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Skin colour is irrelevant.

Byline: Denise Robertson

IN the last 10 years there have been almost 60 racially motivated murders.

Almost half the victims were white.

Ever since the ruthless and unforgivable killing of Stephen Lawrence For the Australian footballer, see Steven Lawrence. For the Zimbabwean footballer, see Stephen Lawrence (footballer). For the American child actor, see Steven Anthony Lawrence.

Stephen Lawrence
 we have tended to think of racial killing as a white on black affair.

We have rightly voiced our support for Stephen Lawrence's family but there has been less sympathy for the family of teenager, Kriss Donald Kriss Donald (4 July 1988 – 16 March 2004) was a Scottish fifteen-year-old who was kidnapped and murdered in Glasgow in 2004. Five British Asian men were later found guilty of racially-motivated violence; those convicted of murder were all sentenced to life imprisonment. , beaten and stabbed to death by an Asian man for no other reason than race hatred. His killer was sentenced last week but, unlike the Lawrence case, it has barely made the headlines.

Ross Parker, only 17, was walking home with his girlfriend when he was killed by three Muslims wielding knives.

He had never before laid eyes on them.

Have you heard his name? It's important, therefore, that we cease to take note of skin colour or ethnic origin and see only British citizens, victims of horrendous hor·ren·dous  
Hideous; dreadful: "Horrendous explosions shook the whole city" Howard Kaplan.

Kriss Donald and Stephen Lawrence were fine young men linked by their common tragedy.

The colour of their skin is irrelevant.
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Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Oct 31, 2006
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