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Sigma Networks Deploys Cisco's Leading Optical Networking Equipment to Expand Services in the Metro.

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SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 20, 2001

Sigma Networks'(SM) Advanced Architecture Modernizes the

Metro Area Network and Provides a Reliable, Flexible,

Cost-effective Solution to Customers

Sigma Networks, Inc., today announced comprehensive deployment of Cisco optical networking equipment throughout its Metro Area Interconnect Networks (MAINs). This first of its kind network provides a neutral interconnection fabric for Internet backbone providers, Internet access providers, broadband access network providers, and hosted application providers in metro markets. By utilizing this MAIN architecture with Cisco's advanced metro dense-wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) products along with its market-leading metro optical transport platforms, Sigma Networks is delivering massive metro network capacity and multiservice flexibility to service provider customers in major cities of the United States.

"Cisco's industry leading metro optical solutions deliver the flexibility, scalability and multiservice capabilities that allow Sigma Networks to advance the evolution of the retro MAN to the modern MAN, speeding the next generation of broadband services to the market and enabling our customers to maximize their reach in the metro," said John Peters, CEO of Sigma Networks.

With its MAIN infrastructure Sigma Networks has designed an all-optical network that supports the industry's most complete array of metro interconnect services on the market today. The metro has been encumbered by connectivity gaps between backbone networks, hosted service providers, data center service providers, and broadband service providers that have disrupted network traffic flows. Sigma Networks' MAIN fills this gap by supporting advanced and flexible services, including point-to-point connections and point-to-multipoint hubbed connections; the broadest range of SONET, Wavelength, and Gigabit Ethernet Services; and rapid provisioning of bandwidth through a single switched network. Today Sigma Networks also unveiled its expanded line of services to meet an even wider range of metro networking requirements. Sigma Networks introduced its increased line of Wavelength Services that match the spectrum of demands from carrier and service provider customers.

"With its pioneering architecture Sigma Networks utilizes the Cisco ONS 15200 metro DWDM and Cisco ONS 15454 optical transport solutions to maximize the capabilities, capacity and diversity of the metro to cost-effectively bridge the metro interconnect gap and deliver high speed bandwidth, enabling its carrier and service provider customers to create new revenue opportunities," said Tom Fallon, Vice President and General Manager of Optical Transport at Cisco Systems.

Sigma Networks' advanced architecture brings together for the first time the full capabilities of the Cisco ONS 15200 Metro DWDM line and market-leading ONS 15454 Metro Optical Transport Platform for increased capacity, scalability, and flexibility in the metro. Sigma Networks' MAIN utilizes the ONS 15216 Metro DWDM passive filter, which combines multiple wavelengths onto one pair of fiber, along with the ONS 15252 Metro DWDM platform, which serves as a multichannel unit to deliver supercharged wavelength services, and the ONS 15454, which serves as the highly efficient service aggregator for DS3s and OC-3s to OC-12s. Management of all of these optical systems is performed using the Cisco Transport Manager, or CTM, which allows Sigma to quickly provision new services from a single interface.

The teaming of Cisco products supports a uniquely flexible network architecture that meets the varied and high-capacity requirements of metro networking. Utilizing technologies from Cisco's extensive IP+Optical portfolio, Sigma Networks has also been awarded the IP+Optical designation within the Cisco Powered Network program.

About Sigma Networks

Sigma Networks delivers the industry's most complete array of metro interconnect services to fill the connectivity gaps that exist between major data traffic points within cities. The company offers carriers and service providers an effective solution for metro interconnectivity that allows them to conserve capital and still meet customer demand. The company's all-optical Metro Area Interconnection Network (MAIN) provides the broadest and most flexible line of metro interconnections including SONET, Gigabit Ethernet, and Wavelength Services that accelerate carrier and service provider network footprint expansion and ROI. Sigma Networks' proprietary, Web-based MAINPoint(SM) OSS gives customers direct control to rapidly provision and right size their bandwidth in real time.

Sigma Networks was launched in February 2000 by former FCC Chairman Reed Hundt, Benchmark Capital Partner Andy Rachleff, and Concentric Network (acquired by XO Communications) co-founder John Peters. Sigma Networks has raised over $400 million in equity and debt financing. The company is executing a fully funded plan to initially deploy a deep footprint in Washington, DC, the San Francisco Bay Area, New York City, Dallas, and Los Angeles, which constitute the five major markets for data communications in the United States.



 Modern MAN Retro MAN

Metro Footprint Rapid build out to fill Slower metro build outs
 the interconnection gap often based on dated
 that exists between technologies resulting
 communications service in delayed adoption of
 providers, resulting in high-speed data
 fast footprint expansions communications

Optimization Optimized for high-speed Built and optimized for
 data transport telephony at low
 speeds. Difficulty
 responding to speeds
 over OC-3.

Equipment All-Optical, DWDM Copper lines or low
 networking equipment speed SONET rings

Returns Rapid provisioning of Up to six months of
 bandwidth, delivered in days delays for bandwidth
 rather than months,leading delivery resulting in
 to more rapid ROI lost revenue
 opportunities. Sunk
 costs spent on
 building, internal
 resources, and time.

Range of Offering a full range of A kluge of telephony
 Services services: Packet over SONET, equipment ill fit
 Gigabit Ethernet, and for delivering any
 Wavelength services - range of high-speed
 supported by a single data services.
 network. Customers can
 select services that are
 compatible with their
 current network and
 application requirements and
 technology competencies.

Interconnected Streamlined ability to Expensive and slow
 connect to multiple other build out of many
 points of major data point-to-point
 traffic aggregation through connections or up to
 a single port connection to six-month delays and
 a hub network resulting in high costs of internal
 improved provisioning and hub network
 scale efficiencies. construction. Low
 speed SONET rings are
 difficult to scale
 for large bandwidth

Customer Control Customer-controlled, fully Disparate and
 automated OSS that individual OSSs for
 integrates business and different business and
 operation functions. Systems operations functions
 that can e-Bond and that complicate
 interoperate with customer's internal and
 current systems. cross-division
 Reliance on telephone
 and faxed-based
 provisioning and
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