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THE ENEMY: Sing When You're In Love. Widescreen homage to the intensity of new found love with a chorus that's out to get you - and it does. It also captures the sensation it's out to grab.

SHINEDOWN: Second Chance. Soaring festival wannabee wannabee - /won'*-bee/ (Or, more plausibly, spelled "wannabe") [Madonna fans who dress, talk, and act like their idol; probably originally from biker slang] A would-be hacker. The connotations of this term differ sharply depending on the age and exposure of the subject.  that just may be a could be. Builds to an all-engulfing deluge - several times.

ROB THOMAS: Her Diamonds. The Matchbox Twenty frontman has concocted a semi-folk chug (jargon) chug - To run slowly; to grind or grovel. "The disk is chugging like crazy."  with this spot of lyrical introspection. The diamonds are tears. How quaint. How clever.

LISA The first personal computer to include integrated software and use a graphical interface. Modeled after the Xerox Star and introduced in 1983 by Apple, it was ahead of its time, but never caught on due to its $10,000 price and slow speed.  HANNIGAN: I Don't Know. The Irish singer performed on the acoustic stage at Glastonbury and won the festival-goers over with her deft touch of ethereal simplicity and clarity.

HEADS HEARTS: Qualified.

Stripped down electro funk with mutant vocals that begs to be clothed. Think along the lines of David Bowie's Scary Monsters.

THE RUMBLE STRIPS: Not The Only Person. Shout-it-out strut with a chorus reaching out for Phil Spectorish attention. Singer Charlie Waller says the words "you''re not the only person to get it wrong'' are aimed at two muggers who attacked him and his wife, but fled when Mrs Waller turned on them.

ALI CAMPBELL: Out From Under. A gentle fusion of oh-so-soft reggae and soul set on a foundation of strings.
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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Jul 6, 2009
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