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Shepherd Hill hosts First Honors dinner.

Byline: Mikala Kane

DUDLEY- Shepherd Hill Regional High School Shepherd Hill Regional High School is a high school located in Dudley, Massachusetts. It is a regional high school covering the towns of Dudley, Massachusetts and Charlton, Massachusetts.  honored 120 students at its 18th annual First Honors Recognition Dinner on Sept. 27.

Students were recognized for receiving first honors in all four quarters of the 2006-07 school year. These students and their parents were treated to a dinner served by Shepherd Hill teachers.

After dinner, Steven T. Szlyk, class president of Shepherd Hill's class of 1974, the school's first graduating class, spoke about his experience at Shepherd Hill, 33 years ago. Mr. Szlyk even told the night's attendees about how he remembered graduating while covered in poison ivy poison ivy, poison oak, and poison sumac, woody vines and trailing or erect shrubs of the family Anacardiaceae (sumac family), native to North America.  under his graduation gown. That was one moment he'll never forget, he said.

Another speaker was Mr. Szlyk's father, Dr. Zenon P. Szlyk. Dr. Szlyk is one of the individuals who promoted merging the Dudley and Charlton school districts. Dr. Szlyk is the last remaining founder of the Webster-Dudley Quo Vadis Quo Vadis

novel of Rome under Nero, describing the imprisonment, crucifixion, and burning of Christians. [Pol. Lit.: Magill I, 797]

See : Persecution

The club was one of the night's sponsors, and the sponsor of the annual Dudley-Charlton Teacher of the Year Award.

To end the evening, assistant principals to Shepherd Hill, Mary A. Pierangeli, and Robert E. O'Brien, along with Susan H. Cabral, director of student resources, distributed gifts to the honored students. The 120 students honored received a Shepherd Hill sports pack and a flash drive to store assignments on.

Honorees were:

Seniors: Ellen Bartolini, Timothy DeAngelis, Gavin Delphia, Matthew Dodge, Kelsea Ertsgard, John Glynn John Glynn of Glynn (1722-1779) was an English lawyer and Member of Parliament. Glynn was born to an ancient family of Cornish gentry. He inherited his father's estate in Glynn, Cornwall upon the deaths of his elder brother and his nephew. , Elizabeth Hall, Katie Hickey, Alyssa Johnson, Diana Kach, Lauren Landry, Justine Lempicki, Kristy McCluskey, Carolyn McGee, Daniel Merill, Lisa Milosh, Daniel Perry, Jessica Seder, Katherine Todd, Jonathan Umana, Nicholas Vranos, Amy Wayman and Autumn Williams.

Juniors: Karen Bickley, Matthew Bigelow, Daniel Borezo, Anna Briare, Kimberly Burlingame, Danielle Carbonneau, Kathleen Cetin, Matthew Chatham, Benjamin Constantine, Christopher Delude de·lude  
tr.v. de·lud·ed, de·lud·ing, de·ludes
1. To deceive the mind or judgment of: fraudulent ads that delude consumers into sending in money. See Synonyms at deceive.

, Jessica Downer down·er
A depressant or sedative drug, such as a barbiturate or tranquilizer.
, Jeffrey Eisenhauer, Nicole Faille faille  
A slightly ribbed, woven fabric of silk, cotton, or rayon.

[French, from Old North French, cloth head-covering worn by women in Flanders, possibly from Middle Dutch falie,
, Catherine Fitzgerald, Jonathan Gay, Jeremy Guillette, Samuel Gunnell, Jessica Karlowicz, Aidan Kestigan, Alicia Majeau, Nicole Martinson, Lauren O'Connor, Kimberly Ornell, Rebecca Orsini, Eric Pranaitis, Lyle Shaw, Nicole Smith and Christian White.

Sophomores: Tessa Blackburn, Eric Brigham, John Bronzo, Conrad Bzura, Alyson Carey, Kiersten Choiniere, Adrian Delphia, Chelsea Dodge, Jeffrey Elloian, Jared Gagnon, Andrea Gould, Lauren Hall, Stacey Howarth, Kelli Livingston, Alex Mooradian, Karissa Netsch, Melissa Page, Adam Pranaitis, Katelyn Rozenas, Matthew Schmidt, Erica Sinni, Leah Terrill, Kyle Todd, Izabela Tomkiewicz, Erica Tremblay, Samuel Veilleux, Kaitlin Watson, Emily White and Jessica Woodacre.

Freshmen: Sara Allen, Stephanie Bates Bates   , Katherine Lee 1859-1929.

American educator and writer best known for her poem "America the Beautiful," written in 1893 and revised in 1904 and 1911.
, Alex Bellows, Michael Bigelow, Alyssa Chamberlain, Magdalene Chestna, Anthony Coderre, Megan Cooke, Emily Covill, Jacqueline Crowe, Kayla Darling, Alyssa DiFronzo, Samantha Faille, Joseph Gay, Robert Gingras, Benjamin Grotton, Kelsey Hatch, Valerie Hoegen, Jacob Hogan, David Ilacqua, Mikala Kane, Michael LeBlanc, Keenan Mahan, Jennifer Martin, Brittany Mitchell, Edwin Nash, Rebekah Pack, Nicole Painchaud, Timothy Piehl, Joseph Porzio, Kelly Rambarran, Kelsey Rayla, Katie Sherman, Erin Stiles Stiles can refer to: People
  • Bert Stiles, short story writer
  • Charles Wardell Stiles, American zoologist
  • Edgar Stiles, character on the popular drama 24
  • Ezra Stiles, president of Yale College
  • Innis Stiles, singer, musician
, Joanna Sudyka, April Thibaudeau, Joseph Tilly, Ashley West, Timothy White and Cassandra Zieminski.


CUTLINE: From left: Shepherd Hill Asst. Principal Robert E. O'Brien, Grade 10 student Keenan Mahan, School Committee member Karen A. Spiewak, Grade 11 student Kelli Livingston, Grade 10 student Sara Allen, Superintendent of Schools Sean M. Gilrein, 2007 graduate Diana Kach, School Committee members Raymond J. Chalk and Joseph S. Spiewak.

PHOTOG pho·tog  
n. Informal
A person who takes photographs, especially as a profession; a photographer.
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Date:Oct 14, 2007
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