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Simulator gun shortage.


Dear Editor,

The SM-756/APR-44(V) radar signal simulator, NSN 6940-01-058-1066, is in short supply. This simulator radar gun is used to test the APR-44(V) radar warning system and the AN/ALQ-162, automatic radar jammer.

There are two reasons this gun is in short supply: one reason can't be solved, but the other can.

The reason that can't be solved is the gun is no longer being made. Production stopped in the early 1990s and has not started again.

The reason that can be solved is the lack of turn-in of unserviceable and serviceable assets of this gun. It is vital that these assets be turned in for repair. This is the only avenue still open for supply and reissue of this piece of equipment.

So, check your shops and storage areas if your mission includes the use of this gun or if you believe your mission once did. If you find this gun, whether serviceable or unserviceable, turn it in to Tobyhanna Army Depot. Be sure to enter the Condition Code.

Here's where to send it:

Commander DDDTP


11 Hap Arnold Blvd

Building 2, Bay 1

Condition Code

Tobyhanna, PA 18466-5027

If Soldiers have questions about this issue, they can contact: DSN 848-2814 or (443) 861-2814. Or they can email:

Ira Canty Jr.

ASE Manager,

IEW Sensors


Editor's note:

TM 11-6940-214-20P covers the parts for this simulator radar gun. Tobyhanna will take any parts you might have, too. Could be you have a loose part or two that you have wondered about since you came to the shop. They might go to this gun!
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Title Annotation:SM-756/APR-44(V)
Author:Canty, Ira Jr.
Publication:PS, the Preventive Maintenance Monthly
Article Type:Letter to the editor
Date:Jan 1, 2011
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