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Smokable methamphetamine: a "crystal" clear danger.

You've heard of crack," the smokable form of cocaine whose use has grown proportions in the U.S. Now meet "crystal," a smokable form of methamphetamine ( is similar in concept to crack and even more dangerous. Already the use of this surpassed crack as the drug of choice in Hawaii, and it appears as if its use is other parts of the country as well.

Because both crack and crystal avoid the liver and are absorbed by the pu system, the drugs have the same or similar effects as intravenous drugs. Both ca extreme paranoia and acute psychosis that manifest themselves in destructive beh crystal differs from crack in that its effects seem to last for days, weeks or e just hours. The drug is currently the favorite of prostitutes, possibly because AIDS virus through the use of needles.

"As is often the case with drugs of abuse, the public is educating us, ra says Dr. Jon G. Jackson of the University of Hawaii at Manoa, near Honolulu. Cry a problem in the 50th state for at least three years, he adds, and since the sum but replaced crack use. "If Hawaii's experience is at all typical, [crystal] is overnight," says Jackson. "Now is the time for preparation and for education--bo and of medical personnel." (New England Journal of Medicine, September 28, 1989;
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Title Annotation:replacing crack use in Hawaii
Publication:Medical Update
Date:Nov 1, 1989
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