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Skylighted staircase meanders up to the new second story.

Skylighted staircase meanders up to the new second story

Nearly tripling the size of a house is a radical undertaking, but the possibilities for improvement are commensurately great. This addition, in Santa Monica, California, transformed Bonnie and Fred Freeman's 1,400-square-foot ranch house into the 3,900-square-foot two-story shown at left.

Architect Mark Fuote of Arkineto Architects in Canoga Park rearranged the floor plan of the ground floor and added a big open space for kitchen, dining, and family room.

A bigger change came with the second story. Fuote made the new house revolve around the dramatic staircase leading to the new floor. The ample U-shaped upstairs hallway serves as a gallery space; it's bathed in daylight from a skylight at the center of the peaked ceiling. The skylight serves the downstairs entry hall as well, and makes the vista up the stairs almost glow.

Thanks to the combination of details, the house looks staid yet playful. Out front, prefab hollow wooden columns, ordered from a building materials catalog, support a bold portico that loops over the living room window, breaking up the crisp clapboard facade. Inside, the shape of the staircase is set off by its zigzag combination of walls and pipe railings. These terminate in bold ball-capped newel posts. Railings and posts are painted a bright blue-gray.

Photo: A major redesign turned this nondescript 1930s bungalow into a contemporary two-story with hints of Cape Cod styling and nearly three times the floor space. Note how column-supported portico highlights the clapboard facade

Photo: Grand staircase meanders up to gallery hall. Ball-topped newel posts support painted metal rails that connect to solid walls. For rooms open to the gallery, brightly daylit by ridge skylight
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Date:Jun 1, 1986
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