fillings such as cheese and tomato.

Demand for textured seasoned in snack toppings is rapidly expanding, and RHM Ingredients have responded to this innovative area of snak production with a range of easy-to-apply, cost-effective profiles for use on biscuits, wafers and chips. By combining flavours and crumbs, to create a range of exciting tastes, such as Mexican tomato, pizza, and lemon pepper, they can add instant visual appear, colour and texture to an existing snack product or base.
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Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:Jun 1, 1991
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